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As you know, this little blog has covered Feminazis, the Pink Mafia, radical Islam, PCers, Them and a few others but it has never addressed the BNP or abortion.  That’s because I’m in two minds about these issues and don’t know what to say.  Suppose I’d better get into this BNP thing as everyone else seems to be having his/her tuppence halfpenny worth.

For a start, I’d not join the BNP because I don’t like Griffin – he’s so typically the Hitler bully boy and all protestations about reasonableness and patriotism bely his actions.  If he says there was no holocaust, then he can go to hell although I’d hate to see him incarcerated for it, as that plays into the hands of the very people I rail against – those who’d jail someone for disagreeing.  Look at Obama on Fox at the moment.  Sheesh!

At Blogpower, in early 2007, we had a Great Schism when we lost a lot of hard-won members, including some pretty vital bloggers who refused to carry BNP members in the blogroll.  One of our BNP members, Wayne, I have a secret liking for [not that way – no].  He was so funny in his manner and I enjoyed his posts.  Half the time he made sense and I agreed with him.

But he was BNP and that’s almost a crime over here.

How opponents of the BNP can possibly justify publishing member lists, refusing them a platform when we are decrying why LPUK and UKIP can’t get platforms in major debates either is beyond me.  These are the same bullyboy, underhanded tactics that they’re accusing the BNP of.  Look – it’s coercion.

Now, the last thing I want to see is a rabble of brownshirts formed into ranks and marching up and down the streets.  The history of thugs taking over the streets in times of economic woe is well documented.  It’s a recipe for disaster, detracts from and hijacks legitimate [as distinct from professional] protest from middle England or Britain.

Did you see that youtube as an ASBO approached a biker’s front door, the biker took his c–p for a few minutes then bopped him.  What a low-life coward that ASBO was, an utter waste of space.  And yet he has a right to live and if he’d been given some sort of values somewhere, he’d be more productive but that’s getting into the whole argument about what’s happened in this country over the past few decades.

Against this, some of the more recognized bloggers [including one who was with me in the Weblog Awards in 2007] are either BNP or BNP sympathizers.  Wayne asked, legitimately, “Have you ever been to one of our meetings?  Have you?  We talk about policy and stuff and people behave like.”

Wayne was booted out of Blogpower, no matter what anyone says, because he took the piss and someone shopped him over it.  That was all.  I still like him.  Some of the BNP visit and comment on this blog but left-liberals also have an open voice here and I’m sure not going to shut them down, just because I disagree.

Anyway, in some matters, I’m further right than Attila the Hun myself, especially on The Family and I’ll say now I agree with the thrust of what Enoch said, if not his undoubted prejudice which he kept in check.  I’m extremely p—ed at the moment that the white, ageing male is an endangered species in the workplace and is actively discriminated against by hypocrites.

They have the nerve to say this is racist and yet all official bodies run this questionnaire on ethnicity.  I say run NO questionnaire on ethnicity – what’s a person’s race to you?  If you run such a questionnaire, then you’re as racist as hell yourself and you’re discriminating against a section of the population, an unpopular section admittedly, of which I’m a part.

They call it “positive discrimination”.  Weasel words.  Falsehoods.  Constructs.  Self-delusion.  It’s bloody racism, call a spade a spade [oops – may use that word these days?].  Look, there’s an ethnic stock called British, which leans Celtic, which leans Anglo-Saxon and that’s who we are.  Now, anyone else who wants to work hard and make a life for themselves – fine.  My Paki shopkeeper down the road here and I share a joke every day about something or other, insofar as he can speak English but he’s got more right to respect than that white ASBO who attacked the biker.

There’s got to be some common sense here.

Yes, get across to Griffin and his henchmen that his stormtrooper tactics are not British and not welcome.  But at least let him on the platform because he does head a party which is an established party in the UK.  Some of the things he says echo conservatism and are essentially correct.  Ditto le Pen in France.  Some of the things the Lib Dems say make sense too.

Common sense.  Discretion.  Sanity.  These are what’s required.

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  1. The Underdoug
    October 22, 2009 at 10:33

    I would let the BNP unfettered (but wholly attributed in that senior party officials would not be able to masquerade as semi-disinterested supporters) onto the airwaves. Shouting them down just gives them victim status and far too much attention. Ideally, their own words would alienate voting fodder sufficiently that they would be treated with the sort of contempt that NuLab gets at the moment.

    What I really fear is if they ended up being led by someone of Tony Blair’s (peace be upon him, eternal peace) presentation abilities (and then getting within a dog’s butt-sniff of power). Of course, that situation would probably be due to the machinations of ‘Them’ giving a political vehicle to their preferiti.

  2. ivan
    October 22, 2009 at 10:56

    Well said sir!

    The Anti Fascists are the brownshirts not the BNP at the moment. As you say Griffin is of the old party and not necessarily to be trusted but that doesn’t obscure the fact that immigration, as it stands, is a problem in the UK.

  3. October 22, 2009 at 11:19

    I don’t see the BNP as a viable party and I would never join them but you have to admit they stir things up. I think I would vote for them rather than Cameron because of that. If we can’t have progress at least lets stir things up a bit. Cameron has no real differences with Gordo at the moment. He is pro EU and is against democracy. He is another slick salesman and his current lead will reduce as time goeson. It wouldn’t surprise me to find they only have a few percent between them into the next election.

    Consider that Labour is generally accepted as the worst party in history even among labour supporters. So why is it Cameron is only just making headway?

  4. October 22, 2009 at 11:28

    I disagree James. The BNP are fascists- leading figures have said in private that they admire the Nazi party. I would not ban them from saying things or stop them appearing on the BBC- but I despise them more than any other major party. I have plenty of friends who are of Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Jewish, Chinese, African of various varieties etc. The BNP denies that any of them are British: I think that is ridiculous, many of them are as patriotic as I am, love this country as much as I do and would die for it. Anyone who says they aren’t British is my enemy.

    Secondly the BNP say stuff about Islam that is demonstrably false. Griffin takes Muslims who are the Westborough Baptist Church of Islam and uses them to represent the whole religion- all of the billions of people who believe in that faith. He spreads libels about Islam as a faith as well. Denying the Holocaust is also beyond the pale for me: again I know people whose parents and grandparents narrowly escaped the holocaust, the generation who narrowly escaped will always be affected by that legacy as will their children. That someone would deny it rules them out for me from political office as does Griffin’s lies about Islam.

    You write elsewhere here about civil disobedience from law enforcement: in general I think there is a very high bar for civil disobedience from servants of the crown. Were the BNP to ever come to power I think there would be only two courses open to me as a citizen: violent revolt or emmigration. There would be only more open to a civil servant or a soldier: one of which would be in my view justifiable refusal to enact orders from the BNP. And they are about the only significant political party of whom I would say that.

  5. October 22, 2009 at 12:25


    The BNP will never come to power, and rightly so, but they will always be a party for those disgruntled by positive discrimination and the unapposed advance of Islam in the UK.

    The more the major parties turn a blind eye, or in Camerons recent stance, encourage discrimination then the more people will turn to the BNP to redress the balance.

    Where else can you get your voice heard? None of the other parties are listening.

    • October 22, 2009 at 12:38

      You know, I don’t disagree with Tiberius here – I’m down on blind prejudice too but the issue is what is blind and what is well founded. Therein lies the issue. The other lads here – well, yes, I’d agree and immigration does need to be looked at dispassionately.

  6. October 22, 2009 at 16:36

    I think Toque in the comments here in tis link best covers the rise of the BNP and understandable attitudes to it

    And this one in the Telegraph is also very good

    None of the parties will address the issues. They will yell “racists” and go about how abhorrent they are as though that absolves them and provides resolution. Meanwhile the BNP will continue to grow until the issues that affect people are handled in a meaningful manner and the divisive Race Relations Act, multi culturalism and identity politics cease to be played by all three of the main parties. I think Tocque hits the nail on the head when he says the BNP are doing nothing more. . Which is why I think the whole “Nothing British About the BNP” is a crock. British politics has become all about playing one group off against another and the BNP are simply joining in. In the end people who are inclined to vote for them don’t give a damn what the chattering classes think. It’s tragic but I lay this squarely at the feet of ‘virtuous’ liberals.

    They won’t come to power but they will definitely acquire the same status as the FN. The FN almost made it into power in France and in the end the parties had to stop wailing racist and deal with the issues pushing people towards them.

    If the BNP makes it in all my family would be kicked out. We haven’t even acquired British citiizenship fully yet! But I can totally and fully understand the frustrations of people voting for them and think the whole “mean fascist” approach is as stupid as it is patronising to the people behind their votes.

    Of course the other issue is Islam. And thanks again to liberals completely denying any issue therein the BNP have been able to seize on it when there demonstrably ARE issues within Islam in this country and run with it. The idea that THEY are the ones lying about Islam in this country is palpably false. You can sit back and watch any number of yourtube videos for the full British Islamic opinion all of which has been towed by the BBC and others as the go to voice for muslim opinion in this country. If its not then where in Gods name are the voices opppsing them? More fool the idiots on the Left who continue to shove their damn heads in the sand and make like there isn’t an issue with this mysoginistic disgusting and hate mongering creed. Fundalmentalist Islam IS an issue. As long as people ignore it that too will allow the BNP to prosper.

  7. October 22, 2009 at 16:41

    Do you know what makes me sad about this country I love? That people go effing nuts about the BNP but never once protest the racism, woman hating, death loving blood lust cult that is fundamentalism Islam which has been allowed to swell in closed off communuties where they HATE us. It makes me mad as hell that everyone on the Left can get all self righteous about the BNP but raise barely a squeak about the racist and hateful events of 7/7 other than to decry anyone who voices an anger about it as racist.

    • October 22, 2009 at 16:46

      Couldn’t agree more. There is so much hypocrisy and what gets me is hearing someone called a racist today [not me this time] and it was done as a throwaway line, not even connected to anything remotely racist. The names we call people today – fling them about with abandon and don’t mind whom you slur. It’s truly sickening.

  8. October 22, 2009 at 17:18

    This whole “not British” thing is silly. What’s British about Marxism or Communism? And yet that has neatly infiltrated every aspect of left wing politics unchallenged. To the degree that my local pub has a picture of Mao on the wall like some poster boy and noone bats an eyelid. The other day my mates laughed at me for referring to it as The Communist. When I suggested how they would feel walking into a pub and seeing Hitler on the wall they all shifted uncomfortably in their seats. Why is one group of politics abhorrent and yet communism, marxism and fundamentalist Islam somewhere between a shoulder shrug and acceptable as British?

  9. October 22, 2009 at 19:10

    Alison is talking a lot of sense, in my opinion. I criticise Christianity a fair bit, and everyone around me accepts it as my view, or just laughs at my foolishness. When I criticise Islam, suddenly the hands go up in horror and I am a “racist”, but then if I criticise Israel I am apparently “anti-semitic” (and the hands are raised in horror again), but it appears to be perfectly OK for me to criticise Buddhists, or atheists, or scientologists, the Scots (since I am one) and the English (well, everybody seems to be allowed to do that :-). Racism, mysogyny and general nastiness is to be found everywhere and in all communities, but some of the worst and most obvious examples are within the communities most generally portrayed as victims of it, and whom The Left do indeed seem blindly desperate to indulge. I don’t like the BNP though.

  10. October 22, 2009 at 19:19

    I am not sure I agree that that they will never come to power. The BNP appeal to both left and right wing voters who are disgruntled with the main parties and they are gaining ground.

    As always, what is really at stake is our freedoms – Libertarian versus totalitarian. People need to keep those thoughts in their mind and not get sidetracked by other issues.

    I watch the goings on closely and I ‘know’ that the press haven’t accurately reflected what happened in the recent disputes with the fascists and anti fascists.

    It needs a little digging to find the truth 😉

  11. October 22, 2009 at 19:47

    Yes, all three are speaking sense and there is more. That anecdote about criticizing and having goes at our friends and so on. I heard an interesting one today. Think I’ll post on this once these comments die down.

  12. October 22, 2009 at 23:46


    The other parties will change their views when the BNP gets into any position of power. They will pick up the vote winning actions like the blood suckers all politicians are. Most people don’t like the BNP policies outside the immigration ones and for good reason. If they ever, which I doubt, get into a similar position as the LibDems are now then they will need some real policies over and above ones on immigration.


    It depends on your situation if it will impact you and your family. However, politicians do two things well. Nothing and overreact. So you never know. One thing I am sure about though is only politicians can take something that is working well and make it crap. So what hope do we have they can fix something that is crap to begin with.

  13. October 23, 2009 at 07:40

    Whatever Nick Griffin’s qualities, or lack thereof, doesn’t make the three main parties any less odious.

  14. October 23, 2009 at 07:42

    In the O’Donnell househiold there is a deep difference of opinion. I think the BNP are scum, the not-wife thinks they are vermin. There is no middle ground.

  15. October 23, 2009 at 10:28

    There is a naughty little boy inside me who would love to see a BNP PM in Downing Street simply so I could see all those hateful neoliberal mediocrities wet their little panties.

    I read a comment on a forum recently where someone predicted a BNP/Conservative coalition government one day. I’m starting to think its possible.

  16. October 23, 2009 at 20:52

    Lord T,

    I think you might be surprised at how many people are swayed by the BNP.

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