Try these

1. Where in the household is the magnetron?
2. First spacecraft to land softly on the moon?
3. What is an Ishihara test used for?
4. What is a rhinoceros’ horn made of?
5. How many degrees F is absolute zero?
6. What does MG in the car brand stand for?
7. How many astronauts crewed Mercury spacecraft each time?

Some more “propagandising”

What conclusion does a rational reader come to after seeing these below?

# Police in Britain arrested more than 3,000 foreign nationals each week on average last year, according to new figures which revealed the share of overseas suspects rose to make up one in five people detained.

Internal police data obtained by the Mail on Sunday showed the proportion of foreign suspects rose from 16 percent of arrests in 2015/16 to 19 percent in 2016/17 — when 172,732 of 931,155 individuals arrested were people from abroad.

# An Algerian migrant male was shot dead early Monday morning by Spanish police after he attempted to attack officers with a knife.

Officers fired on and killed the 29-year-old man outside the police station in Cornellà de Llobregat in Catalonia, Spain, the Catalan edition of elPeriodico reports. Besides the slain attacker, there were no reported injuries.

# The relationship between the suicide bomber who killed 22 at a concert in Manchester, England and the mosque he attended is coming under fresh scrutiny after recordings emerged of an apparently extremist sermon preached just months before the attack.

The words of the sermon, which have been analysed by Islamic scholars and are being investigated by police, amount to a call to violence according to British state broadcaster the BBC, which quotes the remarks of experts Usama Hasan and Shaykh Rehan who said the preaching called for “military jihad”.

# The man being held on suspicion of terrorism after the Westminster car attack on Tuesday has been named as Salih Khater by British newspapers.

The event, in which 15 cyclists and pedestrians were reportedly struck before Khater’s silver Ford Focus hit the Palace of Westminster anti-terror barrier just before 07:40 BST, is being investigated by British counter-terror police. He has been arrested under the 2006 terrorism act.

Police said in a statement that “Given that it appears to have been a deliberate act, the method used and the iconic location, it is being treated as a terrorist incident and the investigation is being led by officers from the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command.”

# UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn joined Hamas terrorists at a conference in Doha, sharing a platform with Khaled Mashaal, a jihadi on the UK sanctions list.
Another terrorist who appeared alongside Mr. Corbyn at the 2012 event was the former leader of Hamas’s military wing, Husam Badran.

He was jailed in Israel for his role in orchestrating a string of terrorist attacks that killed more than 100 people, the Daily Telegraph revealed on Sunday.

# An illegal alien living in the United States who was recently arrested by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and is wanted in Mexico on homicide charges has five U.S.-born children that have been rewarded with birthright citizenship.

Joel Arrona-Lara, an illegal alien from Mexico, made national headlines this week when he was arrested by ICE agents while driving his pregnant wife to the hospital. The establishment media immediately portrayed Arrona-Lara as a victim of President Trump’s increased immigration enforcement, but soon after ICE revealed that the illegal alien is wanted in Mexico for murder.

# SOUTH AFRICA’s government has begun seizing land from white farmers, targeting two game farms in the northern province of Limpopo after talks with the owners to buy the properties collapsed.

ANC spokesman ZiZi Kodwa refused to reveal details of the farms being targeted and has attempted to cal investor fears, adding the proposed seizures were “tied to addressing the injustices of the past”.

He told City Press: “Over time I think the markets as well as investors will appreciate that what we are doing is creating policy certainty and creating the conditions for future investment.”

Monday too

1. Elevenses plus thirteenses – going the watercress route:

2. One aspect the Secret Barristers of the world ignored:

The full story is not so simple, however. “Broadcasting the names of people who are still legally innocent might prejudice a jury”—yes, very true—but a regular practice in British media, even so. When Robinson was charged with contempt of court, the BBC and the Daily Mail were still broadcasting the names and photographs of the accused in the case. In fact, it was from this list on the BBC website that, during the second trial, Robinson recited the names of the alleged rapists and sex traffickers on Facebook Live. Why no outrage toward the mainstream media?

3. Some fringe jokes:


Earlier, I wrote in comments that when there are issues, when genuine people – and I believe all who comment here are that, the real trolls being blocked – are hot under the collar about something, then it needs addressing.

I believe that heads in the sand is NOT the way to go. It’s one thing mindlessly “bashing” and it’s another addressing real issues. I believe Luther needed addressing, that the Church had to get its house in order, otherwise it would split yet again.

I’ve studied the Great Schism and there were some blunt, belligerent fame seekers involved in that, big heads. This was Man inserting himself into the frame and his own foibles taking over, rather than just following the gospels as they were.

The Church met the Renaissance in the middle years and there was certainly evil intent mixed in with the natural desire for knowledge, that is it was not only a desire for a return to the classical fora which motivated certain figures, it was not just addressing Church abuses, there was also a desire to tear down the only real bulwark against the evil we’re seeing today out there.

If you’re in a castle with cracking walls and rotting mortar and wood, it’s still a castle for the moment. You repair it, don’t you?


1. Take a guess what this child does for a living:

First humanist “Christian” chaplain of the NHS. No, it’s not a joke, it’s not April 1st, it’s very real.

2. Why did the baby boomer cross the road?
Probably to ruin things for the next generation.

3. Not even going to comment: