The impossible issue of homeland and borders

This follows on from the Palestine post.

Seems to me there are two questions which need resolving immediately and the British Isles is a good analogy. At what point does the presence of a different people become acceptable?

I’d argue that in the case of the Normans, it wasn’t a great deal different at the top – they were still Europeans from Christendom. Had the Spanish taken over in 1588 – well Henry was married to a Spaniard and had a half Spanish child.

There’s all the interbreeding, isn’t there?

Doesn’t mean Spain can just take over on that basis. Nor did we have the right to take parts of France. France is theirs, these isles are ours.

The Danes?  The Saxons et al?  Well, they did come, didn’t they, so at what point does one say they have no right to the land?  That it belongs entirely to the Britons?…


# Left hipster Thanksgiving. A certain lady said I had committed sacrilege on Thanksgiving Day, bringing right politics into it instead of God. Here is the left doing Thanksgiving:

Far better, yes? Vox Day quotes from ed Driscoll on Instapundit – ‘I lasted about 30 seconds before I wanted to go all ISIS on them.’


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putin and erdogan

# The second coming will get here before this, says haiku:

Probably should have sent in Barry – after all, it’s his birthplace.

# Chuckles: Nice advert for Planned Parenthood. Pity he was trying to rob the bank next door…

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What’s in a name?

I was watching the What’s My Line show from 1958, with Judy Holliday and she seemed a decent enough sort:

As always, I checked her out after that at Wiki, remembering Wiki always gives a leftsided view on people in the public eye.  This stood out:

Bernard Dick summed up Holliday’s acting: “Perhaps the most important aspect of the Judy Holliday persona, both in variations of Billie Dawn and in her roles as housewife, is her vulnerability…her ability to shift her mood quickly from comic to serious is one of her greatest technical gifts.”

Suggesting she was able to mimic emotions, to play a part, which of course actors must, to be able to do the job well.

George Cukor said Holliday had, “In common with the great comedians …that depth of emotion, that unexpectedly touching emotion, that thing which would unexpectedly touch your heart.”

But oh ho ho, what was this?  She was investigated by McCarthy in the ’50s for being a communist sympathiser.…

Christina Pluhar

And for those with dodgy minds like mine, the names are:

Think the other one is:

And that one is British. She lives with her cat in Belgium.

Still tracking down the dulcimer player.


The left elite’s attempts to keep the blacks down

Well of course there is white crime.  And anyway, what is crime?

The Winter of Discontent over here showed great rancour but did one side commit a crime?  The recently publicized student campus fruitcakery – were these students committing crimes?

How about that Mustafa girl at Goldsmiths, saying all white men should be killed?  By her own leftist laws, she is as guilty as sin of a crime.  We of the free speech brigade would not see it so.

Al Capone’s lot was certainly about crime, Watergate, Hillsborough – none of this was black on white or white on black.  Next door to where I live, thieves got down through the roof and stole computers and other things – this is a hotbed of crime where I live and it’s all white.

Is everyone criminal around here?  Let’s say many of the younger males would take an opportunity if it arose.…

Downton Abbey a perfect example

Another dishonest portrayal to suit an ideological agenda. Nasty, nasty people doing this and they think they’re oh, so openminded.


I was impressed when the last few seasons of PBS’ Downton Abbey offered a reasonably accurate representation of the 1910s and 1920s, with its major events and newfangled inventions. But there is one major aspect of life the show left out: Christianity.

Bosses – what’s the truth?

With hand on heart, I can honestly say I never had what I’d call an awful female boss.

Emphasis here is on not towards me.  How many?  Five main ones, many sub-bosses, so to speak – maybe 20 all up.  Always got along with them, just did my job, there was one main woman boss it was not good with but then again, there were very good historic reasons why that was never going to work.

I had one male boss who was tricky but not awful, another who was a caution – his former regard for me soured and I’m still not sure why that was – I’d call that one line ball, maybe it was 50% my slowness at responding, accepting too many responsibilities at the one time, which means it was laid on me and I did not object.

It always worried me that he built me up as the golden boy, lavished appraisal top marks on me and I thought at that time that if I cross him once, all that will collapse.…

Journos failing in their prime directive

Sorry, this is going to be pushed today, as the utter lies gall.  I really do have an enormous issue with blatant lies presented as truths, at nasty little subterfuges intended to misrepresent. Deliberate.

The falsehoods do sicken me inside.

And the key word is “deliberate”.  It’s quite possible someone is in error on something and vehemently puts it – there are a few visitors here, mainly female, who do that – but the proof of the pudding is that once it’s pointed out, the person corrects it.

But then there is the quite deliberate distortion of facts, including completely ignoring aspects of a given question – that is glaringly obvious in the Palestinian question – and these people are doing wrong.  The worst part is that they themselves are so heavily into social justice and exploding lies – they ignore that that is precisely how they are proceeding.

I don’t expect any of the left to sit through this clip below,which is a pity because near the end is a real eye-opener.…

Palestine – you can believe the spin – or you can find out for yourself

palestinian rockets

Each of us has limited youthful years, health and time, especially time and as we get closer to the endzone, all the things we still have to do start crowding in.  I’d suggest that relatively youthful readers such as Ubermouth might feel that less keenly than someone considerably older than her.

Whilst the older might be happy to spend inordinate amounts of time on something worthy, we’d give short shrift to either things glaringly wrong or those which we’ve already done, have attended to, have now signed off on.  Depends entirely on the person of course – for a son or daughter,we would do it all again.…