Gangsters separating you from your property


The man has the facts at his fingertips:

Folks, none of this was an accident and still isn’t:

We still have banks that are holding worthless (or “worth less”) paper on their books at or near “par” and employing all sorts of games to avoid recognition of already-taken losses, including refusing to foreclose on delinquent notes (ref: Sarasota Tribune among countless others as I have previously documented)

We have what appears to be systematic and pernicious fraud in mortgage assignments, including (if the document sent to me is correct) documents alleged to be executed by an officer of an entity that in fact is an employee of the receiving entity in what appears to be a clear case of “uttering” (forgery.) This does not appear, based on my quick perusal of public records, to be an isolated incident either – it instead appears to be a pattern of intentional conduct.

We have a judgment out of Boston in which it appears that not only have lenders and securitizers not complied with the requirements of State Law but that they may have violated Federal Anti-Money-Laundering Law in that the issuance of “bearer” instruments has been illegal in The United States since 1982! An endorsement “in blank” is, from a standpoint of the effect of such an endorsement, the creation of a bearer instrument.

* We have what appears to be a pattern of institutions willfully issuing MBS under false pretense where the requirements of the offering prospectus were wantonly and intentionally ignored, creating the potential for these MBS to be rendered utterly worthless. There were literally trillions of dollars of these MBS created in the United States over the last decade; this is not a minor issue. Key questions remain open and unanswered in regard to MBS issuance under these allegedly-false pretenses, chief among them being (1) whether The Fed and Treasury have monetized these in response to demands from China and other foreign banks who recognized their deficiencies, and (2) whether this constitutes a cover-up of outrageous and pernicious (and quite possibly felonious) behavior by mortgage originators, servicers and securitizers.

It certainly appears that just as in the 1920s the “captains of finance and real estate” ran nothing more or less than sophisticated scams designed to separate Americans (and foreign investors) from not only their money but their property. These acts, now as then, appear to have been permeated with and enabled by a list of felonies as long as your arm.

If you don’t accept this, then read this series.  You won’t though, as firstly – you may already have read it, secondly – it’s too long and you have no time or thirdly – it’s too boring.

I’d dearly like to see a series on the UK and in particular, the BofE.