Unreasonable people

There are two things which characterize the sort of people we can do without. If you dislike the term “left”, then let’s describe the behaviour directly and avoid all labels.

Rossa sends an item on the first point and I have a tale on the second.

1.  This is someone who does not subscribe to mine is mine and yours is yours but to yours is mine and mine is mine.  That is an unreasonable person.

The worst seem to be the benefits scammers but even there we have to be careful about terms. There are people on benefits who are well within their rights and whose attitude is that the sooner they can be back in work, the better.  There are also pensions, which are essentially your money anyway.

So it’s more an attitude of the country can pay for me and even if they’re technically legal, it should not be legal.…

Three topics

You might say these three topics are only of interest to me or are those I’ve become involved in over a few years.

1.  End of an era:

cats gloom

All teams go through it under a socialist “equalization” policy and most drop right back down the table.  For Geelong, that means mid-table or slightly under that.  To that club, the most powerful team of the 2006 to 2013 era, the team which took all before them, it’s now gone beyond aging, they’re decrepit and the young lads coming up just can’t cut it for another two years or so.

This is what happens when a team is dominating year after year with a particular group and doesn’t feed in enough new blood along the way – why would they when almost every position is filled with the people who deserve to be in the firsts?

The result is that the club, this week, is due to cull its old champs and no club enjoys doing that.…


# Get it while it’s still solid:

slow melting ice cream

#  Hmmm, about that missing plane fragment:

Boeing engineers confirmed that the part was from a 777, and MH370 was the only 777 to have gone missing. Aviation experts declared that serial numbers on the flaperon would allow it to be definitively linked to the missing plane within 24 hours. When that deadline passed, news outlets told readers that the ID should be nailed down within a few days. Then by the following week.

#  Haiku asks:

Question: if I visit the UK & declare myself a refugee will Mr Cameron provide me with free food & lodging in Mayfair ?


# Chuckles sent it. I’ll leave it to you:

Equal temperament, the modern and usually inappropriate system of tuning used in western music, is based on the twelfth root of 2. The ratio of frequencies for each semi tone is equal to the twelfth root of two.

Feminists finally admit many wimmin ask for it

There are a few basic rules to the sport of winding-up the wrongdoers and muddleheaded and that must always begin with the first and foremost principle:

1.  They must actually be wrong by any sane measure.

Following on closely from that – and it usually does, is the principle of:

2.  The devotees and advocates, the SJWs, must themselves be:

a. Simplistic and childlike in their views;
b.  Fanatical;
c.  Totally uncaring and even hostile to other demographics;
d.  Utterly humourless;
e. Incapable of rational thought;
f.  In denial;
g.  Determined to impose their wrongheadedness on others;
h.  Never willing themselves to pay for their schemes.

3. There must also be a sizeable number against their guff, not just one person. An example is 3.8 million UKIP voters in GE15 on a variety of topics.

If all those conditions are met, then it’s open season on these SJWs and might even be seen as good sport, except that the matter is too serious – people are suffering and are being blighted by their SJW actions.…

Greatest English language novels

Needless to say, I disagree with some on this list sent by Chuckles.

For a start, you can throw off the Virginia Woolfe guff and put on maybe the Brontes.  Woolfe was a feminazi, so she has no place there.

There are so many great novels not on that list either but that’s to be expected as it’s the Guardian:

In my opinion many of the Guardian books do not even reach second rate. To Kill a Mockingbird is a pastiche of caricatures, it is not by coincidence that it is mostly read by 5th graders.

Oh yeah. That’s the stuff.

In all seriousness though, which are your top five?  That’s a tough call.…

Das Boot

Tom Paine wrote: “Following progress with the boat with much interest.”  Amfortas wrote that he wanted me to get the thing on the water. Sackers did too. Ivan did too and all want pics of progress.

Tom also sent a little something which will delight you later today.  Amfortas also sent this clip below, asking: “Have you thought about anti-pirate fittings ?”

I replied: “Actually, I have very much thought of them. Am thinking of them seriously. Trouble is, they would need to be terminal. Were I sailing around the med, if boat people tried to board, something drastic would need to be done.”…


Rossa says: “Make sure you don’t get any pleasure from inhaling fumes while building your boat. And whatever you do, don’t drink tea!”


This is a very short post because it’s a very simple idea, often blogged on at OoL but not so much here as a discrete topic.

There really are two types – one who leave others alone and cut an invisible trail through the woods as far as poss – dousing and covering over fires and tracks, minding their own business – and then there are the interferers, the busybodies, those who have to have blanket rules for everyone.

At your expense, never theirs.…