Increasing the use of public transport. How not to do it.

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The issue of the transport system in these dystopic times is a key issue and Lord T addresses it here:

One of the key requirements for compliance with climate change is that we give up the use of our cars and start using public transport.

After all it is more efficient to carry 200 people in a train from A to B than it is for 200 cars to drive there. Unfortunately the policy falls down in two ways under our very inefficient governments wonderful handling of, err, well everything.

The first is that not all the 200 want to go from A to B they want to go from C to D and F and G and so on and they don’t want to be crammed into a tine can with kids and other riff raff. Then spend 10 hours making the trip stopping at every station.

Secondly they want to carry more than they can on public transport. They don’t want to have to face government created mini Hitlers at every point on their travel. Many already have cars and want to use them for this.

The government gets around these issues by simply taxing cars to enter certain areas and restricting parking by charging astronomical amounts and taxing parking spaces to make it competitive. This of course only works for places like London, Manchester and Bristol.

Now imagine that they get their way and force most cars off the road. You will soon get situations like this. £1000 for a first-class return walk-up fare from Newquay, in Cornwall to Kyle of Lochalsh, in the Scottish Highlands. This price is now when they have competition. Think what it will be like when that competition is wiped out.

I can buy a car, insure it (If I’m good), fill it with fuel and make the entire journey by car to exactly where I want to go. OK. I’ll be tired but I’m sure so will the train passenger after he has lugged his luggage to a taxi or a bus and I’ll be able to take as much luggage as I want and won’t be bossed about by every man and his dog in a uniform.

Parking won’t be a problem either for that price I’ll just dump the car.

Sounds like another fine policy from the people that are going to solve all your problems.

The government solution to a problem is usually as bad as the problem. – Milton Friedman (1912 – 2006)

2 comments for “Increasing the use of public transport. How not to do it.

  1. November 4, 2009 at 18:38

    So what’s your solution?

  2. November 4, 2009 at 19:13

    Well i actually don’t thin we should force it out there. I think we should instead set up a network of electric vehicles on a spine.

    Basically electric vehicle from home to sub station, like tube stations, where it piggy backs on a rail like network which takes you automatically to the nearest sub station to where you want to be and then drops you off to drive the final leg. All underground, automated and all electric. Charges are per mile.

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