Christopher Wren

Still on the sailing theme:

rnc greenwich


which translates from Latin as:[12]

Here in its foundations lies the architect of this church and city, Christopher Wren, who lived beyond ninety years, not for his own profit but for the public good. Reader, if you seek his monument – look around you. Died 25 Feb. 1723, age 91.

His obituary was published in the Post Boy No. 5244 London 2 March 1723:[13]

Sir Christopher Wren who died on Monday last in the 91st year of his age, was the only son of
Dr. Chr. Wren, Dean of Windsor & Wolverhampton, Registar of the Garter, younger brother of Dr. Mathew(sic)
Wren Ld Bp of Ely, a branch of the ancient family of Wrens of Binchester in the Bishoprick [sic] of Durham

Cutty Sark and the awfully clever ‘modern’ administrator

There’ve been two themes so far today – incompetence and the sea.  And on Christopher Wren Day, let’s add design and architecture to that.

And so to the burning of the Cutty Sark. This magnificent vessel, which I’m proud to say, along probably with you, I’ve been on board quite a few times – remember I lived near there – this vessel was the pride of Britain.

All right, perhaps she did not actually beat Thermopylae home in tht race, breaking her rudder 400 miles ahead of her rival but she was still magnificent:


The photographer stood in two ship’s boats lashed together to take that picture.

And what fate awaits a lady who, a century later, needs to be allowed to rest in peace? Well, you put her in dry dock in Greenwich and allow the public from around the world to come and admire, soak up the atmosphere.…

Changing face of British politics – the new enemy


In keeping with the themes of the day – incompetence, designed incompetence, celebration of a great designer/architect, the sea, dangerous places to be and people who send us round the bend, this is an interesting article about Brighton.

There are always going to be around the same percentages of people of certain mindsets – blissfully unaware major party tribalists, unhappy left thinking [LibDems and Greens], unhappy sane [now moving towards UKIP] plus the splinter groups.

There’s been a drift from Tory and to a lesser extent Labour towards UKIP but where have the LibDems drifted to?  Perhaps a better way to put it is to ask who are each party’s betes noires [not sure if my French is right there].  In other words, which party is most likely to cut into the other’s votes?

For the Tories, that’s easy – UKIP.  For Labour – Greens and UKIP.  For the LibDems – Labour and the Greens.…

What appears to be a paradise …


Wiggia was looking at these cycling championships in Guadeloupe – yes, that’s right, Guadeloupe:

Yes I know it’s a French colony and the EU are forever wanting to extend their boundaries, but.

What next if we are awarded the championships, Falkland Islands anyone ?

What I found interesting was the places we regard as being exotic, maybe even paradises away from home.

You know, are you absolutely sure about that? I was looking, yesterday, at the most dangerous places in the world to live and some of these so-called paradises cropped up.

Such as the Maldives.

I’d been looking at the bodies of water in the world it was best to avoid – for a boat owner, that would appear to be an important thing – and came up with these:

Fine, shall avoid those but then up came an article about the Maldives

Maldives-beach small

Allow me to summarize:

# It’s strict Muslim so any of that and you’re head’s off, matey.…

The real meaning of chutzpah


We’re so hidebound by our own view of reality, all of us, no exceptions, and our experiences in life have coloured our perceptions.

I’d venture to say that those capable of belief in an external, eternal verity are going to find it not too hard to believe there’s a diabolical mind or minds somewhere behind it all and it sure looks like it to us.  Those who are largely faithless in an external, eternal verity and who therefore substitute Science for that are more likely to see incompetence as the reason why it’s all fallen away so badly.

And fallen away it has.  When you met a man on the road fifty years ago, you’d be pretty sure he’d play fair in the main, though nasty people of course existed.  You’d pass a bunch of kids and you’d be pretty sure they were into things kids were into, not concerned about you and having to be home by tea time.…

Sunday glance at UKIP

There’s a hell of a lot of untapped class out there – people who, if only we could get them into parliament, we’d trust them to run things, strong enough to resist the corrosively nasty thing they meet once at Westminster, already well set up in life and not needing the gravy train.


In this pic below, Nigel looks a bit of a rogue, actually, which is fine by me, I like good-natured rogues – but the other two, although not actually having achieved as Nige has, do present better.  Strangely, the one getting the most stick, Reckless, looks the most respectable of the three and both he and Carswell are precisely what UKIP needs – this sort of influence, in order to be taken more seriously.

Rochester and Strood by-election


“I think a lot of people are thinking ‘is this a re-run of the SDP or is this perhaps something fundamental and profound. I have to keep reminding myself that, actually, it’s neither.


Sent by haiku a couple of days back and I couldn’t wait to see them on the blog.  Photos have this way of saying things, do you not feel?  Here’s the link to follow at your leisure.  Meanwhile, a selection:


Sailing boats gather at the start of the Barcolana regatta in front of Trieste harbor on October 12, 2014. The annual Barcolana regatta in the Gulf of Trieste near northern Italy is one of the largest sailing races in the world with over 1,800 participants.(Reuters/Stefano Rellandini)

Same Masonic motif, very strong among many of those onboard down below.


A woman jogs with her dog through a park during a sunny autumn day in central Sofia on October 14, 2014. (Reuters/Stoyan Nenov)

Is there a better way to spend Sunday morning? And the dog’s good too.


Riot police officers stand guard at a main road in the Mong Kok district of Hong Kong on October 17, 2014.…

Negligence is just as much a criminal act

L’abbaye de Evron

If you do nothing else, this is well worth a look at Mark’s. Fascinating.

Dinner bellSmall

Clever poem by Macheath

A bit late perhaps for me to run but hey …

One night in Clacton


If you look at what the CIA does around the world, especially in the Ukraine, if you look at Eric Holder’s Fast and Furious, at NAFTA, at Colin Ross’s expose of the psychiatric old boys network, at the CFR, at the Rotherham coverup, we’re nowhere near the farfetched yet, not even with MK Ultra and already you can see government agencies not acting on behalf of people.

And then we get onto Ebola. If ever a govt wanted something inside the country but not to inconvenience inbound and outbound trade, this is it. There were calls up and down the U.S.A. to close borders temporarily and certainly NOT to allow anyone from a quarantined area into the country at this time.…