Quango paradise – are they also issued with 72 virgins?


Unusual to start with a comment before the actual article but this one stood out:

glad to see some elements of the … media actually reporting the truth. I commend you for your honesty in regards to the farce that is the UNHRC. Imagine letting a convicted child offender open a child care centre or a a convicted armed bank robber manage your finances. Well this is what we are dealing with when despots and abusive goverments determine the future of Human Rights

The article itself draws attention to the UNHRC and points out:

There’s no shortage of angry, resentful and underachieving Arabs at the UN, nor will it run out of like-minded Africans too soon.

By and large, Arabs and Africans are not good at democracy. They don’t do personal freedoms all that well. Many of them are fond of cruel and unusual punishments – you know, public stonings for miscreant young women wanting to marry the man of their choosing, that sort of thing.

That the UN powerlessly condemns such behaviour is, apparently, beside the point.

In a sneering perversion of logic, some Arab and African nations, to whom human rights are an unnecessary indulgence, sit at some of the UN’s top tables – the UN Human Rights Council and even the Committee Against Torture.

The article then specifies some:

So which fearless, peace-loving and virtuous states signed on?

Senegal, for a start. Kids are big business in Senegal, but not the Toys ‘R’ Us kind. There they are sold into forced labor, prostituted and often trafficked to other countries to become domestic servants – the illegal variety that has almost no identity and whom you can imprison and rape with impunity.

This year Senegal arrested nine HIV-prevention workers, reportedly beat them, accused them of consorting with criminals (being in police custody in Dakar, I guess they were), charged them with “indecent and unnatural acts” and jailed them.

Senegal – and I wish this were a joke – is also a key player on the UN’s Committee Against Torture.

Egypt also saw merit in the loony resolution. Now here’s a country that keeps the Committee Against Torture busy. The committee has expressed concern at the “persistence of the phenomenon of torture and ill-treatment of detainees by law enforcement officials”.

In 2002, the very committee on which now Egypt sits found it guilty of a pattern of “torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment”.

Nigeria voted yes. I’m voting Nigeria’s one of the nastiest governments on earth. Prisoners of its corrupt judicial system are raped and tortured. The lucky ones.

And so on.  Institutionalized hypocrisy.  Recently, I’ve been following the Canadian joke – the CHRC – and many bloggers have commented on that.  Here is Blazing Cat Fur:

Ezra has posted his rebuttal to Moon’s latest apologia for the CHRC.

My thoughts – Moon is either uninformed, unable or unwilling to address serious matters of corruption and conflict of interest at the CHRC as uncovered from official transcript testimony made under oath by CHRC staff themselves. If Moon is unwilling to address these matters then he himself is as guilty of the “Spin” he accuses others of.

… and Halls of Macadamia:

Dear CHRC…

“One of the tenets of Canadian law – a real human right, not one of your counterfeit human rights such as the ‘right not to be offended’ –is equal justice under law.”

And so it goes on.  The pattern is always the same – set up an unwieldy committee costing obscene amounts of taxpayers’ money, stock it with good PCists and then go out on witch hunts for the usual PC targets, accompanied by deep endemic corruption which the blogosphere then dutifully reports on.

The at once fascinating and horrifying aspect of all this is that it is global in scope, that every country seems to have gone the same way and the malignant grand-dame of them all, the UN, sits astride the world and spews out the poison from its rotting carcass.

[Sorry about that last bit just after your breakfast.]

3 comments for “Quango paradise – are they also issued with 72 virgins?

  1. ivan
    October 26, 2009 at 10:16

    The members of all the worlds quangos should be taken out and shot – that might go a long way to reduce the world over population.

  2. QM
    October 26, 2009 at 16:16

    The UN is an increasing irrelevance and should have been replaced by an “Organisation of Democratic states” years ago.

    • October 27, 2009 at 18:58

      Quango free has a lovely sound to it.

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