Scenario 1

One major theme yesterday at NO was manipulation and the point was made that EVERYONE manipulates others to a greater or lesser extent to get what they want.

It’s not a loaded word in itself, only in the loading people wish to apply to it. For example, someone oft accused of being manipulative will be far more sensitive to the word than someone who does subtly manipulate, such as a blogger, but doesn’t think he is being manipulative.

Babies manipulate with screams and smiles, women are mistresses of the art, stemming from disempowered days when that was the way to get ahead, men do it through lobby groups, feminists do it and when empowered, then go about secreting themselves in spare university rooms and rewriting  history in the new political correctness.

Everyone manipulates but of course, if you’re doing it for nefarious purposes – nefarious itself a load term – then you must charge manipulation or its big brother, abuse of the other party, whilst painting yourself whiter than white.…

John Harrison

I have alluded to items in this piece before in comments and another article, but a gentle reminder from an article by Cherie at her blog and a comment from James on there made me think it was worth putting the whole story together.

The reminder was the connection between Greenwich in the thread running through Cherie’s travel documentary of her trip to London and James and his love of all things nautical and the one man who links them all together, John Harrison, who is buried in St Johns Hampstead graveyard and is almost certainly its most famous and most important permanent resident.

For it was he who discovered Longitude and invented the Marine Chronometer an area that I will not dwell on as I’m sure James is the only person on here who could do the subject justice and would pull me apart if I started into something of which I know little.…

Reasons to be wary, part three

Online hacking of shoppers:

The Home Depot is only the latest retail chain to be hit by massive security leaks. In late 2013, Target was hacked, and information about 40 million credit and debit card accounts was compromised. Security researcher Brian Krebs speculated that the same hackers carried about both hacks. Either way, it appears that Target’s misfortune was not enough to convince every company to audit their own security systems. 

Read on. [H/T haiku]

The lure of the goods brought to our door is a very strong one.…

Natural truths and denial, part three

[The 'part three' is a reference to Ian Dury]

You know, I don’t write these headlines, I don’t phone the news organization and ask them to do a piece because I want to bash women today.  They freely put these things up there, just begging to be taken up.  If there were no headlines, I’d not think of doing something on it, it would be about Cameron or Muslims or gays or the boat or something.

Yet here it is:

Bisset: young women today obsessed with being ‘hot’

Both Amfortas today and I and other bloggers around the web are constantly on about this moral fibre thing but I’d like to claim and it’s certainly so for him, that this is not a Morally Outraged, Mary Whitehouse thing - oh a bit of bosom is showing.  We both appreciate female curvature.

It’s clear there are things happening though out there and someone has to speak up.…

The Muslim – eternal victim


Earlier today, your humble blogger was banging on about things which simply were and people were in deep denial. That extends to ideologically driven governments, as we all know on this side of politics.

Take this one, for example:

Nothing has changed. The police covered up the Muslim sexual abuse of 1,400 British girls, in some cases arresting the girls and their fathers, but not the Muslim perpetrators.

Now it’s more of the same. (via Instapundit).

I highly doubt that a police van with six officers is dispatched everyone time someone in South Yorkshire is suspected of being drunk. The key there is “Racially”. A Muslim complained and the hounds were released.

The same police who wouldn’t step in when young girls were being raped, are on the go whenever a Muslim’s feelings are hurt.

It just goes on and on and on and apart from the left, which thinks the poor Muslims should be seen as the victims, most people in America and the UK are deeply angry about it.…