The reason for this post is that certain things were written among the millions of words by people who might know what they’re talking about.

One I saw at the Wail read:

I wish people would stop underplaying this virus by comparing it to the common cold or to flu. The truth is that there is an awful lot we don’t know about this virus, how it can mutate or resist modern medicine, all the ways it can be transferred from one person to another. The speed at which this has spread and the sheer numbers it has infected (the real figure is much higher than the already high figure China has declared) means that we should absolutely be worried. That our government has refused to follow the leads of other countries by banning flights from China shows how little they really care about this.

OK, let’s add to that a comment by long time commenter Wolfie who wrote:

Nobody is going to be laughing when things really start to get underway. R0 is nearly 50x that of the flu.

I don’t know what RO is and it googled out to nothing.  Also, wasn’t well at the time.  I just realised he may have meant R0, which brings this up:

The basic reproduction number R0 is the number of secondary cases which one case would produce in a completely susceptible population.

Now, sticking with Wolfie, many years ago at the start of the old version of the blog, he suggested I keep my eye on China:

It seems it was after I returned that I took my eye off the ball, also sources seemed to die away at that time and I got myself into blogwars etc.  Now, in 2020, I can say that certain policies of Johnson are going to devastate me personally and this blog as a result of a series of links in a chain – I’m on the end.

5G is a major topic which needs looking at and how the UK, Hong Kong and China slot together in defiance of the US.  Huawei is on the list.  I need good sources.

Search engines

Bing is better than Google and yet both censor via algorithm – thing is, I know how to surf google to get what’s needed – it’s the questions within sites which occasionally come up- it takes time to build sources again. Gab has its limitations.  There are some people I know within the industry but people of few words.

Monday too

8. Another shock from downunder

The end of Holden: Australian car brand announces all sales, design and engineering will stop forever – leaving hundreds without jobs and ending 72 years of tradition

As you’d know, Vauxhall is the equivalent here and Opel in Germany. Comments:

#  Both Vauxhall UK plants will be gone by 2025, France and Germany want to build the new Astra, with parts sourced from mainland Europe…its not looking good.

#  The Brits don’t buy enough bulk made cars . New Vauxhall models are using more and more Peugeot parts and as Vauxhall is losing market share the brand ( and only reason fur UK assembly) will go. Astra not selling as it did.

I never owned a Vauxhall or Holden but I’ve been in a new[ish] Astra and it’s quite nice, does the job, seems fine. Downunder, I drove the Commodore a couple of times and it was a workhorse – 6 cylinders, decent power. Holden, I believe, was once known as a jet in a jam tin.


6.  Does actually make sense

Tough love rules for midlife dressing: Never go strapless, chuck out round-toed flats, don’t go under 80 denier… and yes, even skinny women need shapewear,  writes the A-list style guru trusted by Olivia Colman and Fleabag 

If you put your female hat on for a moment, each of those is loaded and is a cautionary tale – it is true though, even for the pre-menapausal.

5.  Meanwhile, back here again

Great alternative leaders under Labour series: