Крымский мост


Boris Bridge is another project and Twisted Root comments:

If you ever wanted confirmation that Johnson is a snake and a traitor then this bridge story is it. He just so happens to have this bridge idea which is right in line with EU transport policy. If you believe that I’ve got one I want to sell you. The EU army including UK forces and procurement capacity continues apace.

Same old fundamental questions over and over

Society should recognise what trouble it’s in when it sees things like this:


The very nature of a sperm bank and IVF in itself is anathema for so many reasons, on so many levels. This is just one of the spin offs. It was summed up in another post:


… in comments:

By “freeing” sex from reproduction, and marriage too, the Left has unleashed a monster.

The desire for sex, pleasurable and linked to the continuation of the species, is one of the most powerful instincts around… and constrained by marriage and (theoretically) abstinence until marriage, is one of the most civilizing things around. And it forms a male-female pair-bond (as imperfect as that is at times): thus, the nuclear family.

Wednesday too

1. Slight bit of unpleasantness this morning when I declared war on Sutton* and Croydon. One lady took me to task, saying S and C are two separate councils. They maybe, darling, but the towns are joined:

And since they’ve been overrun, they’ve become the backside of Britain. 🙂

* Just to make it quite clear, this Sutton is not Sutton Coldfield, founded by the Spencer Davis Group and connected to Brummieland. Keep on runnin’!

2. This is possibly as close to what happened as we can get. The navy did not ‘confirm directly but seemed to acknowledge that the three clips were not declassified and the man who released them was releasing real footage.

Question still remains – what were they? I can’t help thinking that this was either the US’s or other nation’s DARPA in the sky type thing – experimental, stealth, whatever. May have been alien but who’d ever know?


1. The girl with the long name, C, from Aruba, asks which is the hardest for you to say:

a. I love you
b. I was wrong, I’m sorry
c. I need help
d. Worcestershire Sauce
e. I appreciate you?

2. Time now to ditch the frivolity and get serious about chickens: