Sorry if this is a yawn

There’ve been two pieces of correspondence today, both negative and both erroneous, requiring addressing.

However, a liquidly sprinkled Saturday lunch in convivial company has your humble blogger in no real state to take on the world. Certainly the earlier missal shall not be addressed today because it will take a point by point post.

So to the second. Let’s sort out the ethics first. I’m going to liberally quote myself from my email but shall only refer to the general points in the argument being made at the other end and that person will see here that I’m not misrepresenting his words.

It was about the situation out there – Israel, Ukraine etc. It opened with me being wrong again. Sigh. OK, let’s find out how. The interesting thing is that I agreed with him:

I know very well what’s happening and so do you, laddy, so do quite a few readers too – you said it in your last few paragraphs – that’s exactly what is happening.

The athleticism of the drunk

From This is True:

Police in Minot, N.D., say that Robert Alan Pullar, 30, was driving in town when he managed to fall out of his car and run himself over. Amazingly, he was able to get up, chase down his car, get back in, and continue driving. Police tracked him down and got him medical care — and then arrested him for DUI, driving with a suspended licence, and refusal to submit to a chemical test. (RC/KXMC Minot) …But not hit and run?