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Two excellent posts at The First Post today – one on the economy tomorrow morning – can’t face economics in the evening and the other on the influence of Messalin Carla Bruni.

We’ve all seen those nude shots and she’s not bad, we’ve all heard her voice and she’s not bad, we’ve all heard her give it to Berlusconi and she’s not bad.  However, her influence at the Elysee Palace is.  It was she who got her husband to employ Rent Boy Min in this “employ as many socialists as possible” government and the French people do not appear amused, especially those on the right plus Rashida Dati.

He’s obviously besotted with Carla and the question is how much pillow influence she really does exert.  Contrast these statements:

Sarkozy himself admitted to the French media that his wife’s importance was ‘immense’. He said recently: ‘I attach great weight to what she says to me. Her views widen my outlook and my thoughts.’

But he added: ‘Carla and I speak a lot, but I think I have reached an age that allows me not to be influenced by anyone.’  Bruni has frequently denied she has any sway over her husband’s policies.

She said in a separate interview with Au Feminin magazine this month: ‘I have no influence on my husband’s political decisions. They are his and he makes them in his own name.’


[He] told Le Point magazine that the views of his glamorous third wife mean a lot to him. “I accord a lot of importance to what she tells me. Her views broaden my perspective, my thoughts,” the Telegraph quoted Sarkozy, as telling the magazine.

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Well, I’m sure you’ve all seen that before.  Now, from Le Figaro:

Après Ségolène Royal et Dominique de Villepin, c’est au tour de Carla Bruni-Sarkozy de se lancer sur la toile. La première Dame de France devrait en effet lancer son propre site lundi sous le nom, révèle l’

«Le président n’utilisera pas lui-même Twitter, mais on détaillera sa démarche tout au long du sommet et l’évolution des négociations», précise le responsable de la communication de l’Elysée, Franck Louvrier, au Journal du Dimanche.

So, if you feel like twittering Carla, go ahead.  Why is French politics so interesting compared to the rest?

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  1. October 13, 2009 at 07:29

    Understanding/appreciating other people’s points of view and thoughts is broadening. It gives you a wider base for understanding the world, maybe you even get to pick up ideas you would not have thought of otherwise.

    Face it she can’t be dumb having done what she has done and been successful as she has. Even if she is beautiful.

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