Rebranding the left, first up against the wall, Crimea quick facts

1. Rebranding the left:

As I look around now, however, I see something quite different. The lefties I knew in college are now part of the Establishment and generally speaking are retired limousine liberals. And they now call themselves progressives, of course, because it sounds more educated and sends a better message, implying as it does that troglodytic conservatives are anti-progress. But they also have done a flip on the issue of war and peace.

2. Y-e-e-e-s-s-s. A word from the past, still just as true:

Last word on the UKIP debacle

Promise – last one on the topic.

UKIP must go back immediately to its 2015 manifesto:

believe in britain

Below is a selection of comments from Nourishing Obscurity and OoL in ‘Home’, also from the Mail, Breitbart, Guido, Spectator and the Express in ‘Away’:


# In a political shift as seismic as its replacing the Liberals back in the day, Labour is dying and the role of alternative party of government is up for grabs. The lesson of Stoke is that to grab it, a party needs to focus on candidate recruitment, selection and development.