Window art of Old Russia

In Russia, just as in southern California and Bavaria, the olden, wooden style building is still there, although slowly diminishing. In Russia, Stalin’s attempt to house everyone in the cities in highrise service-provided housing may have been commendable in practical terms but it was also soulless.

In the city I lived in, this sort of art below* was still maintained by the Tatars, less so by the Russians:

Yet another not up to the job

over and overOver and over and over and over – same type of person, same demographic every time:

Southern Health NHS Trust boss Katrina Percy resigns

Watch my lips move – they – can’t – do – the -job – they’re – not – up – to – it.  Yes, all noble and commendable to get them into top jobs, breaking through glass ceilings etc. They can’t do the job.


An NHS England-commissioned probe found 272 of the 722 deaths over the last four years were dealt with properly

i.e. 450 (62.33%) were not dealt with properly. And now she has “quit” her job to do less – for the same salary and no responsibility. It appears as though the Trust is run by the ANC !!


Some are from Mars, some from Venus

Yeah, right:

Not a Drill: SETI Is Investigating a Possible Extraterrestrial Signal From Deep Space


Explains everything:  The detection of the mysterious signal and the ensuing investigations will be discussed at the IAA SETI Permanent Committee during the 67th International Astronautical Congress in Guadalajara, Mexico, on September 27—the same day and location where Elon Musk will reveal his plans to colonize Mars.

Elon has paid the ETs …


Not so silent partners?

The New Schism

The name Niemoeller is quite close to the conscious this morning, striding now into a blog with a largely secular readership but one where people also largely know right from wrong.

church of maccas

A group of parishes is preparing what could be the first step towards a formal split in the Church of England over issues such as homosexuality, with the creation of a new “shadow synod” vowing to uphold traditional teaching.