If the previous post on Pilatus was about fear, the train to Jungfraujoch here is about bleak desolation:

Can’t quite identify what it is but I’ve never felt so alone as at that top station at Jungfraujoch. Also, the idea of sitting down to that inadequate meal alone, the only view those cliff faces – I’m not sure I can convey what I’m trying to say here.

Mt Pilatus

Can’t remember how this came up but there are two topics – Mt. Pilatus and Jungfraujoch. The overriding emotion with Pilatus, for me, was fear. The overriding emotion for the other one [next post] was desolation.

It was difficult getting a vid which captured the sheer terror of the cable gondola to Mt. Pilatus but this has some elements of it, though we don’t get to look down into the valley:

The terror was not going up but down after the summit:

Elite Christian evil [part four]

One, two, three, four.

Again I thank Alistair for his three part series. My response will be short.

I’ve made abundantly clear over 11 years of posts who the ‘rogues’ are, ‘Them’ and there’s been a recent series on The Jews, plus a multi-part series on the Kennedys.

So it’s not as if I am a blank page on these matters but I have not commented till now on Alistair’s piece because I preferred that was done by readers.

Churchmouse posted a link to a video at OoL, in which an absolute pain of a man rambles on about Trump and the American scene.

He made some good points though and one was that we should forget about left-right, Jewish-Christian, this faction/that faction. That can be argued at our leisure but the bottom line is that the miscreants are globalists.

Svali called them illuminists, some call them Ashkenazi Jews, some call them Elite Christians, no real Christian would use the term Christian for them at all. They’re nothing to do with Christianity.

They are globalists. Globalists want a one-world government and work to bring it about at decision making level. Thus they control the UN, EU, every western government, the RINOs, the Remoaners, Common Purpose – every nefarious group can be traced to them.

The aim is a collectivist one party world state. Their enemy is the common man. While discussions about whether they are the Masons or Knights Templar, the tribe of Dan, the Zionists, are interesting, the bottom line is what they are attempting to achieve.

And once again – what they are trying to achieve is a collectivist, one party world state, with one world culture.

One, two, three, four.

Elite Christian evil [part three]

One, two, three, four.

This summarizes the astounding treason and skullduggery involved in the JFK assassination. ELITE Christians:

1) Assassinated a sitting president in a brazen public attack using at least 6 shooters from multiple angles and ranges.

2) Scapegoated a clueless CIA asset (Lee Harvey Oswald) who became the ultimate fall guy in modern history.

3) Served up Oswald, the perfect villain, to the American people and media. Oswald was a loner communist near the height of the Cold War. He was maneuvered by the CIA to be “at the wrong place, at the wrong time.” Oswald likely didn’t fire a single shot.

4) Ensured that Oswald would never have a fair trial by having him executed by Jack Ruby, a shady underworld figure, who had been previously employed by both LBJ and Nixon for various illicit projects.

5) Purchased the Zapruder Film. Henry Luce (S&B and owner of Time and Life Magazines) then had the footage edited/manipulated to better match the preposterous and laughable “single shooter / magic bullet theory.”

Elite Christian evil [part two]

One, two, three, four.

Walter C. Teagle was President of Standard Oil Company of New Jersey from 1917 to 1937.

“As a director of IG Farben’s American subsidiary, he allied Standard Oil with the German company and conducted research jointly. Standard Oil supplied information to IG Farben on how to manufacture tetraethyl lead and synthetic rubber, both critical resources to the war effort.

Because Teagle sold patent rights for synthetic rubber, Standard Oil delayed American industrial readiness by not producing rubber without German permission. Faced with a United States Department of Justice investigation, Teagle convinced President Franklin D. Roosevelt that a suit would hurt the war effort, instead choosing to pay an out-of-court fine.

The result was a fall in public favor for Standard Oil and the resignation of Teagle in 1942, one year short of the mandatory retirement age.”

William Stamps Farish II was an oil executive and member of the Rockefeller Crime Syndicate. In 1933, he became chairman of the board of Standard Oil Company of New Jersey, and in 1937, he became president of Standard. At the start of WW2, he became a member of the National Petroleum Industry War Council.

Elite Christian evil [part one]

One, two, three, four.

Foreword by James Higham

The following three parts use the term “Elite Christian” many times. For regulars at this site, it means what I’ve always referred to as Them but more on that in Part four [my response].

The guest author is Alistair Mortimer and I thank him for all the work. He hails from the other side of the pond and I don’t know and have never asked his own affiliations – take the text as you find it.

No doubt fellow explorees Harry and Distant Relative will have things to say on this, plus others will mention the Rothschilds.


How ELITE Christians are harming their fellow Christians and humanity at large in their quest for more power, wealth, and control.

American ELITE Christians since WWI have worked diligently to amass more power, wealth, and control. In the process, they have greatly harmed America and the American Dream. Today, America is sick and getting sicker. All of the years of skullduggery and treason have put non-ELITE Christians at tremendous risk. The future for “average” Christians is quite bleak.