Try these

Which country or city or city/country:

1. Is ruled by a family of clowns?
2. Has Timbuktu in it?
3. Is the world’s youngest country?
4. Has the fewest trees?
5. Is co-ruled by a bishop and a president?
7. In Western Europe is NOT next to a river or other large body of water?

Last of Monday

20. Russia meets Rammstein

Only Chuckles could have sent something like that. 🙂

19. This David Olney death

It’s the luck of the draw or whatever but let me mention how Douglas Adams went, also how mine happened again.

18.  Genesis of a Lady

There are any number of lost, Woke kids out there, still kids at 50, dead losses as people, space occupiers, air breathers.  So whenever one sees the tide turning, it really does need publicising, just to give us all some hope.

This girl being interviewed, while a nice kid, is not setting the world on fire, she’s still embryonic, she’s the sort I used to teach. I cut her much slack – if you have daughters, you might too. I’m not interested in any fully fledged maturation, she’s a kid, but she’s in the right place, looking the right way.

And we might smile at Robin’s ‘over the course of our [long] lives’ but hey – it’s all fine. Anyway, you might like to take in a few minutes of it and feel just a bit more reassured about the future.

Now let’s address this pastry issue

The issues were, basically:

# Filo, puff or doughy?
# SR or plain?
# Butter, egg or something else?

My attempt the other day was an accidental success, bear with me:

[Excuse the creme fraiche tub, s’il vous plaît, most remiss.  In the bottle is caramelised onion and it was perfect with the pierogi.  That wine, by the way, is cooking wine, i.e. it is to be sipped during the cooking.]

All right, here’s what I did wrong – I used SR and I can feel pastry chefs bristling even from here.

Your humble blogger has other issues too, e.g. dental and so the product must be soft, plus I’m sick of flaky puff all over the bench and floor, plus filo is a pain to keep moist, plus it unevenly bakes and I couldn’t be bothered coating the ends or oiling the sheets.

So really, the choices come down to plain or SR.  Plain, even with eggs and butter, is still stodgy for mine, plus for such small items as Polish pierogi, they’re not going to rise all that much.

Now I understand some of you cannot stand bicarb and that’s fine, I can’t take it all the time either but in this case … well.

I did the pastry by blending melted butter and warm water [I see some recipes say cold water and cold butter] and the result was a ‘biscuity’ texture which was clearly not going to be bouillon-suitable and the meat had to be spicy and ‘semi-savoury’ only, if there is such a thing.

The big surprise was next day when I took out the half I’d kept cold overnight and the texture was both crumbly and holding together, plus the mince had softened further but was still fresh-ish.

I’m going to try two small apple pies – one with the SR/butter and the other with plain/egg/butter, just to see.  If you’re an expert on pastry, please do tell.

Monday still

14.  What a snake Soy Boy is [cheers DR]

Welcome to the hidden world of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s brother, Alexandre “Sascha” Trudeau. Why hidden? Because if the general Canadian population understood exactly who brother “Sascha” is, it would damage Justin’s reputation and dilute his voter-base.

Therefore, establishment media eschew the entire affair. CAP will do no such thing.  Listed in Alexandre Trudeau’s documentary “The New Great Game” as producers in association,” but not acknowledged by the CBC, was Iran’s state-funded propaganda arm Press-TV, along with the broadcaster Al-Jazeera Arabic.

So brother Alex is a film maker for the militant Iranian regime.Wonderbar.

13.  Excuse me but why this SNAFU?

Final attempt to get Big Ben to bong for Brexit launched as more than half of cash raised

HOPES of Big Ben bonging for Brexit appeared to be fading last night despite campaigners raising more than half the £500,000 to reactivate Parliament’s famous clock. A fund set up by the pressure group Stand Up 4 Brexit had collected more than £260,000 by yesterday.

Just what is all this rubbish about cost of a bong?  You just bong the thing, that’s all.  Why must a sound become a national issue?

And the answer is that there are those who wish to smudge, to complicate, to STOP something.  Those doing this need, at a minimum, naming on social media.

12.  EVs

“Kind of astonishing how disappointing” EV sales have been – so please don’t kill petroleum companies yet

11. Wind farms

Over £12 million was handed out to wind farms in the United Kingdom last week, following a major outage in a powerline that transported energy from Scottish wind farms to England. The handouts will be tacked onto consumers’ energy bills throughout the country.

10.  Despicable Cressida Dick

In this clip:

She said:

“Grooming of children has been a part of this country for centuries, it’s hard to know what’s changed”

For a start, what the hell is she doing in charge of a police force after her own criminal act[s]?  I wrote to her:

Killed any Brazilian electricians of late?


9.  You can see why he split with Billie Piper

Laurence Fox refuses to date women under 35 because they’re ‘too WOKE’ and ‘primed to think they are victims’ – and reveals he split with ex for praising Gillette’s ‘toxic masculinity’ TV advert 

8.  Smart motorways not that smart at all

Now even the AA says smart motorways are dangerous and orders breakdown crews not to stop on them to help stranded drivers

In fact, it’s part of the general insanity being allowed to consume officials who decide such things – who on earth are these people?  Where are they dug out from?

[H/T Chuckles further up]