Trump, the UN and the Rothschilds

President Donald Trump is giving his first speech to the United Nations General Assembly today (19/09/2017) in New York.

Baron Robert Rothschild & Paul Henri Spaak guided the founding of the United Nations. Emma Rothschild is a member of the United Nations Foundation Board and Chair of the Rothschild Archive

Should the United Nations, BIS, World Bank & IMF keep their legal immunities?

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) is the United Nations agency for Information and Communication Technologies. ITU standards define the Internet of Things and provide the blueprints for its development.

Reported speech

Had a Skype two evenings ago with my old mate over in Russia and he had a question a colleague had asked him.

[18:53:37] J said, “I love Mary” = J said that he loved M.
[18:54:44] J said, “I loved M.” = J said that he had loved M.
[18:55:56] J said: “I will love M forever.” = J said that he would love M forever.
[18:58:33] J said, “I hate football”. “I told him that I hate/hated football.”
[19:07:44] The teacher said: “Water boils at 100C.” The teacher said that water boils/boiled at 100C.”

Let’s run this as this evening’s quiz. Which of the variants in bold is correct above? And is there a rule?

Betting against the odds

“There are some enterprises in which a careful disorderliness is the true method” – Herman Melville, Moby Dick

Let’s come back to Nassim Taleb again. He was in a post on Sunday, via Chuckles, in which he put a thesis:

Trader and mathematician, Nassim Taleb scoffed at claims [about comparing Ebola]. Comparing the risk of dying from cancer to Ebola was flawed, he said, because the numerator and denominator of cancer don’t change dramatically moment to moment.

But if you make an error estimating the risk of Ebola, the error will be exponential, not arithmetic, because once Ebola gets going, the changing numerator and denominator of risk makes a mockery of the original calculations.

The fear of Ebola, claimed Taleb, far from being irrational, was reasonable and it was its comparison to death from cancer and vending machines which was irrational and simplistic.