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It is really rather convenient that you will find very few men in the vast multitude which throngs to the Holy Land who have not been unbelieving scoundrels, sacrilegious plunderers, homicides, perjurers, adulterers, whose departure from Europe is certainly a double benefit, seeing that people in Europe are glad to see the back of them…It is certainly beneficial to those who live on both sides of the sea, since they protect one side and desist from molesting the other. [Bernard de Clairvaux 1090-1153]

At a time of shoddy and fake journalism perpetrated not only by Millennials, it’s a pleasant surprise to see the wording by the Express on the Harry/Megs nuptials:

THE Archbishop of Canterbury is to be asked to give his blessing to a church wedding for Prince Harry and US divorcee Meghan Markle, the Daily Express understands.

Archbishop Justin Welby is said to have no objections, clearing the way for a royal wedding at Westminster Abbey or another Anglican venue in 2018.

Officials at the Abbey, who have previously confirmed they allow divorced people to wed there, said the couple would require a marriage licence from the Archbishop’s faculty office.

This post is not about the nuptials, it’s partly about the journalistic approach to information which comes through and I’d like to think that that attitude runs through this post, saying, “Look, we can’t be absolutely sure but indicators seem to be …”

One an enchantress, one still a kid

In one sense it’s unfair comparing these two. One a famous actress for decades, a household word, a sophisticated woman of a certain age, quiet, sultry, and the other a youngster sitting bolt upright and awkward:

They’re asked what they think of their characters and the youngster jumps in with the same line she uses in every interview – we are equal [Bond and I], I am of my generation. He needs me far more than I need him. I even save him. She [the character] doesn’t need a man to exist, she doesn’t even want him.

Up yer kilt, Jimmy

Get yer tartans right, mon:

“Outlander” costume designer Terry Dresbach gets grief for failing to put the TV show’s lead Highlander, Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan)—a fighter in an 18th-century rebellion known as the Jacobite Risings—in a Clan Fraser tartan kilt. 

On, Dresbach explains she designed Jamie Fraser’s tartan based on plant dyes that would have been available in his homeland, which is more historically accurate than the colors now registered in official Fraser “sett,” or pattern.

The original kilts were loose-fitting, full-body, and short-skirted garments, similar to Roman togas, that do, indeed, trace back to ancient times. And these so-called “great kilts,” exclusively worn by male warriors in the Scottish Highlands, were constructed out of a type of plaid, or checked, wool fabric that came to be known as “tartan.” Back then, the Scottish clans, or tribes, didn’t have particular setts or colors that they claimed as their own.


Actors who make and ruin films

These sorts of things below on youtube are not for everyone, largely because of the format and the manner of speech, plus disagreement over the list, but they pass the time and the general idea is sound – it is who the actor is which is quite important.

This was a brave try:

Some actors I would avoid a film over, rather than be forced to watch it, include Richard Dreyfus, Dustin Hoffman, Andie MacDowell, there just so many. Streep.

Then there are others who are excellent in one or two films, e.g. Daniel Craig, IMHO, in Casino Royale but not all that great outside it.

More difficult are actors who can get you to watch because they’re in it including, for me, Max von Sydow, possibly Gal Gadot for her sexiness [currently], a whole bevy of honeys like Lizzie Bouchere and Lea Seydoux, irrespective of whether they can act, probably a few others.

If I knew it was an action flick, if there was no feminism, no “I’m a strong woman” and it was a genuine action/romance, then that, more than the actors, would get me into the cinema.

Some I used to watch for their name, but now will not watch anything by, include Arnie and Robert de Niro, for purely political reasons.

Then there are those in signature roles whom I would not watch in anything else and not watch any other actor in the role, including Joan Hickson, David Suchet, Jeremy Brett.


Wednesday too

1. No water on Mars after all?

Dark features previously proposed as evidence for significant liquid water flowing on Mars have now been identified as granular flows, where sand and dust move rather than liquid water, according to a new article published in Nature Geoscience by the U.S. Geological Survey.

2. Why would you even want to?

In my previous article, we looked at the easiest route on to a ships network – the satcoms system. Even having compromised that, it could be a challenge to affect the ship’s navigation, propulsion and control systems – most of these networks are at least somewhat segregated from one another.

That got me thinking about a far more insidious form of attack against a container ship: the load planning system.

3. How vital are any of these?

4. Thus there was Listerine:

In 1852, Joseph Lister was the young house surgeon at London’s University College Hospital. While dealing with an outbreak of gangrene, then common in hospitals, he noticed that when he cleaned his patients’ ulcers — an unusual practice at the time — they had a much higher incidence of recovery.

5. And just to worry you further:

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