Thursday evening

#  For a start, be wary of The Atlantic these days, since its hijacking by the left. However, this is worth a read:

What is the typical life experience for an American on the verge of turning 30?

This is a hard question to answer, no matter who is asking. But it’s become especially difficult for an industry responsible with providing the answers: the national press.

An irony of digital media is that the Internet distributes journalism, but it concentrates journalists. Jobs at media sites like The Atlantic,BuzzFeed, or Gawker are five-times more likely to be located in New York or Washington, D.C., than television-news jobs. The clustering force is only getting more centripetal: The share of reporting jobs in Los Angeles, NYC, and DC increased by 60 percent between 2004 and 2014.

The boxes and the marbles

Wanted to hold this, from Chuckles, back until Monday’s regular slot but too knackered to do a post now, shall resume tomorrow morning. This is going to be the pattern in this weather, where I’m back early evening, knackered. I must be building during this time, whilst we still have the glorious sunshine.


Imagine that you have three boxes, one containing two black marbles, one containing two white marbles, and the third, one black marble and one white marble. The boxes were labeled for their contents – BB, BW, WW – but someone switched the labels so that every box is now incorrectly labeled. You are allowed to take one marble at a time out of any box, without looking inside, and by this process of sampling you are to determine the contents of all three boxes. What is the smallest number of drawings needed to do this?


Thursday too

# We don’t normally run anything from Infowars but this is interesting:


Group asks feds to consider “cultural implications of existing agency uniforms, offices, signage, and other facilities”

#  Think we’ve run this one but let’s do it again:

Not content with telling Jonny Depp’s dogs to “bugger off,” Australia’s new Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has moved onto his next target … carp.

Joyce announced during a robust speech to a rowdy — but entertained — parliament that the only way to get rid of these “disgusting, bottom-dwelling, mud-sucking creatures” was to unleash a form of the herpes.

Release herpes into the river. Good one.

The rising chimp

Came in late from the yard, shall post Chuckles’s rising chimp problem:

Imagine that there is an even rope of negligible weight draped over a pulley wheel, which permits it to slide perfectly freely. Equal lengths of the rope descend from either side. On the left side, the rope ends in a 10 kg weight. On the other side, perfectly level with the weight, is a young chimp, also weighing 10 kg.

When you give a signal, the chimp will start climbing the rope. Which of the two, the chimp or the weight, will reach the top first?…

Palestine in the 1800s

9,000 Photos from Palestine in 1800’s – with no trace of Muslims or mosques

Félix Bonfils (1831-1885) was French photographer and writer who was active in the Middle East. Four years after his arrival he reported 15,000 prints of Egypt, Palestine, Syria, and Greece, and 9,000 stereoscopic-views. He traveled to the region several times and we hear of no mass population of Palestinians, which contradicts everything the Palestinians lie about to the world.


Lost the link, sorry. However, you’ll get the idea:

Mr Javid’s consultation says: “The alternative would be to prevent businesses from suggesting any specific discretionary payments for service, e.g. 5, 10, 15 per cent.

“In other words, there would be no mention on the consumer’s bill of a suggested specific amount for a discretionary payment for service, other than that a discretionary service has not been added.

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