Corruption and the pandemic of disillusionment

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Karl Denninger [Market Ticker] is a very angry man right now and with good reason. Unfortunately, as we only like calm, happy people, this video will cause some to click out and yet he asks some pointed questions to which no answers have been adequately given. I’m going to try to address some of those questions here. Yes, it’s Americacentric but the issues he raises go beyond borders.

He draws attention to the Acorn outrage, written here in a news commentary:

James O’Keefe, a filmmaker, and Hannah Giles, an aspiring investigative reporter with the National Journalism Center, posed as a pimp and prostitute while using a hidden camera to get the goods in ACORN’s Washington, D.C., and Baltimore offices.

The intrepid duo entered those offices seeking advice on getting a loan for a brothel featuring 13-year-old girls smuggled into this country from Latin America. They got that and much more, including suggestions on how to conceal the true nature of the enterprise on tax returns. Without voicing any moral qualms about the enterprise, some of the ACORN employees even provided helpful hints on keeping the poor girls quiet about their plight as sex slaves.

In one tape, they are advised which border to use to minimize the risk of getting caught – the plan was to sell the children on to wealthy paedophiles.

The group is no stranger to controversy:

Dozens of states have charged ACORN employees with voter registration fraud, numerous corporations have paid exorbitant sums of hush money to get the group to call off its demonstrators crying racism, and media organizations have exposed serious questions about how the radical group has spent the hundreds of millions of federal tax dollars it has received over the years.

Jim Terry, via Michelle Malkin:

“ACORN has a long and sordid history of employing convoluted Enron-style accounting to illegally use taxpayer funds for their own political gain,” Terry claimed. “Now it looks like ACORN is using the same type of convoluted accounting scheme for Obama’s political gain.”

Michelle Malkin says:

What we have here, essentially, is Obama using a non-profit group called Citizens Services Inc. as a front to funnel payments to ACORN for campaign advance work. Obama officials say it’s no big deal. Nothing to see here. Move along. But where there’s left-wing laundering smoke, there’s fire. CSI has been the subject of a little-noticed complaint to the FEC by a Democrat who smelled something rotten going on between CSI, ACORN, and a left-wing 527, Communities Voting Together.

Acorn claim he never had anything to do with them but Triblive gives chapter and verse:

Prior to law school, Barack Obama worked as an organizer for their affiliates in New York and Chicago. He always has been an ACORN person — meeting and working with them to advance their causes. Through his membership on the board of the Woods Fund for Chicago and his friendship with Teresa Heinz Kerry, Obama has helped ensure that they remain funded well.

So there is lying going on in the public sphere. Back to Karl Denninger who insists:

Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a Democrat issue. This is not a Republican issue. This corruption has gotten so far into the American system of politics, government, quasi-government organizations, community organizations and everything else up and down the line – banks, businesses – you name it, it’s going on.

That this organization felt perfectly safe having that conversation with two undercover filmmakers in multiple cities across the United States … where are the cops and where is the outrage of the American people?

This is not just about a couple of kids going into an office and saying, “I want to import some 13 year old girls so that some creepy paedophile can pay $300 to screw them.

This is about the culture of corruption.

This is [also] about a government apparatus that refused to investigate mortgage appraisals and fraud. The independent appraisers tried to get this stopped ten years ago. There was a petition with thousands and thousands of signatures – it was ignored. There were multiple racketeering investigations allegedly going on prior to the election, regarding irregularities in campaign finance and voter registration.

Where did those particular investigations go?

They disappeared. Why? A prominent New York newspaper spiked a story about this just weeks before the election. Why? We have members of Congress who think it’s perfectly OK to get sweetheart mortgage deals that no one else can get and their programme is actually called Friends of Angelo. Hello, special influence, stated right on its face.


Where is the FBI? We have 50 state prosecutors, 50 attorneys-general across this great land called America. We have 330 million people in this country.

Is there no outrage left?

An attempt to answer

These questions would not have been asked even four years ago in either Britain or America.

The whole idea of an organized culture of tacit acceptance of evil such as the ACORN paedophile story and the moral relativism which allowed that, the British expenses scandal, the bailouts, the tawdry, money-grubbing trough-wallowing of CEOs and other high-fliers … it goes on and on and on … this idea from pundits such as Denninger or your present humble correspondent would never have been accepted some time back.

We’d have been called crazy, alarmist, deluded, suffering from flights of fancy. Now it doesn’t seem so far-fetched that Washington high-fliers have children and other victims of different ages flown in for sex parties, even though the smart thinkers have known about it for decades.

People might have accepted the Washington antics because people are always willing to believe the worst of Washington, even down to kidnapped boys and girls sold off at Omaha Airport, the rejects put down in bizarre ceremonies but no one would have thought that community organizations connected to a President who still refuses to clear up the issue of where he even comes from, who has been shown to have lied about the SPPNA and who is constantly lying or avoiding questions on his ties with ACORN – that the corruption has, in Denninger’s words “gotten so far into the American system of politics, government, quasi-government organizations, community organizations and everything else up and down the line – banks, businesses – you name it” to the point where no one even raises eyebrows any more.

And it’s not that no one was warned it was going on. Here are some excerpts from articles spelling out the situation:

On the old money which spots opportunities free from competition

The saga of the Wendels is of a business that has evolved over three centuries from making cannons for Louis XIV to a modern investment fund. It has taken a strategic stake in Saint-Gobain, one of France’s most venerable public companies.

More remarkable is the way De Agostini, a fairly small, century-old Italian family-owned publishing company, has, in a decade, turned itself into one of Europe’s most successful private equity groups.

On government corruption and cover up

Lest anyone be confused, this is quite the opposite situation from when former NYT pseudo-reporter/White House shill, Judy Miller, was subpoenaed and went to jail for failing to reveal her sources in the CIA leak case. In her case she was refusing to name White House officials who were involved in government wrongdoing in which she had a role.

On intrusions and espionage within the community

Robert S. Mueller III said:

Think of the fusion center as a hub, with spokes that range from federal agencies, software companies, and ISPs, to merchants and members of the financial sector.

Industry experts from companies such as Cisco, Bank of America, and Target sit side-by-side with the FBI, postal inspectors, the Federal Trade Commission, and many others, sharing information and ideas. Together, we have created a neutral space where cyber experts and competitors, who might not otherwise collaborate, can talk about cyber threats and security breaches.

On beating ordinary Brits around the head with legislation

The idea, dubbed “libertarian paternalism”, reverses the traditional government approach that requires individuals to opt in to healthy schemes. Instead, they would have to opt out to make the unhealthy choice, by buying a smoking permit, choosing not to participate in the exercise hour or adding salt at the table.

On mentoring

Also – you can look up these organizations yourself:

“League of Industrial Democracy”

Purpose: To disrupt and disturb normal labor relations between workers and employees by brain-washing labor unions to make impossible demands with special attention to steel, automobile and housing industries.

“Committee for a Democratic Majority”

Purpose: To provide a connecting link between the educated socialist class and minority groups with the intent of setting up a solid block of voters who can be counted on to vote for left-wing candidates at election time. It was really a Fabianist operation from start to finish.

“Institute for Social Relations”

Purpose: Change the way America thinks.

“The Citizens League”

Purpose: To bring ‘common cause’ legal suits against various government agencies, especially in the defense industries.

“Anti-Defamation League Fact Finding Division”

Purpose: A joint FBI-British intelligence operation designed to single out right-wing groups and their leaders and put them out of business before they grow too large and too influential.”

– (pp. 53-54)

It goes on and on. The “Global 2000 Report” recommending drastic reduction of the world’s population was accepted and approved for action by former President James Earl Carter, and Edwin Muskie, then Secretary of States, for and on behalf of the US Government.

Follow the report back to who asked Cyrus Vance to write it in the first place, then you’re close to Them.

The fish rots from the head

Karl Denninger mentions the last 20 years but the fact of the matter is, it’s only been relatively visible for that time, as the people involved no longer see the necessity of keeping shtum.

A glance at the early years of the people who now control the finances of America shows it’s been going on for a very long while:

Like J.P. Morgan, who had begun his commercial career by selling the U.S. Army some defective guns, the famous fall carbine affair, John D. Rockefeller also was a war profiteer during the Civil War ; he sold unstamped Harkness liquor to Federal troops at a high profit, gaining the initial capital to embark on his drive for monopoly.

His interest in the oil business was a natural one; his father, William Rockefeller had become an oil entrepreneur after salt wells at Tarentum, near Pittsburgh, were discovered in 1842 to be flowing with oil. The owners of the wells, Samuel L. Kier, began to bottle the oil and sell it for medicinal purposes.

One of his earliest wholesalers was William Rockefeller. The “medicine” was originally labeled “Kier’s Magic Oil”. Rockefeller printed his own labels, using “Rock Oil” or “Seneca Oil,” Seneca being the name of a well known Indian tribe. Rockefeller achieved his greatest notoriety and his greatest profits by advertising himself as “William Rockefeller, the Celebrated Cancer Specialist”.

William Rockefeller not only concluded several bigamous marriages, but he seems to have had uncontrolled passions. On June 28, 1849, he was indicted for raping a hired girl in Cayuga, New York; he later was found to be residing in Oswego, New York and was forced once again to decamp for parts unknown. He had no difficulty in financing his woman-chasing interests from the sale of his miraculous cancer cure and from another product, his “Wonder Working Liniment,” later to be known as Nujol, hawked from the Senate Office Building in Washington for years by Senator Royal S. Copeland, a physician whom Rockefeller had appointed as head of the New York State Department of Health and who later financed his campaign for the Senate. Copeland was known for his vehement support of two institutions – Standard Oil and the AMA.

They were just two men’s stories in the whole saga of American political history and we haven’t even started on the British yet.

Endemic corruption made all the worse by the flow of moral relativism pouring down from these sources and blighting the very fabric of society. Just as the whole White House was turned fetid by the particular crookedness of Nixon, which kept him under the control of the MIC until he started to get ideas of actually making a mark in the world, it crosses all party lines.

Gates of Vienna is running a video of Belgian police, speaking anonymously and it’s par for the course these days. Naturally they want more powers to deal with miscreants and there is a loss of morale in the force as they feel the mayor has abandoned them but two things in particular stand out – firstly, the rise of no-go areas where youths are no longer concerned by any form of authority, on the grounds that there are no longer any consequences of note and secondly, the “go softly” orders coming down from above, particularly during Ramadan.

The jails are full, the courts won’t convict and when they do, they show “admirable compassion” and let the little miscreant off with a warning – the result is as predictable as night following day. There’s an underclass comprising sizeable chunks of the young population of the country in the streets with no purpose, no prospects, bored and spoiling for a fight over any issue.

Many, many times on this blog I’ve said that there are three political forces – Left, Right and Them. That needs to be revised. There are three political forces – Big State, Small State and Them. “Them’s” agents are that mayor who gives go-easy orders, the ACORN reps who gave that advice, those who prosecute rubbish bin offenders with maximum prejudice whilst turning a blind eye to actual crime and it goes on and on and on.

And in the people at the top of the heap, there’s also a sort of madness and quasi-religious fervour to their doings. This is not just some cold-hearted, besuited man with narrowed eyes issuing orders – there’s some sort of belief in the destruction they feel they have to wreak, in order to “sweep away the whole corrupt mess of capitalist society and start over again” [actually quoting the unoriginal Guy Burgess there], a brand new start with new values and new leaders.

The madness comes from baseless assumptions taken as read and woven into the fabric of their doings and their motivations for doing that. An example:

In “The Illustrious Lineage of the Royal House Of Britain” (First Published in 1902 by The Covenant Publishing Co., Ltd., London, England), the authors easily trace Prince Charles’ lineage back to David and beyond.

The College of Heralds (London) has also traced Prince Charles to be the 145th direct descendant of King David. This claim was also made, in May of 2000, in a documentary on Israeli television. Charles also claims descent from Islam’s prophet Mohammed.

At his coronation (investiture as Prince of Wales) in 1969, he sat on a chair with a large red dragon emblazoned on it. During the ceremony, his mother, Queen Elizabeth II said:

“This dragon gives you your power, your throne and your own authority.”

His response to her was:

“I am now your Liege-man, and worthy of your earthly worship.”

In 1992 just before the full unification in 1993) Charles applied to the EU (European Union) to be made King of Europe. He was turned down by the European parliament.

It’s not just at the elite level where the craziness is institutionalized. Take the ethics of the psychological and psychiatric community, for example and its interrelationships. Psychologist Colin Ross, in a lecture given at the 9th Annual Western Clinical Conference on Trauma and Dissociation, April 18, 1996, Orange County, California, mentions, [just as an example to the reader of the interconnection of people within a given community]:

A person who did and published a lot of hallucinogen research was Daniel Friedman, connected with Loretta Bender, Paul Hawk and Ewen Cameron, who had their obituaries in the American Journal of Psychiatry.

So these were revered people, who were being honoured posthumously by the flagship Journal of the American Psychiatric Association. This same Loretta Bender describes giving 150 mcg per day to children ages 7-11 years for days, weeks, months and in some cases, even years in a row.

This would not get through an Ethics Committee.

Paul Hawk, at a CIA sponsored symposium on LSD, asked, “Anybody ever hear of a disorder called Borderline Personality Disorder?”

Hawk and Pollett, in 1949 published in the Psychiatric Quarterly an article about Pseudo Neurotic Forms of Schizophrenia – these people are on the borderline between neurosis and schizophrenia. He did hallucinogen research in New York for the military, with one unfortunate side effect – he killed Harold Blauer, a tennis pro, in 1953, with an injection of mescaline and the family was eventually compensated for that.

Ewen Cameron, the founder of the World Psychiatric Association, funded through MKULTRA and Human Ecology Foundation by the Canadian military and the CIA, did LSD and other hallucinogen research and was successfully sued – he had already died and the CIA settled out of court with eight of his patients.

The False Memory Syndrome Foundation was set up to counter the allegations by child victims of organized paedophilia, such as Franklin, the only case leading to admissions in court – Paul McHugh was Chairman of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins. He said that 100% of cases of DID are iatrogenic and that all DID Units should shut down, and he was on the Advisory Board of the FMSF.

When he was in the military he did research connected to Walter Reed Hospital, major site for military intelligence work, connected with mind control. A prior Chairman of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins, named James Whitehorn, was on the Advisory Board of the Human Ecology Foundation.

So, now there’s a connect with the greens and you have your own opinion of the greens and the whole shamballah new order hug-a-tree rip-off of the populations of the west – others have written far more on that than I. People connected with the movers and shakers in America and Europe are coming out with this stuff:

The Shamballa force is in reality Life itself; and Life is a loving synthesis in action. We also used the Six Laws and Principles of the New Age to lead us towards creating a vision of how these principles might create patterns for the New Civilization humanity will be constructing over the next 2500 years.

Those were just snippets about internationally connected communities in various fileds, just as my own field of education is interrelated and we keep in touch with one another on any new research. If the members weren’t connected then, as professionals, they’d have been derelict in their duty – it’s imperative that professional associations stay abreast of developments.

However, underneath the veneer, as those snippets above revealed, there is some nasty work going on, with a great deal of fear and favour. The very tone is corrupt. The very notion that it is quite OK to administer doses to children way over the accepted limits and that no one is going to care and it doesn’t matter if they do – that is at the root of the ACORN scam and Hitler’s medical experimentation.

The very notion that Lindy English could do as she did at Abu Ghraib most certainly came form a sense that she was either not going to be caught or else it was tacitly approved, whether or not it was. In other words, she felt comfortable with doing things beyond the pale, in a view which she obviously allowed to seep into her that it was OK to act towards others inhumanely if the others have been shown to be the enemy by those above you.

For example, the Jews in Nazi Germany, those sub-human’s [according to the Nazis] who required immediate eradication [according to the Nazis] and the rewards would be how you’ve served your fatherland [according to the Nazis].

The motif of The Word coming down from above runs through all of this and The Word is meekly or even grudgingly [in the case of those Belgian police] accepted and followed.

This moves beyond corruption now – it approaches evil, in the sense that the consequences of such a lack of moral integrity, compounded by a system which allows of no stopping of this process, permeates the fabric of organizations in an unhealthy way, especially government organizations – the NHS is a prime example – leading to work-to-rule, a mood of resignation and an expectation that everything revolves around bucketloads of fresh cash to be squandered and plenty more where that came from.

Child abuse – why was it that it was not until 1993 that a study by the National Center for Child Abuse and Neglect confirmed that children are even today threatened in day care settings and yet this was made famous in 1984 with the McMartin case. Even if you vehemently assert that the crimes never happened, why did authorities not put into place far-reaching legislation in each state to prevent any possibility of day-care centres being abused?

Nothing was done, whereas over here, the opposite was done – draconian legislation turning the ordinary male into a potential paedophile and requiring multiple CRB clearances for a male to even walk in the street is currently in the news.

And how could all this be possible if there are upright men and women in charge of government, people of integrity, dedicated to rooting out corruption from the fabric of the society?

The simple answer is that there are sufficient numbers up there of people with neither integrity nor commonsense, along with a sort of fervour for what they’re doing, to rot the surrounding tissue and so, like atrophying Rome, the whole fabric slowly loosens and falls away.

With no leadership, seemingly no clue and only the pig trough which those we’ve entrusted as our representatives wallow in – the result is widespread disillusionment across the community and a determination to take care of our own welfare and protection and to hell with following the rules any more.

The financial corruption constantly before our eyes and which Karl Denninger documents was neatly summed up by Rothschild Brothers of London all those years ago:

The few who understand the system will either be so interested in its profits or so dependent on its favours that there will be no opposition from that class. The great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantages will bear its burden without complaint.

There, in a nutshell, are the ethics which drive our society and as a consequence, place pressure on our very ability to make ends meet. Can any of this be sheeted home to individuals?

With someone like Mandelson or Veronique Morales – yes. It’s even possible to trace back to groups like the Lincoln Group the antecedents of the demise of American and consequently western education; it’s possible to do this in a fragmented way but it’s far harder to pin down the interlocked system which Wilson referred to.

Thus we always see the symptom but never the root cause:

Leaflets distributed to children 14 and over by NHS trust in Sheffield promote the pleasure of sex rather than meaningful relationships:

“Under the heading: An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away it asks: ‘What about sex twice a week? Health promotion experts advocate five portions of fruit and veg a day and 30 minutes’ physical activity three times a week.'”

No one involved in the writing of that stopped and thought, “Hey, what are kids doing having sex anyway? However did society move from a position where kids did kid’s things and adults did adult things three decades ago to a position where it is de rigeur for a child to now have sex, under peer pressure and under pressure of popular culture.

No one stopped and thought how kids have been induced into something which is natural for adults but unnatural for children. If it was natural, then it would have been the norm throughout the centuries for children to be prostituted but it was not the norm – not until now.”

Would such a leaflet have even been contemplated three decades ago and what would have happened to the author of it? He or she would have been drummed out of the job.

Today, there is this bizarre situation where people, even fellow bloggers, will defend the writing of that leaflet on the ground that “kids have sex and it’s better to recognize realities”. But that blogger doesn’t stop to think whether this acceptance of “realities” simply adds to the climate where kids have no choice; they don’t stop and think about a moral compass which really believes it’s good and wholesome for kids to be doing drugs and sex in the first place.

The problem is that the very blogger who’s suggesting that has herself [or himself] come through the same process and the moral compass is so divorced from right and wrong now to the extent that they’d even hotly argue that there is no right or wrong in this.

With that point of view, then there’s not even any basis for discussion and one wonders if the people in Sheffield who objected to that leaflet are “sadly out of touch with reality” or else are they actually people who still have some vestige of decency left in them and know in their hearts that sex with children is not a good thing – in fact, quite the opposite.

To say that these sort of things have been going on since Victorian times is to miss the point that now it is the system whereas earlier it was a minority behaviour. A significant test of when a society is on the way out is when it cannibalizes its own children in this way and turns a blind eye towards it, with people defending the practice. This was a major theme in the biblical warning not to harm one hair of a kid’s head and it wasn’t only physical harm being referred to.

Can you imagine anyone trying to protect children from moral harm these days? North Northwester said:

I see the BBC pushing the line that single parenthood is no problem, that marriage is no protection, and it’s all going to happen anyway. What else would they publish? They truly are the enemy within.

I wish I could find the quote of one of the commenters on one of my post threads when he reminded us that it’s quite possible to have good people actually inadvertently abetting the cause of evil and of course, the corollary is also true – look at the extreme Christian right – what do they do for the cause of Christianity?

This post is not saying that the person who supports that Sheffield leaflet is bad, only that by having that attitude, as a result of the relativistic upbringing which led the person to assume that that was quite OK, this is inadvertently compounding the problem.

Why is there no outcry, Mr. Denninger?

I have two answers, one mine and the other not.

First, from a woman speaking about these people in 2000, on

You can show them photos of underground tunnels near Los Alamos, and they will say, “Isn’t that interesting. Must be some government project.”

They can be shown the scars on a survivor’s body, from cigarette burns in childhood, and old lash marks that have healed on their back, and the question would be “are you sure it wasn’t self inflicted?”

The evidence is there, but in my opinion, the average person does NOT want to know, and even when confronted with it, will look the other way. I believe that the media that downplays [this] abuse is feeding into a deep need in the average person to NOT know the reality.

My explanation

1. The majority have no idea;

2. Almost all are under the hammer these days, the middle-class is being economically dismantled to make way for the return of the moneyed rulers and the serf class of old and our attention is therefore focused on survival and shoring up our position so that everyone is too terrified to rock the boat;

3. People are shellshocked, weary of all the bad news and just wanting a respite from it all to the point with that they might nod along with exposure of corruption and craziness in the public sphere but there’s no energy left to actually do anything anymore and they desperately, desperately hope it will all go away and the greenshoots of recovery will appear, which they artificially will for some time before the final collapse;

4. With the rejection of the Judaeo-Christian ethic – which has been no accident – there is no moral fibre anywhere, except in those of a small c socially conservative bent and the law of the jungle prevails behind the veneer of civility.

Possible solutions

1. Schweizer’s dictum which I sometimes carry in my sidebar, says:

“Civilization can only revive when there shall come into being in a number of individuals a new tone of mind, independent of the prevalent one among the crowds, and in opposition to it — a tone of mind which will gradually win influence over the collective one, and in the end determine its character. Only an ethical movement can rescue us from barbarism, and the ethical comes into existence only in individuals.”

This requires sufficient men and women of like mind, not unlike the American Founding Fathers, seized by a desire to set in place something worthwhile, which both regulates and regularizes, as well as granting and defending the human need to be free to pursue his own goals.

In other words, we’re talking about a new set of intellectual and moral giants who do pop up in history in nnumbers from time to time.

2. Humanistic optimism and belief in cycles

The reason I don’t believe in this is not because humans can’t reach the stars but that we’re not playing on a level playing field. For every nine who just want to live a comfortable life of work, rest and play and the propagation of a family, there is the malcontented one who has a knack of cornering the markets, dominating the media and in tribute to his work ethic, working himself into a position of power, the maintenance of, which becomes the sole reason for his subsequent industry.

He buggers everything up every time.

It’s the Ford Prefect dictum – they care, we don’t, they win. Chekhov wrote too on man’s capacity to improve his state and his surroundings:

“Man has been endowed with reason, with the power to create, so that he can add to what he’s been given. But up to now he hasn’t been a creator, only a destroyer. Forests keep disappearing, rivers dry up, wild life’s become extinct, the climate’s ruined and the land grows poorer and uglier every day.”

The vision and principles of the Enlightenment fooled everyone. It appealed to intellectuals that Man could run his own life, not unlike a child who throws off offers of help from his parents and says, “I can do it myself.”

He never can. Not only are we not wired with sufficient peripheral vision – our capacitors let us do certain things but not all. The search for mechanical intelligence is just such a hoping against hope, not unlike the fabian utopia.

3. State and international socialism and personal slavery

This is where we currently are. Twelve years in Britain has illustrated the principle that when you destroy incentive and curb freedom, the room to move, you cause a society to stagnate and cease to produce. It has never worked, in terms of the betterment of man but it has worked very well, were there a dark entity which desired a more or less permanent state of instability and misery.

4. A Judaeo-Christian model. While it has the advantage of curbing even the non-believer to the extent that people do roughly follow certain rules and adhere to certain standards, there is a side to it to which most do not wish to subscribe – the necessity for personal regulation, the deferring of personal gratification and an acceptance, no matter how tacitly, of a higher power with the ability to cook your goose.

With society having only just [in terms of history] thrown off the onerous shackles of aspiring to a blameless life, few are going to relinquish the new-found freedom and subject themselves to that once again. It would take a dire situation and a series of cataclysms to get people to embrace the Sermon on the Mount once more and yet, if you think it through, to do so would solve most of the ills in a short space of time.

It’s a good social mechanism. All the most advanced societies, in terms of evolving, have Judaeo-Christian roots or have at one time been in proximity to one of these.

The other side knows that too and so is hellbent on presenting Christianity in its most patriarchal, ludicrous and obnoxious form, especially in America, to the point where there are calls for its banning, a position, incidentally which it historically thrives in.

Thus Christians in the west are not yet thrown to the lions – that will come later.

5. Anarchy and the rise of the robber baron

Doesn’t need any explanation from me. We’re in N3 and heading towards N5. Good luck for 2010.