What is needed within the next year


It was Woody Allen, in one of his skits who said he saw his life pass before his eyes and then realized it was someone else’s life. In a similar way, there’s a personal crisis I’m deeply involved in at the moment and it’s not mine. Even if it were, it’s not blog material.

What it is does do though is focus the mind on just how naively, politically incompetent most people are and just how evil a tiny minority are. That’s not an insult to anyone in particular – it’s just an observation.

Start with the U.S.A.. The country is in crisis over the actions of the banks over sub-primes and all the other greed, e.g. the hedge funds.  The bankers get all the blame, particularly from the traditional left, exonerating or paying lip-service to the role of the punter who went ahead and bought on credit. This was the politics of envy, where people saw other people with consumer items, in fine homes, jetsetting here and there and wanted the same lifestyle as some sort of “right”, without having to do anything towards that.

Living beyond their financial means.

So, with people bankrupting and losing their homes, what does Obama do? Propose a vision of trillions of dollars more debt to the American consumer, on top of what is already there! And this is supposed to be the leftist compassionate society? As for actual compassion, the rule is – we want you to be kind and altruistic and non-discriminatory and all-inclusive and we’re going to beat you down and lock you up until you do it.

Compassion is only available to those of a particular mindset but if you disagree with us, you get incarcerated. This is the rank hypocrisy I detest on that side of politics, this assumption that they are all lovely and working for good causes and invoking the state when it doesn’t work.

The State’s not interested in good causes. It’s under the control of Them and your accession to this panacea they’ve placed before your eyes simply plays into Their hands, just as the aspirations and envy of the ordinary person led the financial world to go the way it went. Where there’s no restraint by regulatory bodies, then there’ll be no restraint on the part of the ordinary person.

People respond far more to the vision in front of them than to Thous Shalt Not. The Serpent took Jesus to the top of a mountain and said all he surveyed could be his if he’d come over to the dark side, if he’d just sell his soul, a minor matter. The old Faustian bargain.

Jesus took the point of view that it was an illusion and that the Serpent didn’t actually have the power to provide all that was promised, that it was a lie, painted in brilliant colours and appealing to Man’s deepest desires, bereft of reason. This was then presented as Reason.

As for Brown – do you honestly see him leading you to the Promised Land? When you look about you and sneak out to your wheelie bin to slip a bag of refuse in the wrong place, do you cast your eyes about to see no one’s watching? When you’re speaking with someone you meet, are you supercareful you don’t say what you feel, for fear that person will shop you and the thought police will charge you with a hate crime?
If so, then you’re living in a police state, appropriately called the UKSSR. And this is the panacea Brown and his predecessor hold up for all Brits to admire? And the bloated Elfansafetee with their bizarre rulings on what could hurt us – tell me the truth – do you enjoy being overregulated like that? Do you enjoy having to meet some KPIs to go to the toilet properly?

Do you need instructions on a packet of crisps: “Open pack at top, put fingers in and withdraw crisp, place in mouth and munch. Keep out of the hands of children who don’t know when to stop”?


Or are you bewildered how all this managed to come about?

In America, it’s easy – you voted in a Skull and Cross Bones and then you turned around and voted in a known communist. In the UK, you repeatedly voted in a government which all the while was pumping legislation through parliament to take away your freedoms, in line with the EU, which itslef is in line with the very malcontents Churchill referred to:

“and now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads, and have become practically the undisputed masters of that enormous empire”

Just substitute the UK for Russia and it’s up to date. And the stupid Irish go and vote this in, given everything that’s been written, all the warnings, all the anti-EU sites out there? Simple – they never read the warnings. They were off doing something else, watching tele, reading other sorts of things.

It gets me so angry. It’s like watching someone beside you, whom you know is acting a right prat, incurring the inevitable consequences of his/her foolishness and dragging you along for the punishment as well when you told him/her until you were blue in the face that it was wrong and you even showed, in point form, why that was so.

So, the inevitable retribution comes and you are swept away too.

This is what is so badly needed:

1. In the short term, get Obama and Brown out;

2. Begin the tightening of the belts for all and starve the credit agencies of funds;

3. Begin to reintroduce the old sane code of sustainable values, which will involve retraining or replacing the teachers who are currently imparting this mindless pap of how hard done by everyone is, oppressed by men and anyone white.

Which values? Why not start by reteaching the heritage of the land we live in and the Judaeo-Christian principles it rested on. The values of hard work being the only way to produce sustainable growth, along with loyalty, decency and pride in one’s nation, as it was traditionally defined.

That’s a start.

There are enough educators out there, currently shut out of the system, who can step in and do that. We’re not talking religion here – just the social principles;

4. Repeal the thousands of mindless laws brought in [in the UK] by the socialists and get back to some sort of “adultizing” of the population, getting them to stand on their own feet rather than being an obese mother pig on which you are provided with one teat to suck on until the milk dries up.

5. Bring the perpetrators of the iniquities to justice, including the traitor masquerading as the President of the EU.

6. In the UK, withdrawing from the bulk of the EU constraints and renegotiating our place as a nation trading bilaterally with European nations but also forging even stronger ties with the U.S. and the Commonwealth nations of our ethnic stock plus those of other ethnic stock who were born here but then placing limitations on who else comes in.

Those measures are a start. I can’t see anyone doing what they really should do and immediately cut out all CBs, the Treasury taking over the functions of these private corporations and issuing debt-free notes, rather than debt-laden banker bonds.

That will probably come in the phase after that, even though that simple expedient would kill off the stranglehold on us which is keeping us in this constant cycle of misery.


And while we’re at it, Wat Tyler lists these as the current hot buttons:

  1. Gordo – unelected, incompetent, despised – “he has to go” (I paraphrase – it was generally expressed rather more colourfully)
  2. Immigration – “completely out of control… I don’t care what the EU says – it must be stopped”
  3. Welfare scroungers – “like all these girls who keep having kids to stay on benefits and get council houses”
  4. EU referendum – “we’ve been lied to” (nobody mentioned the Lisbon Treaty – they want a referendum on the entire deal)

6 comments for “What is needed within the next year

  1. October 11, 2009 at 12:41

    You have just put into a nutshel everything I have been bleating on about on my site and other blogs for what seems like a lifetime…..

    Only one point I must disagree with is the point of “our ethnic stock”….I always wind the BNP up on this when I say that I agree with their policy of making Britain for the “indigenous peoples of Britain”….(Hold it!!)….I believe that anyone of Roman, Norman, Saxon and Celtic (Yes Celtic) descent should leave the country so that the Welsh can have a lovely garden where Kent once stood and regain their position as rulers of the world 🙂

    British ethnicity is based on immigration over thousands of years…even the hallowed celts were immigrants!!!

    But I do believe in a lockdown on immigration….Why? I hear you ask.

    Well….if you put too many people on a lifeboat….it sinks.

  2. October 11, 2009 at 14:55

    That’s all I was referring to. America’s the same. Nation of immigrants – fine. So time to lock it down and say this is what we are.

  3. October 11, 2009 at 15:32

    “So time to lock it down and say this is what we are.”……good idea….I suppose we need to sit down after the recent influx of immigration and rebuild an identity…something I hadn’t thought about before….hmmmm…time for some seriouse chin scratching….Ta James.


  4. October 11, 2009 at 15:37

    Slowing or stopping immigration to manageable, affordable – and dare I say ‘sustainable’- levels is the difference between drinking…and drowning.

  5. QM
    October 11, 2009 at 15:38

    Good post with good points. I’m really not bothered about what Obama gets up too, but he’s definitely symptomatic of the problem rather than the cure.
    It’s time and past time we stood on our own two feet again and embraced the ultimate freedom, that of being free to take the consequences of our own actions, rather than the consequences of some shadowy political elite.

    • October 12, 2009 at 17:24

      Perhaps a bit of common sense will see us through.

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