Unfit for purpose

Just learnt a lesson. Having only finished saying that I had no desire to write any overtly proselytising posts around Christmas time, along comes this from David Warren, via haiku, himself hardly a cardinal of the church. Methinks it’s best just to go with the flow and run what comes in.

Issue is this:

Father Mark A. Pilon’s piece in The Thing this morning (here) gives an unusually frank account of the mess Holy Church is now passing through, which (Warren opining now) may yet prove a blessing. Sometimes war offers the only way forward; or in this case, the “moral equivalent” thereto. There are acts — there could be acts even by a pope — that must be confronted and corrected. Surrender is not an option, when one has Christ’s own Church to defend, whether the enemy be from without or within.

In his refusal to reply to the Dubia of the happily-dubbed “Four Cardinals” — Walter Brandmüller, Raymond Burke, Carlo Caffarra, and Joachim Meisner — all learned, sober, and impressive men — Pope Francis has displayed a shocking insolence, a caudillo hauteur. His very job, as pontiff, is to uphold the teaching of Holy Church, never more needed than in a time like this, when it is taken frivolously. It is to end confusion.

The Christmas musical programme

That December programme again, at 19:00 each evening, except for Sundays, when it is at 07:00. [N13 has been changed from ELP to Ensemble Corund, plus Nos 21 & 22 are swapped around.]

Click on the carol already posted, it will take you to that post.

It would be apparent to both kinds of N.O. reader that the purpose behind these selections is:

a. To attempt to provide those of the faith and young people who might not be aware with some of the best carols youtube has on it, in order to do justice to Christmas at a time when Christmas is under threat, plus as a reminder to the world of what Christmas is, beyond Santa and Rudolf, nice though those are.

b. To avoid overtly proselytizing selections but to just provide quality music found on youtube, to be enjoyed as music in its own right, from some of the best artists going. And a political purpose – a reminder to others out there looking in of what heritage Europe does have and just how powerful that heritage will still be, long after the Brusselonian Captivity finally comes crashing down, not unlike Mordor.

Casting for Anne Boleyn

bujold-as-anneHaving taught Anne Boleyn as a major topic in Russia, the more I read, the more confused I was about her.

What struck me was how difficult it was to cast for her in a play or film, as Anne was accomplished, fashionable, elegant, a tease, sharp, most certainly no girl, which puts Natalie Dormer out.

Naturally this could never be said at the time but if I were to put together a grouping of certain women who fall into the Anne Boleyn category, then apart from her, I’d most certainly put my WN2, with those dark features, those eyes, the poise and the ability to entice and dismiss at virtually the same time.

Anne had to have been all woman, so to speak, utterly confident in her charm and her ability to concede just enough. Unfortunately, she also had a sharp tongue and nothing snaps that spell like a woman’s sharp tongue.

The unmeasurable

There are so many unaccountable phenomena, including the metaphysical and some of those can sustain:

1. Things which work but experts know not why

From one in the field of medicine:

While I cannot profess to be religious myself, I’ve seen so many patients for whom faith has been a lifeline in times of difficulty that I can fully appreciate what strength spirituality offers.

So, I was fascinated — if not surprised — to read about a study this week which revealed how religion has a profound effect on the brain.

The research showed that religious and spiritual experience activated the reward circuits in the brain in the same way that drugs, gambling, music and sex do.