1. If you’re interested in cancer, this might interest you:

2. Fine to have a view – you don’t kill for it though:

3. Knives are out for Uber:

4. Too many people on benefits, people with nothing better to do.

5. A selection to finish with, out of Georgia 6 – when the enemy is making a mistake …

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Superior women

This continues the theme of yesterday’s post. If too many women try to become men and are thereby inferior men, the opposite is also true – women who allow themselves be women, doing what comes naturally, even if occasionally infuriating to men, and that makes them superior women.

Below are some of these women in different genres of music, so let’s start with Susanna Hoffs. Unfortunately the other three were trying to be men and just came over as butch. The bass player even had a man’s name – Michael and it was her shtick to always be scowling, brusque and difficult.  She was trying to maintain a hard man image and you see it in the clip where, after Susanna is being made love to and one of the others, some man tries to touch this Michael’s face and she pulls away. I’d give her her marching orders straight away.

Now for Niagara and Muriel Moreno. One thing which makes me sigh is when people try to make out paganism is not satanism, as if I’ve not explored it. Really, eh? The clip below puts paid to that idea very quickly – burning cross, horns with baubles, scythes etc.

However, this must be said for pagan women – they’re nubile and fertility oriented, at least the ones I’ve known have been. I’ve mentioned one I knew in Melbourne who, unfortunately, flew off a balcony and was killed by mysterious forces – the downside to satanism or paganism – have it your own way.

Now here’s a young lady who knew what being feminine could get her and she did it well. If you find her eminently resistible, then you’re a better man than I, Gunga Din.

And as the theme is feminine women, a chance to trot out these damsels again:


1. There is simply no Obstruction of Justice, by definition and the DNC knows it – so they are  trying to prevent a POTUS from doing his elected job:

2.  The £2bn demand is bollox.  The DUP has every right to try for the best deal for their constituents.  That’s their damned job – they’d be derelict in their duty if they didn’t:

DUP MP says the chances of a deal to keep May in power by voting for the Queen’s Speech are ‘very good’ and dismisses claims Ian Paisley’s party is demanding £2bn for Northern Ireland

3. Saw this tweeted and was interested – that’s the very gun our band of rebels in my interminable book chose, the Sig-Sauer MPX:

The case for Jacob Rees-Mogg

Confession time – when I see a genuine conservative who’s also a Eurosceptic, then he starts to look good.

And when one reads:

At the 1997 general election, Rees-Mogg was the Conservative candidate for the traditional Labour seat of Central Fife and attracted ridicule, after canvassing a largely working-class neighbourhood with his former nanny;[8] on election night he came third, gaining 9% of the votes cast,[11] slightly fewer than half of the votes won by the previous Conservative candidate in 1992. However, rumours that he had toured the constituency in a Bentley were described as “scurrilous” − he insisted it had been a Mercedes.[12]

… that’s even better.

In 1999, when it was being rumoured that his “anachronistically posh” Received Pronunciation accent was working against his chances of being selected for a safe Conservative seat, Rees-Mogg was defended by letter writers to The Daily Telegraph, one of whom claimed that “an overt form of intimidation exists, directed against anyone who dares to eschew the current, Americanised, mode of behaviour, speech and dress”.[13]

Rees-Mogg himself stated (in The Sunday Times, 23 May 1999) that “it is rather pathetic to fuss about accents too much”, though he then went on to say that “John Prescott‘s accent certainly stereotypes him as an oaf”.[14] He later said “I gradually realised that whatever I happened to be speaking about, the number of voters in my favour dropped as soon as I opened my mouth.”[7]

Not with me it doesn’t.

The ConservativeHome blog rates Rees-Mogg as one of the Conservatives’ most rebellious MPs.[24] He has voted against the government whip on the Fixed-term Parliaments Bill, the October 2011 European Union Referendum Motion and the House of Lords Reform Bill 2012.[25]

I like the man.  And he’s just at the right age – 48 – to launch a bid, [should his colleagues press him to of course].

He’s not anti-UKIP on issues.  Yes, I’m with readers here that it’s all smoke and mirrors but in the short term, when Tessa stands down, there must be someone and he’s the least bad* variant.  He’ll get along with the DUP. He’ll get along better with Trump than Tessa or most others.

A more serious reason for liking him is that his name is Mogg, my football team are the Cats or Moggies.

I’ll get my cap [too warm for a coat].

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