Pacific coast road, Concón Chile


This is somewhere on the coast road to the north of Valparaiso. I wasn’t sure of the exact location so I searched Google maps and found it and borrowed a few screen shots -

A very spectacular location, I’m sure you will agree. In fact the whole coastline is spectacular – I feel a bout of nostalgia coming on :)
A few changes since I was there. They have some street lights now and the roadside caff looks as though it has been abandoned (blue in my pic but a sort of dereliction cream in the Google view)
The second image below shows the view from within the painting looking out over the Pacific. The cliff top at left is where I stood to take a few photographs which I have used as the basis for the paintings. I did a watercolour ages ago and it has been hanging on the wall for the past ten years; at least.…

Sorry, feminists, we’ve been neglecting you of late …

You know, fair’s fair and credit where it’s due.  This is awfully decent of the feminists, wishing to take paycuts in support of the men – thanks, ladies for demonstrating for a return to equal pay:

equal pay

Was going to do something on Carol Mills but Guido did it first.

Regulars here may or may not have noticed that there has been little on parachutees of late and that’s not because they no longer abound. They are there all right but it’s just distasteful disfiguring these blog pages with them. I mean, it involves research time, time I could be using breathing and working.

Just why anyone in his or her right mind would employ such a person is beyond me. It’s been tried how many times now, for quota reasons and is there even once it has worked out for the good? It’s bad enough with the usual pollies [male] with their incompetence but why would you also wish to add to that incompetence the worst of female foibles to boot?…

What floats our boats

Before consigning this to the PC dustbin, I think I was once in a position to judge.

Yes! Oui! Si! Learning a new language activates the same part of the brain as SEX

  • People who learn new words trigger the brain’s ventral striatum

  • Region also lights up during sex, gambling or eating chocolate

  • There may be an emotional connection in learning new words

  • Results could be used to help treat people with learning difficulties

Reason I think there might be something to it first requires the removal of ego from the equation and the way males always try to make out they’re studs.

I’m not, I’ve never been and so the pickings have been lean, though there’ve been a few over the years, like most men.  So I’ve no illusions about how attractive a middle-aged man is to a young lady.  Not.

Now the young ladies.  Those in Russia are much freer from the feminist constipation and whiny-moaniness, they’re much freer spirits and emote more freely.…



Have you done your morning acrobatics yet?


And while you’re there, have you thought about your end of year presents yet? What about these social justice calendars?

sj calendar

Unlike bland, privileged garbage kittens chosen for nothing more than shallow good looks, Social Justice Kittens radiate fierce strength in the face of untold adversity, and all are gifted with a dazzling array of genders and orientations to go with their tiny, oh-so-kissable faces! THE STATUS QUO WILL NEVER FULLY ACCEPT THESE KITTENS!

The curious case of the cloned coppers

From This True:

The village of Oakley, Mich., is about one square mile, and has fewer than 300 residents, but its police department grew to well over 100 officers, mostly reserves who apparently have no police training.

Residents wanted to know why, and who all of these out-of-town officers were. The police department not only refused to produce a roster to citizens, it denied a Freedom of Information Act request from the local newspaper.


How did they even get to Calais?

It took Eritrean migrant Adhanom Ghabrai two years and several brushes with death to reach northern France from his east African home. Now 35 km from his destination, he says no border controls can stop him from reaching Britain.

“England is my goal,” Ghabrai, 28, said outside his makeshift tent near the French port city of Calais. “The question is not ‘if’ I succeed but ‘when’,” he said in English, adding he had tried “at least 40 times” since May.

Aid workers say new migrants, who travelled from southern Europe through the free-travel zone, are east Africans who are poorer and less well-connected than earlier waves of migrants from Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Free-travel zone, eh?  For illegals.  Uh-huh.  What exactly is this free travel zone?  Roma, yes.  Understood.  But Africans?

This is who needs visas to enter the Schengen zone.  Now that includes Eritrea, whemce this man Ghabrai comes.…

An open letter to British readers of all parties …

… but you others are welcome as well.

Some of you who are regulars here disagree fundamentally on politics with many of us.  Some of you can’t stand UKIP, I like them. Some of you are for staying in the EU, many of us are not.  Tomorrow there’ll be some more political posts.  All of that is OK, it’s what we do.

What is NOT Ok cuts across our internal party politics, indeed anti-party politics. What you see in the picture below is surely a disgrace.  

I spent some time with a trade minister in a Russian republic and there was a word which was pretty important in international relations – protocol.  The diplomatic service revolves around it.

Within the EU, there are the Shengen states but there is also the UK, as one of the main three. Whilst the UK does not have top place at the table, neither is it relegated to the level of the new members, particularly the poorer and dependent ones.…

The objectification of Her Royal Hotness

There was just the slightest of references at the Wail and that’s enough pretext for this blog:




pippa middletond



Yes, agreed. I for one refuse to objectify her. Let’s look at her book instead, coming up to Hallowe’en: ‘We feasted on creepy edible morsels, Hallowe’en-themed chocolates and spookily named concoctions, which often looked better than they tasted.’

pippa's book

Pippa, Pippa, light of my life, fire of my loins ……


Quite a programme today Before we kick off with JD, the French have a certain way with words:

Massacre à la botoxeuse

And so to JD:

George Monbiot not always a Moonbat]-

Human beings – by which I mean those anthropoid creatures who do not necessarily receive social security – often live in families.

But benefit claimants live in “benefit units”, defined by the government as “an adult plus their spouse (if applicable) plus any dependent children living in the household”.

On the bright side, if you die while on a government work programme, you’ll be officially declared a “completer”. Which must be a relief.A dehumanising system requires a dehumanising language.

So familiar and pervasive has this language become that it has soaked almost unnoticed into our lives. Those who do have jobs are also described by the function they deliver to capital. These days they are widely known as “human resources”.