Don’t bring these indoors

Here are a few:

Don’t pick blackberries after the end of September as it is considered that the Devil has peed on them by October!

We were never allowed to bring lilac or bluebells into the house as my mother said they would bring bad luck.

Mum would never let us have hawthorn blossom or cow parsley.

Dandelions couldn’t be taken indoors or we would wet the bed!

It is unlucky to bring branches of flowering hawthorn indoors.

Putting holly over mirrors when decorating for Christmas was said to be unlucky.

Unlucky to bring indoors: ivy, may blossom.

Lilies are deemed funeral flowers.

It was unlucky to bring mistletoe into the house before Christmas Eve.

I was a nurse in the 60s and was told, on pain of being dismissed, never put white and red flowers together as it signified death with the blood and bandages.

If you harm a yew tree you will bring bad luck on your household.