Nobility versus degeneracy

In my younger days, there was a way in which my parents’ generation – family, friends – acted and spoke which did set them apart from the upcoming boomer kids, us, and they could be described as ‘decent’ for want of a better word.

Not really religious except for Christenings, weddings and funerals but the presence of the OT and NT precepts was always there in the background – it set mores and morality without overtly preaching fire and brimstone, it permeated TV programmes, however falsely, looking back now.

Mind you, we didn’t really know – there was very much a veneer of this ‘decency’ in many and the young did not want to think for a moment of their parents getting it off … though they must have done I suppose. It was for us to snigger at, not for our parents.

These were the days of Harper Valley PTA, only our version of it here:


RAiR Foundation:

However, the global marxist organisation, SPLC, connected with hate groups such as Antifa, HatenotHope and many others, writes this:

Clearly, there must be two different RAiR Foundations USA, which puzzles me because how can both be registered in that name?

As the one with Amy Mek is more mainstream right, gets airtime, also it attracts the ire of the communists, then let’s look at it. Here, it reports from the French Senate:

What he said was of course true. Seems that RAIR was set up in opposition to the Islamic terror-coordinating, massively funded CAIR – confused yet?

It would not have escaped your eagle eye that Amy and Daniel are Jewish, so it’s hardly a surprise that the two groups are sworn enemies.

Question is – which is speaking for Americans who support their nation?


Over here, the CAIR role is played by the MCB.

Interesting to me is RAiR’s shop page:

Given this organisation’s backing by Jewish figures, the merchandise features the Cross, explain that one to me.

As for me, my About page is accessible from the navbar and what I am about can be described as OWMADP, which means older white male anglo-saxon protestant. Somehow, it does not trip off the tongue like WASP. Should have added mid-Boomer.

On Twitter, my ‘handle’ is Deplorable James and my profile blurb says:

“Deplorable”, “irredeemable”, “dregs of society”, ”toxic white male”, “gammon”, ”swivel-eyed loon”, “tinfoil hatter” and proud of it.

Helps to know oneself, do you not think?

Sunday evening

Those travel posters, that harp:

Garber played violin with the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra after World War I and formed the Garber-Davis Orchestra with pianist Milton Davis from 1921–1924. After parting with Davis, he formed his own orchestra, playing both “sweet” and “hot” 1920s dance music.

Unwarranted belief, unwarranted scepticism [4]

Talk to Miss Marple about village life and she’d say it’s nowhere near as idyllic as portrayed by artists and town planners.

Nevertheless, Laura Towler has a point when she mentions that an Italian, Jamaican, African, American has that place to return to if he doesn’t like it overseas.  They have a homeland to return to.

On the other hand, much is made of the American Indian and where he can go if he doesn’t like it – he’s in his native land.  Well, the same argument applies to the English, Scots, Irish, Welsh – where can they return to?  Africa? Paraguay?  This is their homeland, it’s not somewhere overseas.

And those pouring in, straight to benefits – this is not their land in the least unless they assimilate.  But certain groups have not the least intention of doing that.