YouGov poll on immigration coming

Don’t know if I’ve mentioned it but I occasionally do these YouGov thingies and apparently they’ve revamped the homepage now and reset ratings and opinions back to zero, but left our redeemable points alone.  Ho hum:


Anyway, that’s not what this post is about.  The latest poll, which no doubt will be released to the MSM by and by, was about two things – God and immigration.

The first one, on God, led in with some pretty innocuous questions about fossils and the age of the earth etc.  It was only by the third page that I realized it had turned into an “if I believe in God or evolution” questionnaire – apparently you can’t have both.

That’s not the topic of this post either.

The biggy was the immigration question and though they were very careful in their questioning, they couldn’t help but give away their bias.  For example, the question – is it acceptable to call people these names – followed by Spic, Yid and all that.…

The Doctor’s been worldwide for decades

Ahead of the new series opening, another quick look.

The impression one gets is that Doctor Who pretty well went viral in North America from A Christmas Carol in 2010 but that’s not quite accurate.

It’s true that hosts such as Craig Ferguson picked up on it and many truly American hosts, which definitely helped and it’s very much a worldwide phenomenon now. Yet a glance at Wiki shows it had a following even back in the classic days, pretty well from Jon Pertwee onwards.

So it’s not that America has never seen it and suddenly took to it:

Conventions, personal appearances of cast members and production staff as well as the national airing on PBS of the 20th anniversary special The Five Doctors two days before the BBC sealed the success of the program in America. In November 1983, on the weekend after the airing of The Five Doctors, four actors who played the Doctor (Patrick TroughtonJon PertweePeter Davison and Tom Baker) and many of those who played the Doctor’s companions over the series’ first two decades on television appeared at a standing-room-only event in Chicago, the start of a Thanksgiving Day weekend celebration that continues annually.

Misuse of statistics can consign a nation to oblivion

Today is largely playing away. The 10 a.m. post is at Broad Oak and this is at OoL.

It always was bollox [H/T Wiggia]:

Civil servants at the Treasury have now dismissed the 3 million jobs claim by arguing the methodology was 10 years old and imprecise, rendering its conclusions entirely inaccurate. In fact, the myth is based entirely on a 1999 report by the National Institute for Economic and Social Research (NIESR) that 3.2 million jobs were “associated” with exports to goods and services to the EU.

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