Newman – hallucinating, in deep denial, scoring Brownie points or following orders?

She really is fascinating. It’s been done to death now of course – every serious pundit on both sides of the pond and around the world has had his/her say and PCar, at OoL, sends this by Scott Adams:

It’s an interesting angle – that she was, in fact, hallucinating, literally imagining he was saying something different to the actual words coming out. There is also the theory that she was under orders to pin “-isms” on him by the time the interview ended, any which way, that is – she had to come out with his scalp.

There is also the theory that she was doing it as a maverick full of her own ability as a cutting edge interviewer who takes people apart, that she thought she was cleverly scoring Brownie points with the bosses. Those people are in cocoons and are constantly being told how fabulously clever [and beautiful] they are – Katie Couric did that.

There is the point made by many, including Adams, that she literally could not process the facts coming out because they in no way accorded with the narrative she lived by and worshipped – now that is true cognitive dissonance. Her brain, such as it was, was truly struggling.

And the sad thing is that it’s not just her, is it?


Classic FM has the fireworks just now but someone said we had some bad weather coming – rain, sleet etc., so the mind naturally turned to water:

Nice. One commenter’s debating point:

How good to hear a performance where you can concentrate on the music, beautifully played, without any of the obtrusive affectations of the ‘authentic’ or ‘historically informed’ lobby! If Handel had these instruments available (in particular the horns) he would certainly have preferred them.

Life is good

Does it seem to you that there’s no time at the moment? I got up in good time [late for me though] at 7 a.m. and it’s not stopped since. Admittedly, it’s domestic day here and that will take up most of it, plus there are still admin jobs on the book and then 58 emails [I counted, many with multiple links] from the boys – now that is going to take time to do justice to them. Not sure I can get to the gym because there’s the day’s cooking to do [see above].

Das Buch – two halves of a bridge meet in the middle

It’s been like two halves of a new bridge meeting in the middle:

It was a bit unwise to revamp part three from the middle of part two onwards, and then revamp part one as well up to the middle of part two because it creates a ‘two halves of a bridge’ effect.  There are so many incidental references to former events in the story tucked away in paragraphs here and there and so many slight tweaks to the story arc that continuity has been a nightmare.  My fault, I have to lump it.

And as my mate said on the weekend, taking care of such things through painstaking correction does not necessarily produce a readable story in itself, it just produces a story without most of the visible errors.

Critical Theory meets critical thinking

There are two vital posts in order to fully “get” this Peterson/Newman contretemps:

And this is the actual interview here.

And one comment at Breitbart:

# It was critical theory vs. critical thinking [Celeste Elizabeth, pictured].

Into this, let’s now throw Yuri Bezmenov’s quote from the 80s: