Saturday too

1. From BRM:

I was amazed to read that three of Barnes Wallis‘ so-called ‘bouncing bomb‘ prototypes have been recovered from a Scottish loch where they were tested, more than 70 years ago.  These are examples of the ‘Highball‘, a smaller version of the ‘Upkeep‘ bombs used in the world-famous ‘Dam Busters’ raid in 1943.  ‘Highball’ was intended to attack ships, rather than dams.

2. Wise man, dat Aesop:

3. Our old friends are going strong:


4. It’s all in the url here:

5. Your vacuum cleaner is going to spy on you:

[H/T Chuckles and haiku]


1. They lie, the MSM lies. Much of the blogosphere and twittersphere too. The report said that the NK IBM was fired “into the sea”, ignoring in which direction. the direction happened to be Japan:


3. So, this car did a partial self drive:

The worst, self-indulgent feminist rubbish ever seen

Chuckles sends one about this film called Top of the Lake or whatever.

A certain lady who shall remain nameless who hated the first part in 2013 and dubbed it “the worst, self-indulgent feminist rubbish she’d ever seen” now wants to watch the new one, presumably so she can label it “the worst, self-indulgent feminist rubbish she’s ever seen”.

Now a troubled teen (played by Campion’s daughter Alice Englert), she was rebelling against her adoptive parents in this first episode and worryingly in thrall to her much older boyfriend Puss (Swedish actor David Dencik) – a sleazy academic (or was he?) with links to a brothel where a young sex worker had disappeared.

All I can say is that if you call that entertainment, then you’re sick, you’ve succumbed..