Meeting ‘her’ match …

It’s the only time I recall a guest matching wits with Dame Edna – interesting to see the latter’s reaction:

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Leadsom-Gove, Gove-Leadsom

leadsom gove

Today we looked in on some extraordinary events in London and saw an unfolding stitch-up designed to get the egregious Theresa May the Prime Ministership, so there was all to play for.

Some asked what could each or any of us, one little person in the face of this moneyed monolith, hope to achieve?

And the answer is: “Very little, almost nothing.” But that is to misunderstand the nature of networking. In the Soviet era of the 80s, the Samizdat was critical and I was told many times in Russia about it and how it helped crack the monolith in the end.

If it helps, there is a quote which Agatha Christie put into the mouth of one of her characters, an old man trying to talk a woman out of suicide. This is it:

“You say your life is your own,” went on Mr Satterthwaite to her, “But can you dare to ignore the chance that you are taking part in a gigantic drama under the orders of a Divine Producer? Your cue may not come till the end of the play; it may be totally unimportant, a mere walk-on part, but upon it may hang the issues of the play if you fail to give the cue to another player. The whole edifice may crumple. You, as you, may not matter to anyone in the world but you as a person in a particular place and context may matter unimaginably.”

She sat down, still staring at him.

Today, one little man who writes on a few blogs and tweets achieved almost nothing, he just made a lot of noise, punching well above his weight. But he was on Twitter when it all broke before midday, he tweeted about stopping May and backing Leadsom and/or Gove.

Former and current heads of the Freedom Association saw it, responded. Suddenly, because they had tweeted, their myriad followers picked up on it, the little man was CCed into it and before long, dozens were tweeting.

Meanwhile, Iain Dale already had Andrea Leadsom in the LBC studio, which reached a different readership/listenership. the little man has a tenuous connection with Iain [mainly from the past] and contacted him, others saw it and took it up.

Soon a campaign, which was already forming around Leadsom and Gove, quite irrespective of any one person, started connecting up.

You did your part. Some of you who read went over to some sites afterwards and made comments – it might have been at Guido’s, might have been at Breitbart. It might even have made it to the Guardian. No one particularly, openly agreed with you but you can be sure they read it.

This is the power of social networking, this is why the blogger is important, the reader of blogs, the tweeter, the Facebooker, the Myspacer. Each of us on our own – we are nothing, nobody. But this networking curse for the PTB is very real, because things go viral in moments these days.

May represents all the forces of bad. She might not be bad in herself but she is certainly vacillating and out for herself. A Dellingpole piece on her at Breitbart does for her. Doesn’t matter, the PTB, the Remainers, the establishment Tories, have swung in behind her with the money and are already putting out the pamphlets.

However, the lesser two – Leadsom and Gove – have had the social network putting their message out with no financial outlay.  We’re only doing here now what  many thousands more are doing out there this evening.

I say “we”, meaning I contacted Julia M, Chuckles, haiku, a couple of others. I know Wolfie is Gove, and Dearieme. It’s enough for OoL and the personal N.O. to run an ad in the sidebar, against May and for Gove-Leadsom or Leadsom-Gove.

The message is that you support whichever Brexiteer you like in the early stages. Once one goes ahead, the other will see that and in the later stages, will fall in behind the leading candidate. Not a clue which that will be. In our eyes, as long as it moves Brexit forward, with no backsliding, then fine.

Nigel got in on the act earlier, tweeting that he didn’t mind as long as it was a Brexiteer who becomes PM.  That’s our attitude too. Those deep within the party have stronger views on the two.

And now, quite a few will read this, some of you with blogs, with FB accounts and you’re going to write things. For the love of Britain, please spread the message or at least speak of it, even disparage it – it means it will be there for someone to click in and see.

That’s how it goes these days, that’s the power of social media, where one person can be insignificant in him or herself but by writing something, being somewhere at the right time, might just set something off, might just dislodge a stone which starts rolling.

Or not. Who gives a damn the number of times Not, as long as once or twice it does happen.

When the greed is mortifying

Cristina Estrada is hardly your average woman invoking a divorce and seeing how much she can get:


‘£58,000 for shoes, £50,000 for Christmas dinner and £40,000 for fur coats a YEAR – it’s what I’m used to’: Former model cries in court as she explains why she needs £196m from her Saudi billionaire ex-husband.

… and yet her particular type of greed, which saw her refuse a multimillion pound settlement in an attempt to go for the big money is indicative of a really nasty side of women – how many? Two-thirds of them?



In my usual offhand way, I dissed a post on helium, sent by the inimitable Chuckles: “It’s just a lot of hot air,” earning the riposte: “You clearly don’t know the backstory,” which was true. I invited the backstory.

Writes the indescribable Chuckles:

It’s all the usual ingredients – clueless journalists, malthusian lefties, narrative, reserves vs deposits etc etc

In all, consider the following –

1. Journalists, by the nature of their employment and ability, are stupid, clueless and ignorant, but terribly impressed by their own status and abilities. As such they seize on received wisdom and narrative as absolute truth, and regurgitate it at every opportunity

We ‘May’ lose everything at the last moment

Judging by social media this morning, it seems not many are aware of the danger the UK is in, quite real danger.

Leavers are idealists, babes in the wood when it comes to defeating the machine. The simple fact is that we get a choice of just two political parties and that’s the fault of the people of this land. Apart from 3.8 million, plus those who don’t vote, those bothering to vote only want that choice – red or blue, blue or red.

What percentage of the non-voting public would be for UKIP is hard to say, I’d imagine they’d be more Labour but many of those Labour voters voted Leave. However, in a GE, those non-voters won’t come out and of those who do, they would choose a ‘Remain’ solution. i.e. either Tories or Labour over a people’s solution – only UKIP at this time – even when both red and blue are in turmoil.

The parliamentary blue party looks the more likely by a long way to win a GE or at least to continue in power. The political reality is that it will be the Tories who will guide Brexit.

Right so far?

That particular party’s voting process for leader we see at this moment – May today at 9.30 a.m. and Boris tomorrow at 11 a.m.

A few MPs are throwing their hats into the ring but this is the way it is going:

the numbers in the uk

The url for that quoted article is:

In there, Dellers explains why May is inimical to Brexit:

First, May is fundamentally unsound. Earlier this year she claimed, without blushing, that “Sharia courts benefit Britain.” But there was an earlier indication she was a wrong ‘un in 2014 when she had a public spat with Michael Gove (who at the time was Education Secretary), over the best way to deal with Islamic extremism in Britain.

It began, you may remember, as a result of the Trojan Horse scandal when it emerged that a number of state schools in Birmingham had been hijacked by Islamists promoting an extremist agenda, with non-Muslim teachers marginalised, boys and girls segregated, teenage males taught that rape is legal within marriage, Islamic terrorists glorified and non-Muslims described as kuffar.

May – perhaps to duck responsibility and save her skin: as Home Secretary she’s supposed to be in charge of law and order and social cohesion – tried to pin the blame on Gove.

The second reason why Theresa May doesn’t deserve to be Prime Minister is because she backed the wrong side in the referendum.

She didn’t need to do so. It has long been rumoured that she has Eurosceptic sympathies. But when push came to shove, she decided to put petty ambition before principle and take what she thought was going to be the easy option: back the Establishment position and reap the rewards.

Had Remain won, she would have benefited accordingly.

It’s precisely because she is a pollie through and through, a pragmatist after power and that’s all, willing to sacrifice anything, even a nation’s future, to curry favour, which makes her ideal for the establishment wing of the party, plus Brussels – it’s because of that that she cannot be trusted to push Brexit through.

Adding to that is that she has no debt to pay to the Brexiteers, she stayed out of it – or above it as the establishment MSM puts it – and being a woman, a second Maggie in many eyes, she is where she is in the poll so far.

So we get to a political situation where I’d guess most people out here can’t stand her but within that party, she is queen.

Yes, we have the option, some years from now, to throw the Tories out and put Labour in again. You see where this is going.

Meanwhile, March 30th, 2017 looms. Here are four things which will happen:

1. Article 50 finishes as a lever and QMV takes over. This means that if we wished to Brexit after that date, we would need the approval of 14 parliaments, using their own processes over their own time frames, to approve our exit.

2. The British army becomes the EU army on that date.

3. The process to admit Turkey and Albania begins.

4. The 200,000 are approved.

You might say we don’t have to go through their processes for us to Brexit, we have already approved it. We have but with May in power, reality is as she interprets it and the establishment argument, which she will put, is that we must join together with them to exit by the slowest possible, most tortuous route, with an end date around 2020.

This is not what the referendum majority vote was about, no way, by no stretch of the imagination. But none of that will matter because in July of this year, the parliamentary party will decide on two candidates, ditching the rest, and those two are the ones presented to the branches.

And the numbers are with the establishment within the party. The rebels are a small proportion.

In all of this, you and I have NO say whatever, unless we join the Tory party before July 1st.

A basic lack of decency

Let’s be honest here, it’s not just Labour and the Left who are entirely bereft of decency and ethics:

‘This is f***ing personal’: Labour rebel Jess Phillips screams at Corbyn’s right-hand man Seumas Milne after left-winger ‘threatened to take a blow-torch to her neck’ 

typical labourIf you look at most Remainers, you see the same pattern – carrying on about fairness, equality and freedom, how wonderful the totalitarian EU was but actually supporting banning everything from free speech to smoking, getting violent when people disagree with them and screaming obscenities.  Like animals.