Common Purpose – the disease spreads to the Netherlands


Did you think Common Purpose had died away of late?  Not a bit of it.

Via Cassandra, they have dug in in the Netherlands and have an office in Price-Waterhouse Coopers, operating “met de programma namen: Matrix Amsterdam, Matrix Rotterdam.”  The purpose is to infiltrate the business world and make it, as Cassandra puts it “post-modern leftist green”.

It’s the same takeover as in the regions of the UK and at all levels of key personnel.  They are so infiltrated in the UK now that one doesn’t even know if some of the commenters on this site are CP – sometimes I think the failure to see what’s been said here is deliberately obtuse.

The agenda is “leadership beyond authority”, i.e. taking over without legitimacy, as Brown did and destroying the host nation as an entity.  This is out and out global socialism.  The logo they use, which the Dutch CP watchdog posts, is sickening in its childlike innocence and exhortation to all work together.

Oh really?  To take over from democratically elected representatives and follow the Euro-prescription?  Yeah, let’s all work together.  Have you noticed how this financial collapse of ours coincides with the infiltration of CP into the business world?

These people are bad news and those who managed to stymie the 5th column in the last war would be turning over in their graves at the thought that this government has welcomed these monstrosities with open arms.

CP is a training programme for top level managers [or those who aspire to be this] who will assume leadership when the global blueprint comes into practice.  The technique is for each cog to conform to groupthink without dissent – here is one of the methods:

The NLP Milton model uses non-specific and metaphoric language allowing the listener to fill in the gaps, making their own meaning from what is being said, finding their own solutions and inner resources, challenging and reframing irrational beliefs.

Grinder and Bandler stated that there were a few common traits expert communicators – whether top therapists, top executives or top salespeople – all seemed to share:

Everything they did in their work, was pro-active (rather than reactive), directed moment to moment by well-formed outcomes rather than formalized fixed beliefs.

A Well-formed outcome is a term originating in neuro-linguistic programming for an outcome one wishes to achieve, that meets certain conditions designed to avoid (1) unintended costs or consequences and (2) resistance to achieving the goal resulting from internal conflicting feelings or thoughts about the outcome.

What can you and I do against this invidious, invisible organization which is hellbent on transforming the very nature of the society we live in to turn the populace compliant and occupied?

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