Climate wage cuts, Central Park Five, retro hair

1. Meanwhile, the climate scam juggernaut rolls on:

The Labour Party is discussing plans to bring in a 10-hour working week and slash pay by 75 per cent to tackle climate change. The radical report titled The Ecological Limits of Work by the Autonomy Group states unless current carbon emissions are cut there would be an ‘unprecedented decrease in the economic activity’.

It says the sustainable work week would likely be ‘well below 10 hours per week’.

It’s all this climate change, you see.

2. Central Park Five – the anti-Trump case:

What is far right?

Lana Lokteff is an American of Nordic extraction, she and partner write and speak of Europe and include America as part of the West.

She raises a very interesting question, speaking of preserving ‘white’ culture, which is unfortunate in my eyes because though she uses the name of a colour, what she mainly speaks of is Western cultural traditions, just as I do, English too, British for those into the Union.

I don’t see things as black and white, colour has not been the focus of my attacks, though it is very much the focus of the left, in particular attacking the ‘white’ male of a certain age, wanting him dead and gone.

The N1 enemy of us, it seems, are the revolting feminazis and their pussified male acolytes.

Not very good at what they do …

Theme of “not very good at what they do”:

1. Scunthorpe – y-e-e-e-s-s-s:

Ocado invests £17m in ‘vertical’ farms

2. Bet their mothers dress em funny:

US border cops confirm: Maker of America’s license-plate, driver recognition tech hacked, camera images swiped

3. Driverless congestion:

A unique simulation for the city of Zurich shows that driverless taxis would not displace personal transport in cities as long as automated private vehicles are also available. Previous simulations assumed too high a demand for automated taxi services, as they did not take into account user preferences regarding flexibility, costs and waiting times.

4.  Absolutely no sense of scale:

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