Why are British tanks on the continent?

What enemies do we have there, aside from Kosovo and Turkey? I mean, which ones would require shutting the channel tunnel, with French collusion, in order to get them through?

british tanks for war

Surely Hard Brexit May is not at the same time Treacherous May and we’re joining an EU army? Tell me that’s not so.  Tell me she’s not still paying the millions whilst talking Iron Lady?

The Donald has landed

donald landed

Anyone see anything Jackie Kennedyish in the First Lady?

don and first lady

Those of a praying bent say a prayer tonight that the lowlifes don’t get him.

So, one of three things, eh? Either he’ll fulfil, in which case he’ll have to bang heads together, or he’ll be bumped off or else it will be just plain entertaining, never a dull moment for four years, followed by Ivanka.

Nice little earner

When seeing this:

Princess Tessy of Luxembourg announces she is divorcing husband Prince Louis after 10 years.

… one commenter wrote:

Yet another case of female hypergamy in action. Now she’s increased her status as a result of becoming a “princess” she’ll be off to marry some rich, handsome alpha male.

And my first reaction was:

‘Modern’ women think that this self-centred game, govt assisted, of guaranteed work, getting some sod with assets to marry, giving it a few years, picking a fight, divorcing him, taking him to the cleaners with feminist State help, setting up a monthly package in perpetuity, bringing in lovers when feeling the need, setting up a ‘friend zone of saps’ and don’t dare call her a slapper as she’ll have the law on you – perfect way to bring the kids up she thinks. Men can sod off, there’s always IVF or some pussified male who’ll buy in because of her jawline and body … and she can see no downside whatever.

However, having calmed down and taken the pills, there was also this:

The extended family was a bulwark

Might be a curiosity to us now but there’s a deeper aspect to this pic from Messy Nessy:

lyford house

How 53% of parents now eat apart from their kids as busy lives and fussy eating habits get in the way

The stats are just something they grabbed for an article but the sentiments are quite valid. When visiting DforDoom, I wondered what he was on about at first but his point was soon spelt out starkly: