Saturday evening cognitive dissonance

Tommy sorry Chuckles suggests this might be a good song for this evening but somehow I’m not so sure. Let’s have some others:

But that’s exactly what they did, all the left-leaning sheeple – they got fooled again. Refugees welcome, baby murder on demand.

One of the commenters: “Best p*ss taking of lip-synching ever.” Another said, “Something tells me they weren’t taking this seriously.”

And one for the times we just entered due to the Irish vote:

The foolish left, the very left who protested in the Vietnam days are the same people today dragging us inexorably towards destruction with the mass importation of killers and rapists – in Sweden, women have been warned not to go outside alone, the French have barriers around the Eiffel Tower and still the left are hellbent on their “refugees welcome”, still the left interpret Hamas’s oppression of their own people as someone else’s fault and the left embraces the PTB crackdown on people like us, the new dissidents of today.

The left today is the force of oppression worldwide in their manic, deluded, kumbaya, utopian, cognitively dissonant dystopia. Violence and defamation are their bywords. They’ve lost all capacity to reason. In the 60s, they had all the best tunes – today they are a parody.

The implications of being Russian

This, via Chuckles, seemed quite accurate after much of what the west and the propaganda arm of Russia also writes, kudos to this man.

Then I realized he’s actually Russian, LOL.

I grew up in one of the most progressive societies in the history of humanity. The gap between the rich and poor was tiny compared to the current gulf between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’ we find across much of the West. Access to education was universal and students were paid to study and offered free accommodation. Healthcare was available to all and free at the point of use.

Racial tensions were non-existent, with hundreds of different ethnic groups living side by side in harmony under the mantra of ‘Friendship of the Peoples.’ Women’s equality was at the very heart of Government policy. According to the prevailing ideology “all forms of inequality were to be erased through the abolition of class structures and the shaping of an egalitarian society based on the fair distribution of resources among the people.”


1. The swamp runs deep and sometimes a cartoon sums it up:

2. Macron lets France down – whodathunk it?

Initial reaction to Macron’s speech was one of nearly unanimous disappointment over a missed opportunity. “We were expecting concrete policies,” said the mayor of Aulnay-sous-Bois, Bruno Beschizza. “For now, there is nothing practical. I came out empty-handed.”

3. Flopstarter – groan:

“Smart” technology


Don’t allow “Smart” technology into their lives:

As might be expected, the comments pretty well agree!

And – NEVER use an ISP supplied router:

Mind you, after reading the comments I’m feeling a bit guilty! Yes, I could get a better deal, but (touch wood) their service has actually been pretty good for several years, and they don’t mind how much data I get through. If I hadn’t made use of Tiscali email addresses when starting out I would tell them to sling their hook.

“NEVER use an ISP supplied router”

Or even one of your own, it seems:

My Netgear DGN2200v3 is on the list 🙁

Oh, dear, the depression is building again…