Best laid plans [2]

You might have guessed it.  The Combi-boiler went kaput last weekend and I bought a convection heater to see me through the week.  I was told that the new boiler would be here Saturday.

At the same time, a whole lot of job related stuff descended and I’ve had meetings much of the week.

Fine, not a problem.  I showered at the club and still had gas and cold water.  Today, Friday, I have the most important of these meetings.

Guess what?

At 07:30 this morning, out of bed an hour and a half, due to the domestic fight downstairs which spilled out onto the public space, with me in thermal vest and surf shorts, not a pretty sight, the door buzzer went.  I ignored it but it persisted.

And persisted.

I finally answered it.  It were the young lad come to change the boiler.


Oh, they’ll be here all day, I was told.  At this point, a face appeared up a ladder outside my bedroom window and they were painting the window sills and replacing some of the surrounding brickwork.

Uh huh.

Now, what am I going to do about this meeting?  Should I take the computer with me or not?  I take the chance on the lad – I heard him on the phone to his grandfather and he seems that long lost phenomenon – a genuinely good lad.  I’m going to take the chance.

If you don’t get a further post today, you’ll know it all went pear-shaped.  So, taxi’s waiting downstairs and I’ll bid you au revoir.

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  1. October 23, 2009 at 20:46

    What a nightmare of a morning!!! I hope after all of that the meeting went ok?

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