Just seeing how those old issues are going

#  There’s been much on it but this stands out like a sore thumb:

idf poster

#  Took quick look at Andrew Bolt today:

One day on our soil and already into us for the rent?

ASYLUM-seekers brought to the Australian mainland will seek compensation after being detained at sea for three weeks.

And to think these are people “fleeing” from free, safe and democratic India: 

IMMIGRATION Minister Scott Morrison has ridiculed as “absurd and offensive” suggestions that 157 asylum-seekers who sailed from India could be genuine refugees, insisting they must be “economic” migrants.

What a farce. You’d almost get the impression that a lot of people advising the asylum seekers really want our border controls destroyed.

#  If you looked at this:

MH17 ‘hit by shrapnel from rocket blast’

Plane suffered massive decompression caused by an explosion according to data recovered from black box recorders

You might be excused for thinking they hadn’t seen this [H/T Rossa]:

However, a Youtube video made a month before Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down also alleges that Ukranian fighter jets were hiding behind passenger planes, pulling away temporarily, dropping bombs on Ukrainian separatists, and then hiding again behind the plane (minor corrections of spelling and punctuation):

Terrible things are happening.

Girls and sport [2]

girl bowling

What we’re being paid money for by those parents is to get the best out of the children in our trust and this is a fine line.

When does demanding become tyrannical? When does understanding become namby-pamby and not constructive for anyone? It is, as just said, a fine line.

With girls, it becomes doubly difficult if you’re a male gamesmaster and girls want to play what the boys play? Do you refuse? My approach, in one case, was this.

I talked to the whole age level one day, after talking to the infant mistress who doubled as the girls’ form mistress and said I’d like to take the girls for a practice session first – those who wish to try, I mean, I want no boys there for that session, so you’ll all be on a cross-country under [another teacher].

So I did take the session and had ten girls.…

Blaming the wrong root cause, this time in Sweden


Only the BBC could do a report on rape in Sweden and the huge rise in numbers reported without mentioning the underlying cause.


Or else it puts anything but the underlying cause.

“No, the high numbers of kidnapping cases in these two countries are explained by the fact that parental disputes over child custody are included in the figures.”

When truck driver meets motorist meets cyclist

This is one where we see different things, don’t disagree but some other issues stand out as well.

Wiggia rightly notes:


I was reading this piece on in car cameras when I did a double take on the second photo of the “cyclist cut up”. Now he may well have been but the inference is that the truck and trailer did it deliberately.

If you look at the photo, a car is coming the other way and is overtaking parked cars on his side, the truck has obviously had to pull over to avoid (they are very close) the oncoming car, it would be reasonable to assume the oncoming car is at fault for failing to ensure he has enough room etc etc.

There are different directions we could go here. Discuss road rage? Discuss the cyclist mentality on roads these days, in particular the male’s? The tendency to ill will between parties rather than all being reasonable to each other in the first place?…