The best laid plans …


Compared to Andrew Allison‘s woes and probably yours as well, my source of annoyance this morning must seem insignificant.

It was the sheer disorganization which made me write a timetable.  I was promising to get back to people and not doing it, worrying about work, toothache and so on and basically failing to cope.  So, a rigid timetable was the only way – it worked well in Russia so why wouldn’t it here?

Yesterday was Day 1 – first genuine training day [the others before the conference were shaking the cobwebs out].  Gruelling but good, followed by the bicycling up to my friend’s place.  A feeling of achievement, of getting somewhere.  Diet right again and swimming on the alternate days.

Down I went there today, stoked up with energy and even the change of fitness advisor didn’t faze.  What did faze was when he said, “Pool’s closed.”

What!?!  Pools don’t close without notice.

They do if they’re leaking water, a fairly fundamental problem, one would have thought and possibly involving structural changes down there.  I can see it closed for months.  Bloody hell and I’d only just slotted swimming into the mix.

There are other pools.  Yeah, yeah but this one is a short bike ride from me and I have an issue with the hygiene of big public pools and ASBOs.  Besides, the whole point of it was to have a quick swim before the day’s doings began.  And it was such a nice, light, bright, friendly looking pool, dotted about with OAPs and almost like my apprenticeship for old age – not at all unpleasant.

I’m sorry, I’m going to be petulant and childish about it – this is the pits, it’s typical, it’s what always happens, damn it. Aaaaaaaaagh!!!

There now.  That feels better.  On my bike and see you later.

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  1. October 14, 2009 at 22:28

    Ahh! one of those!!! days…

    PS: you need to sort out that toothache xx

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