Fear and loathing in Milwaukee

#  Apparently there’s a lion on the loose:


#  Meanwhile [yes, I’ve been drinking], you know I go to garden centres on Sundays?  Well, you knew this all along but I didn’t. The food side is big business now. Supplied by local produce, it costs a mint, of course but it is better than anything in the supermarkets.

Cuts of beef, Yorkshire Brack, this garlic chutney, better than any I’ve tasted, ten varieties of Lindt chocolate, best beef cuts and so on and so on.  I could have spent a hundred quid last Sunday but didn’t.  Damn.

And they’ve got clever – the better ones have a lady of a certain age who is there but doesn’t come up to help but if you ask dot dot dot. And the clotted cream is the best … and the extra strawberry.  But the brack is too much to resist.

Just had a roast meal now, with my special chips [should patent them], added more than a dob of this chutney and it went through the roof.…

A tale of racism by the “victim”

goodes victim

This follows on from a previous post on Adam Goodes.

The reason it’s of interest to those in other lands and at other sites is that it shows, in fine detail, how the hegemony of Them, the govt, major bodies, the media, the schools, the left, PCists, victimhood specialists, the self-entitled, entertainment “stars” – in other words, the vocal ones with the power to influence – all combine to push a line they’ve agreed on.

More than that, they act to shut down any “dissent”, giving high-sounding justifications. I’ve been into a dozen sites, news services and the AFL itself, even Geelong FC and the line is the same:

The tiny minority booing are “racist”.  We don’t want this.  Adam Goodes is a fine Australian. Therefore, stop booing him.  It’s unAustralian.

That’s the narrative on this issue.

1.  For a start, it is not a tiny minority.  Were it so, the combined forces would not have moved and combined to this extent, as a campaign, to shut down the dissent.…

The SR-71 Blackbird

Admin note

This is under my name, not Wiggia’s.  I can hardly expect him to be suspicious of unsolicited mail, even if supposedly checked by Avast! anti-spam and with a disclaimer by Ernst and Young.

But it’s my job to notice and check these things out as far as possible. I’ve gone for the scenario that this is not a virus distributor but for spam.  Just why Ernst and Young are involved I don’t know.

First, I took the text from the email and put it in plain, marking gaps for pics, then started the job of going through, removing all spaces in the text and most commas, rearranging paragraphs [about 22 minutes work] and getting the text into English in general.  Then uploaded to WP.

Then came the pics. First a screenshot each pic, then to my version of photoshop here, renamed, uploaded to the spaces in the text, go to the next one [about 7 minutes].…

Genesis of the Daleks

Nice to see the rest of the sphere catching up.  This is about:

… the late Georgetown history professor Carroll Quigley, who in 1949 completed a book rather grandly entitled The Anglo-American Establishment.

Decades later Bill Clinton was an undergrad student of Quigley (he got a B from him). In Clinton’s 1992 acceptance speech at the Democratic convention, he cited Quigley as an inspiration.

In reality, Quigley’s book, which wasn’t published until much later, was only very tangentially related to American institutions such as the Council of Foreign Relations. It actually focused on one group of British establishmentarians, the progressive imperialists who set up the British equivalent of the CFR, the Royal Institute of International Affairs (a.k.a., Chatham House), edited The Times of London for most of the first four decades of the 20th Century, and largely controlled the peculiarly influential All Souls College at Oxford.

Quigley calls them the Milner Group after Alfred Milner (1854-1925), an eminence grise who more or less started the Boer War of 1899-1902, then mentored “Milner’s Kindergarten” of bright young men in running South Africa, and finally popped up again in Lloyd George’s five-man war cabinet in 1917.


If we reiterate the same topics over a week or two, it’s because those topics are there and need reiterating. Which does not mean you, the reader, have to have it shoved down your throat the whole time, which is what we object to ourselves in one side of politics given to Narrative and Change for Change’s Sake.

Apologies in advance.

#  This is not the usual thing from our side of politics that the universities are stacked with the left, it is that this is being paid for by a body which should not be involved in such politics.


# From James Lovelace at Breitbart:

We do not live under the rule of law.

1. Tommy Robinson was pursued for tax evasion. When that case resulted in “not guilty”, they immediately went after his mother for mortgage fraud. The CPS were quite happy for him to plead guilty to stop the case against her.

The culling of the Lords

Being a deeply suspicious cove, when the Tory/Indie/Labour Coke Peer was unleashed on the MSM, it was a question of time, seemed to me, until this question was also posed:

Time to derail this gravy train: Fury over cost of freeloading peers as size of Lords edges towards a thousand

And the reason it’s doing so is largely because of Blair and his combined emasculation and stacking of the Lords. Lord Coke was always a delight for Them, kept in the wings until the appropriate moment, not unlike DSK in France.

No prizes for guessing which peers will be the ones culled.

Meanwhile, here we go:

Secret plans to deploy soldiers on UK streets after terror attack ‘provocative’, says peer

Yes, she’s a Greeny but still ……

The 1000 lockers

A high school has a strange principal. On the first day, he has his students perform an odd opening day ceremony:

There are one thousand lockers and one thousand students in the school. The principal asks the first student to go to every locker and open it.

Then he has the second student go to every second locker and close it.

The third goes to every third locker and, if it is closed, he opens it, and if it is open, he closes it.

The fourth student does this to every fourth locker, and so on.

After the process is completed with the thousandth student, how many lockers are open?…

If they’d voluntarily shut-up about it …

Adam Goodes was a great Sydney AFL player, one of the champs of the game in his prime.

But just as the AFL, govt, society, jumped on this Aboriginal bandwagon and everyone with a trace of black blood came out and called themselves Elizabeth Warren, just as they had a National Sorry Day [groan] and all the rest of the claptrap, so the aborigines themselves jumped on the bandwagon too.

Adam Goodes, sadly for the game, was a key miscreant in this. And he wouldn’t shut up about his aboriginal blood. If we don’t go on about our blue blood, then why should he go on about his black?

We know the answer to that and it’s a global problem now, this social justice guff.

I always thought the idea was that the aborigines would be so assimilated into society, certainly in a football team, that race would never be an issue again.…



We have just had the three day jamboree at the Norfolk and Norwich showground just a mile away from my abode, it was titled The Motorhome Show organised by the Camping and Caravan Club “the friendly club” although there was not a lot of bon amie in the car park of Sainsbury’s just the other side of the A47 this morning as all the motorhomes gathered to take on replenishment before going wherever motorhomes go

The larger of these leviathans took up to six parking bays and when parked sideways on as they can’t go in to a bay end on, they take up another two for manoeuvring.

What they could have possibly done for three days in the most appalling weather I have no idea, but they are not put off. I can vouch that some years ago the property opposite me (the owner despite his wealth was into caravans) rented a field out that was on a slope to the same club  and was also, because of similar weather, a bog, necessitating a tractor not only to get them out of the field but in some cases onto, and there they sat all weekend occasionally venturing forth to visit the pub a few doors away but most of the time was just spent in their caravans, probably watching their then 12″ TVs, all very strange.…

Painting the stairs

Wiggia sends this without comment:

Abandoning the flat canvas of buildings, some street artists take to the stairs, transforming them into magnificent works of urban art. It doesn’t matter whether it’s with paint, plants, mosaics or wallpapers – the end goal is beauty, shared and enjoyed by all.

Being the sweet, kind gentleman he is, I’m not sure our Wiggia would go along with my reservations.

For a start, would the owners want their stairs painted over, who determines what magnificent works of urban art actually constitute and what if it is property held in common, e.g. by the State, council, us?

What if the “art” were to be political? Banksy’s art is political at a lowlevel, on universal themes.  Much of this art is very clever, some of it beautiful on the stairs.

Jury’s out?

Targu Mures, Romania:

romania stairs

Valparaiso, Chile:

chile stairs

Philadelphia, U.S.A.:

dali stairs

Monday too

# Restoring Britain looks at the Obama/Kerry agreement with Iran.

Following this Secretary of State John Kerry suggested that the comments were “disturbing” and there has generally been lots of criticism with the view that the victory of the international community is little more than a charade.

The trouble is, there were clues to this throughout the whole process, none of which should have been a surprise.  This is what the much maligned Donald Rumsfeld would have called a “known known”, because that’s exactly what it was and has been such since at least 1979.

#  Some nice work by AK Haart [please remember it’s copyright until he says otherwise]:

Lyme (1)

#  Raedwald:

A political and military collapse in Turkey will open a migrant highway straight into the heart of Europe; Greece will be abandoned (as the Germans truly want) and Europe’s new boundary will be a fence running from Hungary to Slovenia to Trieste.


#  Assassinated professors.

Chuckles: “The terse, ‘Why would anyone bother?’ is obviously far to simple for his elevated worldview.”

#  And on HR: “The observation is dead on, but her contentions are rubbish. Performance reviews were the darling of HR depts when they usurped the personnel dept in the late 70s, early eighties.

It was part of the move to make HR and Accounts more important in the company, so they could pay themselves more of the wodge.”


Accenture’s C.E.O., Pierre Nanterme, told the Washington Post that the existing evaluations are cumbersome and expensive. Plus, he added, “the outcome is not great.”

#  Youth communicating:

youth communicating

#  How Obama’s father witnessed Tom Mboya’s murder.


#  When bureaucrats lose the plot. You may have seen this:


# Sad:


#  Haiku, on Trump and the Desmoines Register:


I’ve often wondered if the people working at these organizations believe this stuff. Maybe they do, but no one outside the press believes it.

Planned Parenthood – the Empire Strikes Back

There were two or three pieces sent in the past couple of days on the Planned Parenthood baby parts tale of woe.

While the left looked on with dismay, pundits, bless them, were straight into it:

What makes this tape so different, so appalling, is that, at some level, there a sense in all of us, which ideological indoctrination cannot wholly suppress, that, morally, something terrible is happening here.

So far, so good and all that remained was for the left’s heavy hitters to try to staunch the blood from Planned Parenthood’s severed limbs.  The left’s heavy hitters are, of course, those who fund and direct policy via thinktank “discussions”, e.g. the one Bush, Fox and Martin attended in 2005, out of which came the SPPNA. Soros is in there.…


Mini-hiatus from JH until evening. There’s a post at OoL. Wiggia will have a post here in two hours. Have a lovely Sunday.

Quick note at 12.15, reiterating what was written in earlier posts. To be fair to the Guardian, their TdF coverage has been best online. One commenter mentioned “the French” press not giving Froome a mention, as if he were not there, then accusing him.

Yes but as the commenter said – it was Le Monde, the leftwing news service. So I thought I’d try Le Figaro, the rightwing. Here was their lead article photo: