Ran it through the calculator

This might be of interest to a few.

With the lengthening from 38 feet to 42 feet, the calculations had to be redone and unfortunately, it did not actually improve some of the more unwelcome numbers.

There are factors increasing speed and at the same time, factors reducing speed.  For example, the deep V of the centre hull, at 3 feet wide and 42 feet long, has a double effect.  It sits the boat deeper in the water, giving stability of tracking but it also increases wetted area, which slows the boat but the overall lightness and length makes her respond more quickly to the water pressure, i.e. the hull is forced upwards by the Vs in both centre hull and pontoons, not unlike a hydrofoil, reducing waterplane or wetted area and increasing speed.

She’s rated at 8.68 knots and will do up to that on a pond, with no other factors involved other than wind.…


gun control

#  This one via here.

Nor is Greece the only European nation in danger of default (although it’s certainly the most at risk right now).  “Altogether there are six European nations whose debts are larger than their economic output, and 16 that have debts larger than the 60%-of-GDP limit set out in the Maastricht Treaty.

There’s more at the link.

#  Have to smile at this from the State Council Information Office of the People’s Republic of China:

On June 25 local time, the State Department of the United States released its country reports on human rights practices once again, making comments on the human rights situations in many countries while showing not a bit of regret for or intention to improve its own terrible human rights record.

Plenty of facts show that, in 2014, the U.S., a self-proclaimed human rights defender, saw no improvements in its existent human rights issues, but reported numerous new problems.

Charlie McCoy

Charlie McCoy was a session muso:

#  “We always compare the song to a picture,” explained McCoy, whose harmonica blowing stood out for its velocity and melodic phrasing. “We’re just here to provide the frame, to make the picture look and sound good. If you didn’t learn that your career would be shot.”

#  “As musicians you don’t get to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to a session,” McCoy said, lounging in a chair at the Nashville Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, where a plaque attests to his achievements. “Only if they weren’t paying union rates.”

But Columbia, Dylan’s record label, had ordered him not to step foot in “backwards” Tennessee.

McCoy said: “The bible of that movement was Rolling Stone magazine and it was not kind to Nashville. Quotes like ‘cookie-cutter music, all business and no art, assembly line music’. But we were A-list musicians who knew how to get a lot of music, at high quality, in a very short space of time, on a small budget.


#  Racism! Wiggia is shocked:


# And Chuckles is appalled by this:

An Asian dude walks into a bar.

“Pour me a jigger, nigger,” he says to the black bartender.

“Come on, man,” the bartender responds, “that’s not cool.”

The Asian ain’t havin’ it. “Oh, fuck off,” he says indignantly, motioning for his drink.

The bartender continues, “No, seriously, how would you like it if you worked here and people spoke to you like that?”

The Asian laughs and says, “I wouldn’t give a shit.”

The bartender is getting angry now. “Oh, yeah?” he says. “Why don’t you put on this apron and try it?”

The Asian says, “I’d love to,” and happily marches behind the bar where he dons the apron as the bartender heads outside to return as a patron.
exactly as his friend just did and cheerily calls out, “Pour me a drink, Chink!” The Asian bartender has his head down as he scrubs the counter with a bar towel.

Of design, dithering and parallel lines


My design has always been about parallel lines, some full length, some part way, with a covered deck aft and different levels.  Straightsided was always the plan, not least for lateral stability. The windage on this launch is cleverly low through flow-through.  This pic has been my inspiration for my beloved ark.

It’s not a design for sailing craft, it’s for power vessels, plus the windows in the pic are too large for sailing. I’d like the stempost to be more vertical too.

With an ark, the necessity for curved lines diminishes and I can combine this look above, fine for a canal, with sail in a vessel which will not wallow but actually sail [lines below the waterline]. Long, narrow, low is a major factor in this.

My design has always been about wood and rope – even mast stays are rope – I just put more ropes in and to hell with windage.

Scientific fraud? Who’dathunkit?

Fraud in the scientific community?  Who’s surprised?

You could be forgiven for thinking there’s a bit of a crisis going on in biomedical science these days. Tenured academic positions are few and far between—and are often dependent upon the researcher’s success in obtaining scarce funding.

The pressure to succeed, measured by publications, is sometimes blamed for leading less-scrupulous scientists to break the rules.

A new paper by Morton Oskvold, a Norwegian scientist, will fan those flames, as it makes the bold claim that 25 percent of cancer biology papers contain duplicated data. Is something rotten in our research labs?

There has been a real uptick in scientific misconduct in recent years, but it’s not going unchallenged. Post-publication peer review, where papers are critiqued publicly on the Internet by other scientists, is putting the literature to the test. And journals are taking a tougher line with authors to ensure that they include all the relevant details, not just the ones that make them look good.

Sunday [2]

# Chuckles poses a question for the student – define complete dissociation from reality:


# Also from that stable:

Notice how,as an article of faith, courtesy of Tonesy and Cherry Blair (spit), it is taken as an article of faith that someone MUST BE BLAMED for anything that happens.

Mainly due to the above mentioned pair of wank-stains belief that CSI and similar pseudo scientific bollocks were documentaries, and that we could dispassionately analyse the causes of everything.

Elf ‘n Safety was the result, and BS like this:


Sunday [1]

From now on, we need to refer to Wiggia as Wiggia the Wicked.  Yes, our mild-mannered erstwhile cycling oenophile has rebelled!  Read on:


As the morning sun passed over my PC monitor screen its blackness showed the need for a good clean where the smears and dots showed in a way they never did with the screen on.

For reasons I can’t explain I have always followed advice and the vast number of wipes solutions pads etc I have used have all had one thing in common, they were useless.

Even those praised by computer magazines as “best biys” have turned out to be no different all leaving despite following instructions to the t smears lines swirls and milky areas, repeated careful wipings have all failed to improve matters and in some cases have been made worse, and still I bought them.

As I reached this morning for a “fresh” sachet of wonder cleaner my better self finally kicked in and I stopped went and got a clean damp microfibre cloth and hey presto in half the time normally spent I had a spotless monitor to be proud of, result and the wipes went in the bin, how many years I have persevered with cleaning “solutions” I have no idea all I do know it was far too long.