Endless summer

Am currently locked in ‘discussions’ with our esteemed and compassionate government [I’m told we’ll be through all this soon], so if the blog seems a bit scatty of late, any meaty bits have come from our usual ‘staff’ of contributors.

Every so often, a pic comes up which triggers a memory and this is no different:

What does that trigger in you – Baywatch and Pamela Anderson, the Hoff and Alexandra Paul?

It’s quite evocative, isn’t it and as Woody Allen once observed, when faced with death: ‘My life passed before my eyes … and then I realized – this wasn’t my life.’

I don’t recall being on a beach with such a gaily painted lifeguard tower. For a start, it couldn’t have been my sojourn here and couldn’t have been my sojourn in Australia. With the latter, I was not in gay Sydney but in Melbourne with more extensive beaches and we didn’t have things like that.

Then again, we were on the foreshore of the Bay, not the back beach, which was ocean waves and might have had such towers. So every which way I cut it, this ain’t my memory.

And yet, in those few years from about 1963 to 1968, one of my Oz sojourns, down on the beach by the Bay, it was similar. Where we were had two sandbanks at a distance and it was a safe haven for swimmers, therefore families flocked there. Wasn’t so good for yachts as one had to get beyond those sandbars.

Those were days of the early bikinis, Chris Craft inboard engine motorboats and skiing, skiffle boards, the old wooden surfboards, umbrellas on the beach and rugs, sunhats, suncream, which seems to have been pretty much the US coast too.

Behind the foreshore was the main drag, with its fish ‘n chips shops, pub, mini-golf, trampolines and the area by the pier where the carnival came to town and Melbourne radio DJs came down to hold dance competitions. One song they played through the tannoys up and down the road was Judy in Disguise with Glasses:

… and at night – the Carnival is Over, which I won’t embed here because it’s too depressing.

Heady days, especially when we got old enough for dalliance with the female, walks along the pier and constantly trying to get into … well, no need to get into that.

And it truly felt like ‘endless summer’, the only care in the world exam results which they still published in the papers before sending us letters. So hundreds of kids were at the local newsagents at 6 in the morning, waiting.

You might care to share some of your own thoughts triggered by that pic. [My memories of the British endless summer were just as nice but in a different way – birds of both varieties, yachts, arcades, eating rock, Vespers.]

Calling all knowledgeable readers – the legal underpinning of the English speaking world

We ask the easy ones here.

If a blog is a two way street, just a tool to find out the truth on things, then let’s test that out. Chap has written and thrown a curved ball, so to speak. I know some but am not an authority, some of you out there might be able to comment on one or two of these – I’d like to get a reply to him in this way [point him to the url]. See what you think:

I am a Brit and live in New Zealand and I came across your very interesting website last night. I am an amateur legal/lawful researcher as in New Zealand things about power are seemingly easier to see, less sophisticated than the UK. I think New Zealanders are distracted by sport, but that is just my opinion.

I was wondering if I could ask your opinion on some issues, I will put them in order for clarity:

1. In New Zealand the Establishment through the medical profession want to fluoridate the whole country possibly by 2018. In my opinion based on sound research and knowledgeable contacts, I am very concerned about this. I have been in contact with a group who took this issue to the High Court and lost the argument.

It will now go to the Supreme Court and I have been in contact with a Barrister who is involved with this. However, I do not know which Temple the NZ Bar Association is controlled by and I am suspicious of the Barrister because as far as I know all lawyers/Barristers work for the same ( unincorporated association..ie. there is no membership just members AS adding ship to the end of a word means that IT has a certificate of registration). Do you know?

2. On the NZ legislation website it always states that: ”this act binds the crown”. I am trying to comprehend who or what is this ‘Crown’. I am in the middle of investigating the ‘matrix’ created by the birth certificate process as it appears that this ‘abandonment’ of the baby to the State creates the first membership of a ‘united body’ with no spiritual aspect ( of course it is difficult to ‘prove’ a spirit) and an entity- Crown entity( is landed as a subject of queen in the district?,- The majesty of the people is invested in the king/queen) is established which then is given an agency and an office-with a residential address under a variety of ACTS, as the agency ‘moves’ the entity.

One presumes the AGENT works for the government/crown under various ACTS and if becomes a naughty boy one suffers the consequences under the benefit/obligations process. I have learnt from Kevin Cahill ( whom I have been in touch with-he is a Freemason in the city of London) – he wrote the book: Who owns the World, that the woman who ACTS as the queen has around 32 Crowns as ……..in right of New Zealand, Canada &c. But when I engaged him in what is land he never contacted me again.

He writes in his book that this ‘queen’ is the legal owner of 1/6th of the planet ( I avoid the word: world as the world is middle-earth=somewhere between heaven and hell). I suggested to him that she cannot own the physical dirt/soil and that she owns the ‘landed’ goods called entities/persons whatever legal non-sense word one wants to call it. He never got back to me for the first time. Kevin used to work for Gordon Brown.

I am aware that statutes are inferior ‘laws’ and are basically the club rules of the present body politic that one enrolls with although I am not enrolled with these dudes. That Common Law is a different kettle of fish.

However, I recently contacted a guy in the Middle Temple who has written on the common law and asked him questions-no reply. His writings seem very misleading on what Common Law is. I have a friend in NZ who witnessed an Administrator (Judge) in a Summary Court proceeding getting very edgy when the defendant brought in the Common Law.

I have a very interesting book online from Cornell University which was translated from French ( as French was the official and court language of England from William the Conqueror – I have this info. from a Professor of languages in America) into English which shows what so-called common law is and it is NOT what is generally known. Lex Mercatoria has also been wound into Common Law.

So who is in charge????? I am beginning to think that the legal profession runs the whole show across the world. So a case like fluoride seems at this stage to be a no-winner even if the Plantiff”s Barrister believes in no fluoride in the public water. Me thinks she would lose her licence.

By the way, the Birth Certificate. When one is ‘born’ the biological parents enter ( this is also a very specific legal word) the particulars( another specific legal word) into a hardback cover book in the District they are ‘landed’. I have this info. from a FOI exchange I found online.

The registrar ( acting as agent for whom???) then transfers ( another very very specific legal word) these particulars into his register and then gives the biological parents copy – the Full BC. However, one cannot obtain the details placed by the biological parents into the hard back book WITHOUT a court order and with very good reason-info. obtained from a FOI request.

So I am not sure who the baby was pledged to-the Crown, a Crown, the government of the day or the Inns of Court. I know that a fundamental comprehension of such information is invaluable to my knowledge of what I live in. I have already dissected the word: Birth and I already have 9 sides of A4 paper and am only about a 1/3rd through comprehending what this word means.

My initial feeling is that though this is about NZ, not blighty, the legal system may have the same basis. It would also be interesting to look again at Mullins and how the British system underlay the US. All this will take time.

Earth quiz

1. What makes thunder?

If you thought, “Lightning!” then hats off to you. But I had a more illuminating answer in mind. The air around a lightning bolt is superheated to about five times the temperature of the sun. This sudden heating causes the air to expand faster than the speed of sound, which compresses the air and forms a shock wave; we hear it as thunder.

2. Can rocks grow?


So, what have we actually got on our hands here?

A British teenager has contacted scientists at Nasa to point out an error in a set of their own data. A-level student Miles Soloman found that radiation sensors on the International Space Station (ISS) were recording false data.

The 17-year-old from Tapton school in Sheffield said it was “pretty cool” to email the space agency. The correction was said to be “appreciated” by Nasa, which invited him to help analyse the problem.

“What we got given was a lot of spreadsheets, which is a lot more interesting than it sounds,” Miles told BBC Radio 4’s World at One programme.

I’d refer back to two things:

1. In Tenerife, on that KLM plane, the young Flight Engineer noticed the Captain was wrong in his judgement of the situation prior to takeoff. That Captain had almost flown his full time quota for the day, he was a decorated and feted man, featured in flight magazines, he was a KLM hero. The YFE was frightened to tell him he was wrong.

2. Challenger disaster and the O ring.

3. Moon landing.

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