Guilty until proven innocent


Excellent point by Tom Paine about the concept of “innocent until proven guilty”.  He was referring to the Hampshire matter where a dead man has a stigma attached which has not been proven in fact.  As Tom says:

Whatever the truth of the charges against their husband and father, they are suffering innocents. That the “police spokesman” took his moment in the limelight rather than spare their feelings is proof enough that, socially and morally, Britain is broken.

I commented that this is precisely what Agatha Christie referred to in a number of stories when she said that innuendo and whispering can destroy a person because charges are not formally laid and proven and it is those left behind who suffer.

She referred to a woman who kept house and the lady of the house lost a jewel.  Nothing was ever openly charged but the housekeeper was never trusted again by anyone and as she’d been loyal and efficient to that point for decades, it broke her.  Later the jewel turned up.

That is completely different to someone who has a history of nefarious activity and a less than scrupulous modus operandi which can be pointed to and is generally acknowledged, a continuum which shows through and is a fair assumption to make.  What Tom is referring to is a one off or maybe even a two-off incident.

Having said all that, since when has litigation and trial ever proved anything?  The former depends only on the depth of your pockets and the skill of the attorney [Carter F et al] and the latter reminds me of the West Midlands Police.

It also comes down to how much one cares.  The most appalling things have been said about yours truly in the past year [without any reply from me], on the basis of no smoke without fire – an interesting legal principle – and quite frankly, I don’t give a toss.  Readers can work me out from my blog writing and literature – it’s all there and from meeting me, as some have been unfortunate enough to do.

Coming back to the wife and family of this man in Hampshire – well, they do care, they’re desperately affected and Tom’s rejoinder at the end of his post seems appropriate.  How can those innocents ever lift their heads up again in society without hearing whispering all around them?

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  1. October 13, 2009 at 20:02

    Well that sadly is the state of affairs in the UK now.

    House raided and arrested for terrorist charges. Can’t find anything because their intelligence is based on someone you don’t like making a phone call.

    Don’t worry though. For some reason all terrorists, with no terrorist material, also keep child porn on their computer. Whoo Hoo, conviction.

    Handy that.

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