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2. They’ve just brought so much to our land, have they not?

Marriage between cousins leading to fatal genetic conditions remain a factor in a significant proportion of child deaths in Bradford, according to a safeguarding report.

The report by the West Yorkshire city’s child death overview panel found that consanguineous relationships led to deaths from genetic and congenital abnormalities.

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4. Horse’s backside – put ’em back on again, quickly, I’ve just had breakfast:

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6. Sigh – it never ends, does it?

Oxford University’s Classics degree to be overhauled in bid to boost number of female students getting Firsts

7. Last but not least, Arron on deselections:

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Who put these kids up to this truancy?

Now, I happen to agree with Bruce on the occult genesis, the origin of all the strife and it’s too inseparable from human nature to waylay ourselves in arguing over this last door at the end of the corridor, on the left.

Let’s just stick to something more visible, as Kassandra points out [cut her some slack for her spelling, she’s Dutch], let’s keep it to the Council of Europe, which is tied in with the EU, which is tied in with the ECHR, which is tied in with every other such court, e.g. the Canadian version, which is tied in with the UN, which is tied in with the Gorean Climate Scam, which is tied in with Gordon Davidson and Corrine McLaughlin who wrote the Valdez principles, tied in with Maurice Strong and the IPCC, Kyoto, which is tied in with Davos, and so it goes on but pause one moment.

Go back to the last two and their shamballa life force, Gaia, go to their colleagues and the Alexandria Church and who is behind it, also come back down through the UN Lucis Trust path and then through the Planned Parenthood path and you end up each time with Lucis and if you haven’t woken up to what that refers yet, then we’re not even on the same page or else you’re trolling.

I think you can see that this thing is global and the aim is to breakdown societies based on certain models.

Now, the golden rule is see whom these lowlifes want banned – who are they most vehemently opposed to, such that the victims are being taken down worldwide? Sure, in the US, that means the Deplorables but look what most Deplorables are – they adhere to a certain religion or if not adhering, are still immersed in its lexicon and these are the most vehement in social media.

There is also so much disinformation going out, trolling.  The latest is 22 missionaries in danger of execution in Afghanistan – Snopes leapt onto it – false, false, false – interesting how it had all the information straight away, just like CNN turning up to a Roger Stone arrest before the heavies arrived.

The idea is simple – first trust Snopes and the so-called ‘fact’ checking, then this below becomes far easier to dismiss and turn away from:

The next group to be suppressed are the Deplorables, also classical liberals – you see the process everyday.

The paedo agenda is tied up with it, coming directly down from above through the Harbags, Ginsburgs, that sort of pollie – see my pizzagate.

This truancy was orchestrated and it doesn’t take a whole lot to discover where it’s coming from.

What really happened back then?

Distant Relative came in last evening with two links and I found another beside the first when starting to look.

The nature of the material also brings to mind the book of Enoch, and that immediately plunges us into the Christian v Gnostic kabbalist view in the early years which has persisted and was pushed by people in these times such as Blavatsky, Besant and Crowley, the Masonic upper echelons too, the Templars and illumined.

And before airily dismissing all that, please always bear in mind pizzagate [see sidebar link].

And one of the offshoots of all that is Planned Parenthood, so one needs to be ultra careful because the personal lives of these people were damnable, irrespective of what the Book of Enoch contains.

I saw a video by a man who opened by attacking the KJV, he then attacked the notion of the solar system and so on but he spoke as a Christian, in ways a Christian would recognise, yet took the view that TBoE rendered subsequent books unnecessary – that’s when I started checking out the Gnostics again and yep – there was the connection.

The thing was – apart from his ad hominems, he sounded plausible and that bit about even the elect being fooled, the experts in theology – it rang true. I am by no means a biblical scholar, readers know I’m a generalist who happens to believe [know?] there is a trinity but all manner of things from Nibiru to quantum physics are of interest too.  AI as well.

Thus I started exploring DR’s links.

Chuck Missler

Geordie Rose

DR notes

Where the “principalities” reside? Notice “Altar to an alien god” and pulling out ??? from the shadows. Spooky stuff and food for thought.

The overview

We’ve seen posts here 2017 till now, reporting on the disintegration of high values in society – just look at the behaviour now, from criminals being protected and the innocent arrested to the justice and education systems turned on their heads.

Some force is behind all this, driving it forward, it is breathing down our necks and previous posts go into all that.  There are all sorts of snippets, such as the trouble, when it comes, coming out of Africa to the ‘in plain sight’ symbolism to the open satanism of the young – where did that come from?  Where is the parenting … and so on.

In short, there is an enemy all right but a word of caution – all this about giants and so on comes out of Jewish writings and Jewish writings include the Kabbalah and that comes out of the takeover of the northern half of the Jewish nation and its merging with the practices of Assyria/Babylon those millennia ago.

And then the obvious question is – is there some way out of this?

There are so many tie-ins, for example in the endtimes, knowledge will vastly increase but that expanded knowledge will also confound the very elect, the so-called wise men.  

Plus the Jezebel spirit is about – usurping, making itself over-equal, belittling others – there are many non-religious youtubes on the concept and how to rid an organisation of it.  

Pelosi is a classic case but the band Joy Division/New Order, posted on early afternoon tomorrow, is another. Jezebel spirit is rife.

As for parallel universes and dimensions, mathematics can posit others, who would be so arrogant as to dismiss that out of hand? A finger in a two dimensional world would be a line down to a dot, not a ring. We know Cartesian coordinates but how about polar? The finite universe, locality and photon interconnection and even growth.

The pre-flood scenario and the corruption of the species – food for thought.

My third genre

One of the joys of running a longterm blog is to explore, in the open, different topics always wondered about, or even to work through various issues – both yours and mine.

One of those issues to work through is to try to nail why we like some songs, some music, and yet within the same genre, there are others we don’t – is it the riffs, the monotony, the singer him or herself?

There are three main genres at the top of my list – Baroque or early music, early jazz and revival, plus this one this evening which I’m finding terribly difficult to nail.

Sure I like southern rock, some country, certainly 50s rock ‘n roll, dancing music, tango, many different genres and styles, but there’s one I like more than the others and there’ve been posts passim on this – I’ve tried to pin the factors down.

For me, liking this style began with The Byrds and their jingle jangle melodic loudness, but listening again to The Bells of Rhymney, I don’t know – there’s just something a bit ‘twee’ and ‘safe’ about it all, it does not venture beyond harmonies, does not soar and swoop, does not build as our first song [above] this evening does.

The reason I prefer the 90s jangle is that it had more unpredictability and menace, more inventiveness – I love melodic but it needs to make you feel you don’t know exactly what it has in store, where it’s going – the song needs to carry you on a rhythmic journey, with enough variation and danger to make it interesting.

The Yardbirds did that, especially with I’m A Man but what lost it for me were the guitar-egos involved, they were ‘showing off’, Clapton and Beck, Page, and I don’t like that. There’s a tall, female saxophonist whose name escapes me, much feted, but she leaves me cold – it’s just various squawkings in a row and I find that, along with modern jazz and Glenn Miller super-smoothness, a total bore.  Plus in her case, she believes her own publicity.

I don’t like piano bar music either, with off-key singers – Girl from Ipamena is one of the worst songs ever. If you like, you could call it too sophisticated and soulless, too grown-up and world-weary. I’d rather raw early Nazareth or Yardbirds.

It’s that boring ‘adultness’ once you’ve put childish things like Heart and Soul aside and have entered the dreaded world of one’s 30s and 40s – the world of dinner parties and sexual innuendo at the table – that’s what makes me run a mile to get away.  Aaaaagggghhhh.

The readers at this blog have an edginess which I personally find refreshing and invigorating, we don’t seem to have too many formulaic commenters here – good analogy.

So yes, my third genre must have drive and carry you away, it can be discordant and distorted if it wants but at the same time, tied to a melodic frame, and it must reach some intensity – what I didn’t like about Ipamena is it never went anywhere – it’s late night piano bar music.

I was listening to some Athens, Georgia bands and some of them began inventively, seemed to be loud-melodic, all was well and then they just seemed to lose all form and somehow, they must have thought this meant edgy, tough, manly.  Ride over here were like that too and it’s a really male thing – don’t know why guys think that that’s pleasant to hear.

The Pale Saints song above is like that – it builds, it’s loud but melodic hard pop – the bassline and voice lifts it quite substantially.

Instrument-wise, well each of these songs must have an adept bassline, the bassist must know what he’s doing, there must be something leading and taking it through the roof and back again, suddenly pausing – can be one instrument, can be the singer, doesn’t matter.

I particularly like delayed ends to bars, i.e. the singer stops but the bar has still not been completed, also creating a drone effect – love that, it’s a sort of bare branch melancholy which I find relaxing, being an Iceman.

This one not so much but it does have some elements:

The singer needs to be either unusual or insignificant … but never egotistical.

Therefore, Elvis or Sinatra don’t cut it for me, Pale Saints do, Deano is a bore but the singer in the first song tonight is good, even though not perhaps possessing the best voice in the world – it fits the song. I like simple, honest, slightly amateurish in feel although consummate in playing ability – don’t want much, eh?

I do like girls’ singing voices but they always soften a number unless they’re horrible people, SJW druggies, the boys though tend to have a naturally uncontrolled, raw edginess the girls don’t, the blend of the two can be nice.

Finally, all those elements together in the hands of masters:

Early 1900s construction boom

When there are no accountants involved …

The Singer Building (1908-1967). A painting in the lobby of the Liberty Tower, today, showing the Singer Building as it might have appeared in its early days (including zeppelins). (Courtesy of Theo Mackey Pollack.)

The first decade of the 20th century was a sparkling time in American construction. Nowhere was its spirit more intense than in downtown New York, an aging colonial seaport that was fast becoming a center of industrial capitalism.

Here, among winding narrow blocks, a Whitmanesque neighborhood of brick row houses and Protestant steeples was rapidly evolving into a concrete labyrinth of elegant white towers and steam-damp canyons. New York, with each new spire, signaled that America would no longer defer to Europe.

Now, the future was being charted on this side of the Atlantic.

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