The Bulls of Bashan encircle the Pope

end times

While we’re distracted by the Baltimore riots and the Indonesian executions, not to mention the GE and America’s coming up, whilst we’re seeing the rampant sexualization and drugging of children on a worldwide scale, not to mention open access to pornography and all that is bad, let alone the Rotherham grooming plus Dolphin Square – whilst everything distracts us, meanwhile, as James Delingpole mentions, thank goodness:


Breitbart is not a religious site but people like Delingpole are astute enough to see what is quietly happening here.  Diametrically opposed to Christianity is the mystery religion Babylon of the high-ups, Masons, movers and shakers and now the climate religion, pushed by people such as Al Gore and Maurice Strong:

Strong was also involved with the World Service Initiative and photographed with a World Service Initiative trip to Findhorn, the New Age Vatican.

Here are their principles, as stated by them:

The purpose of the World Service Intergroup is to generate a focused, conscious and deliberate intergroup effort to specifically assist the Externalization of the Hierarchy and the Reappearance of the Christ.

They did it differently

You know, I thought it was just one of my foibles, wallowing in the 50s but looking at these clips and the numbers viewing them, plus the number of clips on YouTube of WML, it seems they’re quite popular and here are some of the reasons:

Just want to say that when down or stressed, different people do different things. This is one I do – YouTube seems to have an endless supply.…

Nepal and Tibet – centre of the ascended master

This is not actually about gays but it opens with it. wonder if any of you can spot the error here:

Babies born to surrogate mothers in Nepal for gay Israeli couples are flown out of the country in military planes following quake

Yep, you got it – two men lack a a womb between them, so there’s no such thing as a gay couple “having a child”. What in fact they’re doing is sex tourism and child trafficking. Should be in prison, all of them involved in the abomination. They’ll certainly go to hell.

However, that’s not what the post is about, though it is to do with hell.

It’s about Nepal and the region around and not from a geological point of view.  What has not been mentioned in the news and never will be is that the area is the centre for the one who hijacked the name djwhal khul  – by the way, when I typed that now, my tea which had just boiled promptly spilled over the side of the cup onto my leg.…

Well done, Bournemouth

Call me not a true football fan, call me whatever you like but this story [Beeb] warms the cockles of my heart:

Bournemouth’s impending promotion marks an amazing rise through the Football League for the club, who were in administration and close to liquidation in 2008.

They only just avoided relegation in 2009 – Eddie Howe’s first season as manager – but promotion to League One followed the season after.

Former Cherries defender Howe then led them into the Championship in 2013 after returning to the south coast from Burnley.

Howe’s contribution cannot be overstated, with the 37-year-old set to join an elite band of managers to guide a club through the Football League and into the top flight.

“This club was on its knees six years ago,” Howe told BBC Radio 5 live.

“We had nothing. A group of supporters put their money in their pockets to keep the club alive and they are reaping the rewards.

The strange case of Elizabeth Holmes

elizabeth holmesLove a good mystery and the story of Elizabeth Holmes, whilst not strictly in that category, nevertheless raises certain questions.

At this point, at the risk of being oversensitive to the crimes and disingenuity of women, this one does seem to be conforming to a pattern.  No one’s saying that men of all types have not been criminal and liars over history – they have – but perhaps because of the new high profile thanks to feminazism and seeing women far more in the public sphere now – usually the wrong sort who should not be there – these sorts of stories are cropping up more and more.

We had one some time back with Elizabeth Warren pretending to be Inuit and more recently, that young woman pretending to have cancer, garnering sympathy and fame and then having to admit it was all fantasy after all, not unlike so many rapes – the Rolling Stone immediately springs to mind.…

The Macavity Syndrome

The SS Morro - sidelights on guilt and innocence

The site is called damninteresting and it is that, courtesy Chuckles.

Just a word about Chuckles who is dominating the posts at the moment [plus Wiggia].  And why not? If it’s something about Cameron and Miliband or something like these topics, you know which I’d rather read.  I count myself lucky to have these.

The Wiki version of the story of the demise of the SS Morro in the 30s is sanitized, of course, and yet it does mention a most curious man who was on the ship.  Without opening the old wound of Amanda Knox before the report comes out in two months, we have here, on the SS Morro, just as we did with Knox, just as we did with Macavity the mystery cat, a person/cat already a convicted criminal in other places, whose presence at or near these new crimes is obviously speculated on.

In the case of the SS Morro, this is stated more clearly than in the Wiki version and to be fair, the article does not conclude definitive guilt but still – it’s an interesting cooincidence, given his other activities.…

The working life

William Bealby-Wright had a brief stint on Spike Milligan’s Q6 in 1975 but, as founder member of Doggerel Bank, was already something of a cult figure in this land for the first album of what was dubbed “industrial rock” but was in fact musically accompanied poetry. Leonard Cohen had done poetry to music as well.

The album Silver Faces traces a young man’s commute on the long silver train to the worst type of factory for his first day’s work on the mind-numbing assembly line.  He does word portraits of different strata of British society, something Python did visually.  It’s a pity that YouTube does not have the whole album.

The first track here is about that train:

Leaving out half the truth is rank dishonesty

The truth of what is really happening and who is controlling things is not helped by films such as this below:

In fact, this film is a perfect example of the problem of political bias and slant, which precludes, skips over or ignores other equally egregious goings on.

It also explains why socialists and left-liberals are so fiercely of the view they are. Had I watched the details in the film uncritically, then I’d be left with the conclusion that the world is run by the royals/big business/the mafia/the right.…


Opening with some hope:

Cardiff scientists have for the first time identified the potential root cause of asthma and an existing drug that offers a new treatment.

Published today in Science Translational Medicine journal, University researchers, working in collaboration with scientists at King’s College London and the Mayo Clinic (USA), describe the previously unproven role of the calcium sensing receptor (CaSR) in causing asthma, a disease which affects 300 million people worldwide.

… it quickly descends. Poor sods – wonder if there’s some fund we can donate to, to help these poor people in this travesty of injustice:

Anti-gay bakers ordered to pay $135,000 after refusing to make cake for same-sex wedding

Bombarding the Barbary Coast

HMS Bulwark:


Occasionally, the sweet and fluffy blogger will bloodymindedly post something he thinks might be of zero interest to long-suffering readers.  Such was the post on naming masts.

However, that post led to reading up on the Thomas W. Lawson and that, in turn, led to the demise of said craft and that, in turn, led to the Scilles and how it might have been one large island and that, in turn, led to slaves, which led to the Barbary Corsairs, which led to the Ottoman slave trade, also here, which led back to a recent news item warning that we’re getting back to Muslim raids on European coastal towns.…

Naming the masts and other considerations

The hull

With the pontoon configuration now being built in, I re-ran the major ratios to see how it still looked. I’ll not give the formulae as the post will be too long.

7700 lbs displacement, 6.83 feet beam, 38.25 LWL & LOA, 487 sq ft sail

With displacement to length, a heavy old cruiser might be given a number 400, a new light racer 100, a normal cruiser perhaps 200.  Mine is 61.4, not even heavy enough for “ultralight”.  Yet it’s quite stiff throughout due to epoxy and glass.  Downside is it will be thrown around a lot so that means any ocean passages must be with the tradewinds.…