Albion Alliance – state of play

albion225First and foremost, I shouldn’t be putting discussions here but at the forum, useful though the discussions were.  So this is really a progress report more than anything.  Issues can be discussed over there.

There’s been criticism of the Albion front page and that’s why it was revamped to put things more clearly but basically the site remains and has already had many visitors.  People sign up steadily, more so today when it is all a bit clearer what we’re about.  Many are biding their time to see if anything comes of this.

13th Spitfire who took our site apart but not our policies, also had something quite good up in his sidebar which we could borrow:

Where Power Went

#1 EU
#2 Regional Parliaments
#3 Quangos
#4 Human Rights Judges

Where power should be:

In Parliament, exercised on behalf of elected representatives of the people. Democracy is not a spectator sport.

Now I’d agree with that and that is what we’re trying to deal with.  So if our site is a dog’s breakfast, we’ll fix it.  If the cosmetics need improving, we’ll improve them.  But we won’t deviate from the policy as stated on that front page and the view of the people of the UK that we are just not being heard is the incentive to move on this matter.

We finally got a breather this afternoon and though there’s much to be done, a lot has been put in place, including the makings of a good team to coordinate our moves.  It’s already bearing fruit behind the scenes.

Thanks to all so far.

My own blog

I’m not going to let it be neglected and there are people who include it in their rounds and expect to see certain things up here.  They’ll continue.  As for visiting, it’s slower but I’m getting around in two days.  I’ll be at your place today.

The emails I’m getting say, in the main, don’t be discouraged and keep doing what you are doing. It will build up but it doesn’t all have to be done in a few days.  So settle down for the long haul.  That’s what I’m doing personally.

I have to say that this is a vastly better thing to do, something constructive, than moping about moaning.  It’s good stuff.