Famous cases

Identify them if you can – names where necessary, a small amount of detail:

1. It was during an afternoon in May, 1828, when a youth of sixteen or seventeen years stumbled through the New Gate of the German city of Nuremberg on unsteady legs. To Nurembergers who gathered around, the boy held out two letters, one of which was addressed to a cavalry captain.

2. You need to spell the name correctly – it is a trick question. This below is the layout of the boat:

3. United States Navy experiment (Project Rainbow) on October 28, 1943.

4. On April 3, 1817, a strange woman appeared in the village of Almondsbury, Gloucestershire. She was five foot two and wore a black shawl twisted turban-style around her head. Most intriguingly, she spoke an unknown language and so could only communicate through a series of gestures.

5. In January, 1925, the London police were being run in circles. Whether he had the property of invisibility or not, residents of Mayfair reported losses of money and jewellery that could not be more mystifying if an invisible being had come in through doors or windows without having to open them, and had strolled through rooms, sizing up the lay of things. There was no conventional way of accounting for his entrances, except by thinking that he had climbed up the sides of houses.

6. On August 11, 1805, an explosive sound was heard at East Haddam, Connecticut. There are records of six prior sounds, as if of explosions, that were heard at East Haddam, beginning in the year 1791, but unrecorded – the sounds had attracted attention for some time.

7. The most dreadful of these stories featured the windigo, a friendless creature that lives alone in the forest. It’s 6 to 9 m (20 to 30 ft) tall and has a lipless mouth and jagged teeth. Its footprints in the snow are full of blood and you can hear its hissing breath for miles. It eats people. And that’s the good news. The bad news is, if it catches you alone in the forest, it can possess you. Survival in the subarctic was a desperate struggle. Often, food ran out before winter did. Sometimes, well …

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This idiot Katie Perry is all for open borders and against walls:

Would have fooled us except for that one guy outside the frame:

Last one for today – this was at Guido’s:

Summary of how people are thinking out there today


When your police chief is a Common Purpose graduate, derelict in her duty towards a Brazilian electrician, for example, then the mysterious dropping off of security at that Manchester concert is far easier to understand.




1. Still, better than Ryanair:

2. Police and security services have ruled out any terrorist involvement in the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester. A police spokesman commented, “We suspect this is the work of a real music fan acting alone.”

3. FFS:


4. You know where you can stick this:


5. Worth a look:


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