South Yorks – initial analysis

Current vote share w/ Rotherham left to declare (South Yorks PCC):

LAB – 52.3%
UKIP – 28.9%<
CON – 12.9%
EDEM – 5.8%

No turnout stated so that indicates it was embarrassingly low.  EDEM factor can be seen in the votes.

What can one conclude?

#  As many interviewed said, it’s a non-position, one which should never have been.

#  It is true Labour heartland, where the tribalists dwell, those low of brow.

#  There’s almost a perfect logic working here.  The Rotherham 1400 matter not to the locals and that’s why it actually happened.  The place is full of Shonas [see a previous post or the Wail] and that’s why we, outside Labour heartlands, are shocked by things like child abuse but they’re clearly inured or oblivious.

#  There was deep resentment of UKIP’s poster tactic – no community wishes to be reminded of its crimes.…

Friday politics

Apocalypse now

Abbas’ statements mirrored comments made by Hamas chief Khaled Meshaal, who earlier urged Muslims to “defend” the holy mosque after Israeli forces restricted entrance for Palestinians. Meshaal further accused Israel of trying to seize the site.

Hey, this is really good.  I thought it would never start.  I didn’t think they’d move until this red heifer biz was resolved.  There’ve been false alarms in the last few years but this might be the one.  This may have been one of the things Nethanyahu interested himself in on his recent visit.

He’d not close Al Whatever mosque unless he was sure of support and given Obama’s view on him, telegraphed gutlessly through his minions – I think chickens*** was the term used – then someone else gave him carte blanche.  As we’re now in the metaphysical region with all this, one has to look at the people in charge in the U.S.…

Thursday politics


Rossa writes – good article:

“It strikes me as a little odd that this movement that says women are just as good as men (or better, depending on who you listen to) is now saying it needs men to give it helping hand.”

I too like Cumberbatch but like too many so called modern men they jump on this bandwagon without realising what a prat it makes them look to all the real women outside their luvvie bubble.

Yes, I’ve also been thinking that it is the zealots , the sympathizers, not part of the actual group, who are more of a problem and more nauseating.  Perhaps ‘part of the group’ does not cover it.…

Cristina Kirchner comedy hour


Isn’t it nice of Argentina to be so sweet about our welfare:

Daniel Filmus, Argentina’s special secretary for the Falklands, said Britain should withdraw troops from the South Atlantic territory, as it has done in Afghanistan.

“There is absolutely no chance of another invasion from the mainland,” he said. “We as a nation – the government, the senate, the house of representatives – have repeatedly stated that we do not seek a military solution; all we want is a dialogue to resolve our differences.”

Filmus, a close friend of President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, said it was “extraordinary” that with so many conflicts going on around the world, the British government does not want to hold talks.

Kobane – the BS is thick upon the ground

rehanaAs someone dead against females being in the front line, for the very reason shown by ISIS capturing and beheading this girl, given their failure to meet the physical criteria [see ChristyO's expose called GI Jane] plus the special social difficulties with the mix, let alone the logistics and not forgetting the PC politics behind sending these girls to their deaths for no good reason, nothing I’ve seen, including reports on the Israeli army, alters that view in the least.

There are only two reasons to put females in the front line – one, if the army starts running out of males and two, this special situation of the Muslims believing a man misses out on the 72 virgins if he’s killed by a female.

Or if this girl really did lose both parents to ISIS.…