Some footage of the afternoon’s events

Dawned on me that many of you are not on Twitter and the Youtubes were scarce, so many did not see the footage of Speakers’ Corner and the MSM have shown NUFFINK.

So here are some tweets:

Firstly, does this not rate as a major event in London, even semi-major? So where are the press?

Jazz in the time of Trad III

The last of this mini-series of three posts returns to three Bs; not Ball, Barber and Bilk but Bach, Bryant and Bossa Nova.

Yer tradster could hardly overlook the brief spell in the spotlight of the Swingle Singers: rather more jazzish than jazz, I suppose, but they probably got some people interested in Classical Music for the first time. We start with three of their quickies, two fugues following “Badinerie”i.e. a pleasantry, a brief lively dance. Hm: I must say he looks like a jazzman, old Johann Sebastian.