The Hercules


With a squat stance, bulbous nose, four big turboprop engines, and massive fuselage, the C-130 cruises at a relatively modest 290 to 320 knots. Lockheed dubbed it “Hercules” after the mythological hero known for his strength and courage. The name fits the company’s tradition of naming aircraft after celestial constellations, along with the P-2V Neptune and P-3 Orion.

Compared to high-profile jet fighters like the F-22 Raptor or F-35 Lightning II, the Hercules looks like a bloated throwback. But what it lacks in sleekness it more than makes up for in heart. Like the A-10 Warthog, it’s the Hercules’ awesome capability that makes it a total badass.

Simply put, the C-130 is a do-anything aircraft and its service record shows it. Lockheed says the C-130 has flown at least 100 different missions in its 63-year-old life, including its most recent return to the military limelight.

Speed limit

85th percentile:

This “nationally recognized method” of setting the speed limit as the 85th percentile speed is essentially traffic engineering 101. It’s also a bit perplexing to those unfamiliar with the concept. Shouldn’t everyone drive at or below the speed limit? And if a driver’s speed is dictated by the speed limit, how can you decide whether or not to change that limit based on the speed of traffic?

The answer lies in realizing that the speed limit really is just a number on a sign, and it has very little influence on how fast people drive. “Over the years, I’ve done many follow up studies after we raise or lower a speed limit,” Megge tells us. “Almost every time, the 85th percentile speed doesn’t change, or if it does, it’s by about 2 or 3 mph.” 

Not that I drive any more but remembering those days, I was perhaps a bit naughty and a few things affected it:

1. One drives at the fastest it is safe to on that stretch of road at that time, with that traffic;

2. Gaps in the traffic appear, enabling changing lanes safely [meaning no panelbeater’s expensive jobs on the metal], plus overtaking chances ahead, plus hard shoulders and other factors like that – they do affect it;

3. Speed limits do slow that down if there’s a good chance on that stretch that the sneaky bstds might have cameras around;

4. The car itself wants to go a particular speed in a particular gear. Can’t remember the car but it changed gear around 35 mph, the speed limit at that time. That was hopeless, as it wanted to do about 42 mph or else about 28 mph – anything between the two the car did not like.

For sure, narrow roads in built up areas with schools should have maybe 20 mph on them but most built up area roads away from those could be that 42 mph without a problem. Were the authorities to bump the limit up to 45 mph, I’d not go at that speed, I’d go at the speed the car liked.

[H/T Chuckles]

It’s perspective, not hatred

With Madeleine Westerhout, her role is quite clear, as she said herself: “I’m the greeter girl.”

It would be wrong to see Hope Hicks in that role. She is “the gatekeeper” for Trump and what’s more, has been from Day 1, well before his political campaign – others come and go but she decides who sees him … and who doesn’t.

Information is sketchy as she keeps in the background but even Kellyanne Conway goes through her to get to Trump, so does Bannon, so does Spicer. Call her a secretary? That would be missing it by a mile.

Downunder, less personable and that was her downfall, was Peta Credlin.

There is no doubt that this is Woman’s chief strength, in these sorts of roles. Put her into the title role though and she is generally rubbish – see Theresa May, Marissa Mayer, Patricia Dunn, Meg Whitman and all are dull people of limited vision but good at getting enormous severance packages.

Like Queen Bess, Woman is indecisive, headstrong, holds grudges and plays male favourites – she’s the witchhunter chief.  Her reckless “I’d do anything” is fine as henchgirl for Rupert Murdoch but give her the top job and soon she’s moved on, to a lesser rag and then the rag itself collapses – you know just whom I’m referring to.

I’ve been writing for a long time now that there are things Woman can do better than anyone, e.g. the ladies in the first few paragraphs and then there are those which, at best, she has some successes at along the way, the overall pattern though being one of “demi-success” – the Petra Principle kicks in.

Wherever you go, in whichever field, it’s the same story – in roles where she tries to compete with men directly, she does “OK” at times.  A scatter graph would show the males distributed according to the normal curve, there’d be one or two women dotted in among them, quite a few as the graph gets thicker and the vast majority just south of centre where the graph is fattest.

I don’t know why this is so hard for feminists and men of honourable but misguided gallantry to accept.

And so to Danica Patrick:

“As long as it’s fun — and it hasn’t been super fun lately,” she said before the season started. “But every year I start the year, I always have hope that it’s going to be the year that things are going to click. I understand my career hasn’t progressed.

“Maybe it’s regressed? Why is that? Am I worse driver than I was a couple of years ago? Probably not,” she said. “I don’t think anybody gets worse. So it’s really a matter of all the factors around you.”

What is it to me if she wants to drive, if Marissa Mayer wants to head a firm?

Well, it’s this – feminism has placed such pressure on women which they then ratchet up on themselves and it leads to all sorts of feelings of underfulfilment, as you see in Danica’s statement just now.

This is not healthy – not for her, not for the poor sods around her.

Going back to my own indoor cricket days in my 30s, whether or not I’d ever been any good – my eye was not good enough, my sight is impaired – that was irrelevant, I was in this cricket team and it was mixed.  Yes, there were social teams in the league but we were not, we were going for that cup in a big way and there were three main rivals.

I was one of the opening bats because I could do two things – stonewall and run fast, she was the district level woman’s cricketer, the playmaker and she was a superb player, obviously vastly better than I was.  Together, we had to be stopped as we’d rack up huge scores.  That’s precisely man and woman working together and having zero ego problems saying she was better – she complained about not being able to keep up when I dashed off.  Our other girls were better than their girls too – I should know, I picked them.

What I’m trying to say here is that the reader really must get this idea out of his head that I do not give women credit where it is due.  It is not due as CEO of a major organization, there are no examples where it ever has been, even Carnegie’s wife but there are countless examples of women being supreme in their own fields.

But they make rods for their own backs when they insist on the title outside their natural field.

Serena Williams could beat the men maybe ranked 30 downwards and sometimes, on a good day, beat a few of the top ten – that is not shoddy by any means, that is something to be immensely proud of.  Some even call her a man, which is not something to be proud of.  She herself says about her play that that’s how she would be ranked.

She has no issue with that – it’s the other women who do and worse than the feminist woman is the faux-gallant man who goes on about how he “knows some terrific women drivers” or he “knows women every bit as good”, as if I’m putting women down.

These men flatly refuse to see that that is not what I’m doing – what I’m doing is asking everyone to see things in perspective, as Serena does.  Danica won a Japanese race against men a decade ago, she is placed 29 in the article.  Rather than be disappointed, she should be delighted she’s done as well as she has but this mad craziness of Woman kicks in, wormtongued by the feminists, that she should be able to beat the men and not to stop until she has.

She can’t.

I had a mate 7 years younger than me and in my 30s, I tried every sport I could to try to beat him.  As I was pretty hot at Badminton, he played me one day and wiped the floor, kept me pinned to the baseline.  At the end, he asked what sport I wanted to try next?

I didn’t mention just now that he was 6′ 2″ and a sports teacher, being a batsman of some note in real cricket.  What the hell was I disappointed about?  That I even had scores like 7-21, 5-21 I should have been delighted about,  but I wasn’t, was I?

Now in her fifth full season in NASCAR’s top series, Patrick has yet to win a race and she only has six top-10 finishes in 161 starts.

Make no mistake: She can drive. She has led laps in both the Indianapolis 500 and the Daytona 500. But her lone victory in the IndyCar Series came in 2008 and sticks out as a glaring reminder of how her superstar status outstrips her racing resume.

You see how negative that is?  Hell, I’d be delighted to get any top ten finish at all against men drivers and so should she.  She’s beating herself up over nothing.  Why can I accept it and not her?

Because I see men and women in perspective, I see my mate the cricketer and [now] in perspective, I see Marissa Mayer in perspective.

But those who can’t see perspective call this sexist or misogynist – you see what labels do – they stop things being thought through.

Here’s an example from downunder – captain of our football club with a pro-surfer girl who’s won titles around the world:

I can see the scene.  “Joel, we have this surfer girl here – can you go out and do a vid with her?  Just do it for the club.”

Joel: “Is the Pope Catholic?”

As a surfer, she’s one of the best in the world but I noticed at the end of the clip that she was given the ball to kick at the sticks – the boys can do about 50-70 yards but I notice that with no training, she booted that about 40 yards and pretty accurately – that’s no mean feat.

He’s acting like a schoolboy with her and who wouldn’t?  So what does he himself have that she could admire?  He’s the triple premiership player who’s scooped almost every award and is known as Captain Fearless, even though he gives away inches to other players:

Joel Selwood was enormous all day, but the third quarter especially, with 16 disposals and eight contested possessions. He was typically in every contest and delivered when his team needed it.  He finished the game with an equal career-high 43 possessions (22 contested), eight marks and nine tackles.

This is the very same man making an ass of himself with the gorgeous girl in the clip above – think every man knows exactly what I’m talking about.

So why can’t we all leave it at that?  Why do we have to make rods for our backs and constantly self-flagellate [don’t read anything into the wording there] about what we excel at and what we don’t?

Why must Woman insist on doing things she can’t do whilst ignoring things where she has no peer?   Why must society falsely demand, for political reasons, that Woman must do things she’s ultimately not satisfied with, nor is anyone else around her?

When those who could have done them in that particular field are kept out of it for political reasons and the team suffers?  Depression is widespread among women in society because of stupid expectations and labelling and we all suffer for it.

One last one – we were in Lidl the other day and I wanted the strudel, I was in the right aisle but couldn’t see it, asked a guy if he’d seen it about and then knew he was useless, so I asked his lady.

She took me straight to it, hidden away.  Should have asked her in the first place.

A little on the large side

Saw an ad on Twitter for a Ruger and it compared rounds.  Now frankly, they all looked a bit piddly to me, I was thinking more along the lines of the M72LAW and I just love that blowback:

… but then I saw that it ‘s a single load disposable.  At just under $700 a go, that’s a bit steep for a local car of yobs or your average passing helicopter or drone.

Besides, it’s a bit less than legal, so that’s that out then.  In fact, the only thing legal in this country, and only if you have a licence and only if the barrel is 24″ long, is the shotgun – presumably a side-by-side breech loader.

The nice thing about that is you can vary the shot or indeed not use shot at all if you only wished to put the frighteners on – rock salt would do.  Step 1 therefore is to join a gun club.

I’m sure you understand how it then goes in this country.  The bunch of hooded thugs hack through your door or blast through, you shout: “Stop!” and they do.  You then ask permission to go over to your locked gun cabinet and extract the shotgun, show their leader your documentation, ask for permission to go over to the ammo cupboard and take two cartridges, load, then say: “OK, I’m ready,” and everyone starts.


One of the lads has sent this below – just back from 1 hour of ritual torture and so only just saw it:

Isn’t she beautiful – gunmetal grey, that pillar shaped end – is it an AT4?

Snowflake takes umbrage, calls in authorities

David Moyes: Sunderland manager charged over ‘slap’ comment

Well if she doesn’t need a good slapping, the FA certainly does.  As pundit David Vance wrote:

“The UK, where a football manager faces a police prosecution for banter and #FGM butchers get off scot free.”

Firstly, it teaches snowflakes like this one that she need only whine about something, anything at all and the police will come and charge whoever it was had annoyed her.

And this leads inexorably to the second point – that it does zero to advance relations between men and women.  Remember, this bint young lady called those authorities in, it wasn’t some do-gooder who’d overheard it.

Therefore, in the light of that, plus that female Chelsea doctor, no club in its right mind would go anywhere near a female after that, nor allow one within range.  It also does nothing for the female journo profession, nor does it enamour snowflakes to men in general.

See, maybe he was out of order, it may have been that Mourinho was too but this was a footballing environment, no prom night and things get said, as Katie Hopkins has often pointed out.  Interesting that since Chelsea banned females from being in there, there’ve been no further incidents of the kind.

There was an incident years ago which may have resulted in charges downunder – a footballer on crutches, asked an inane question by a journo, threw a crutch at the journo.  Nothing whatever came of it, because that’s how males deal with things, otherwise you’re a wimp.

If females can’t play by those rules, they shouldn’t be there.

Now this is a different tack to the one I took this morning over Bill O’Reilly because his was about sexual advances.  My point this morning was that, whether he did or he didn’t, he left himself wide open and it was explained why.

The only other thing I’d say is about Moyes – that look of contrition was sickening.  Either he meant his remarks or they were in the heat of the moment.

If he did mean them, then for goodness sake, he should have manned up and worn those remarks and what they brought.  If they were in the heat of the moment, then he needed to make it clear that football club rooms, after a bad performance, are no place for snowflakes to be, let alone ones taking umbrage at nothing.