Then I woke up and it was all a dream …

There’s definitely this bad news overkill thing. As I read DR’s latest in comments, with issues of my own in RL and a friend’s, I started thinking more of the same old.

What a terrible thing when the contents a decade and a half ago would have swept administrations away and now it’s ‘just another revelation’. This is what happens near the end.

I use ‘end’ here to mean maybe just a low point in the wave, the trough, or the beginning of the end of the west, or the Big One – I can’t know which, so don’t try. There’s a sense of being dazed and yet still able to be horrified, even though it’s not some child being raped and murdered.

Fox News is like an organism, once healthy and robust, now riddled with diseases like Donna Brazile, but still the old robust style breaks through every so often.

Fox News has learned that Grenell also completed the declassification review of other documents related to the origins of the Russia probe — including one that a senior intelligence official told Fox News was “very significant in understanding how intelligence was manipulated to support launching the Russia investigation.”

Is this the gangrenous part of Fox speaking, or is it the remaining healthy tissue?  What of this new appointee?  Deep State takeover of Trump or Trump’s man?


Those interested in what’s really going down but are put off by the word Christian – then you’re missing something, namely this:

… which goes into chapter and verse.

Meanwhile, that horrible thing about patients not being treated. My dentist sent a BS letter about how much they care for us at this testing time, therefore there is no treatment being offered, only advice and encouragement by phone.

To me, that’s the greatest scandal of all and will fill social media for months, years, only to be overtaken by the crash or Trump being ‘dealt with’.

In the light of our personal situations, the Flynn thing seems to pale but it shouldn’t do.

Meanwhile, the wood yard is not delivering but offering collect, no use to us here.

Will we all wake up soon and it was just a bad dream?

Tuesday too

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Formula E Driver Disqualified After Cheating in Virtual Race

8.  And this is the point

There’ve been many postings on those dying of other causes within people’s families because they could not get treatment … all over this pandempanic.

7. Sinclair Scientific calculator

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Book em, Danno, Murder One

I was watching a series of three youtubes on the Great Hawaii Five O Reunion in 1976, a reunion where the Great One himself was not there.

As with everything when one delves too deeply, one might not like what one finds and in the case of film, TV and music where one person becomes bigger than everyone else, it can turn those people into tyrants.

I’m thinking Kevin Sorbo in Andromeda, Daniel Craig in Bond, the Fonz in Happy Days, it goes on and on. Last evening I read a piece on how he was alone at his death of dementia [meaning no friends, his wife was another matter], I can’t find the url, it said all the things you’d expect – that he flew into rages at everyone, was a womaniser, ruled with an iron rod, was a ‘perfectionist’, which is wankery for ‘control freak’ and that was before it attacked the series.

Perhaps the biggest criticism was that they rehashed plotlines over and over, even locations and it came out in that Jean Simmons clip run here the other day that this was a vehicle for him and him alone, everyone else was a sidekick.

The native Hawaiian community whom he and the producers certainly put on the map, along with boosting island tourism, had mixed feelings about him and even within the eulogies, the resentments came through. James Douglas [Danno] was asked why he left the series – he said he became bored. Diplomatic.

Jack Lord’s wife was fanatical in denying any dementia in him, though a nurse had to be sent – he died in 1978, so at the time of the reunion, he was in the last throes so to speak.

I’ve no issue with ego if it is productive, if it creates something for others, even the Donald’s is ok if he does good with it … and Jack Lord did do good, he put Hawaii on the modern map and created employment through his efforts – that can’t be taken away.

I look back at my own past and a comment made by my headmaster at the time – you’re like the cow which gives good milk and then kicks the bucket over. Guilty.

Whilst I’m more comfortable with flawed people than saints [the load of serene bstds as Douglas Adams put it], there’s a hard to define line beyond which an ego must not go. I’ m not a huge fan of Hawaii Five O due to Lord himself but he did create something which put the attempt at rebooting of the series into a tailspin before it had hardly begun – the new McGarrett lacked charisma, the time for the series is now gone.


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The assumptions are what ruined education in the 70s.

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