Heart of oak?

When I think of England, I think of afternoons or evenings in the pub, sipping on a pint and the pint came from a brewery in Masham, which is more Yorkshire than England but never mind.

And in a pub there were pictures all over the wall by the band I’ve often run at N.O. because they were quintessentially English in their arrangements and sense of humour.

Whatever happened to French scientists?

This came from Eaton Rapids Joe:


French scientists were at the forefront of scientific discovery throughout the 19th Century and into very early 20th Century. They were leaders in Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and atomic Physics. And then something happened.

The most common explanation(s) are the two world wars.

A competing narrative is that the giants of 1900-1910 studied radiation and three of them (Curie, Becquerel, and Moissan) died in their early-50s due, in part, to naivete with regard to safety requirements. That is, they were killed by their research.

Well worth a read.