Carla Bruni is an out and out socialist


Neither Le Figaro nor Le Monde are running this today but it’s Bruni in hot water again:

France’s glamorous First Lady Carla Bruni, often accused of meddling in the state’s affairs, has now landed into a “nepotism” controversy, after her son’s godfather was recently given a top government job.

Francois Baudot, a 60-year-old former interior designer friend of Bruni’s for 15 years, has been appointed as France’s new Inspector General of Cultural Affairs despite the government appointment’s commission initially deciding that he was not suitable for the job, the ‘Le Point’ reported.

More immediately worrying than the impression she has on the French people is the impression she has on Sarkozy’s own supporters within the UMP, with her being compared to Marie-Antoinette amongst other things. For her to give an interview where, in all her loveliness, she plays the politically incompetent dutiful wife, is disingenuous at the very least – all of France knows her character to be forceful and her views strong.

It’s this do-gooder “aren’t I a sweet, kind, beneficent person” and “I don’t interfere in politics but the government should do this or that” delusion which characterizes the socialist.  The socialist always denies he/she is a socialist but prefers to be known as someone who supports good causes and spreads love around the world.

An example of this was the Globe and Mail which ran “Happy Holidays” on Christmas Eve and was forced to take it down under a deluge of reader protest. The general tenor of the comments was, “It’s Christmas!  Christmas!  Has the Globe and Mail never heard the word before?  Not Ramadan, not Hanukah – Christmas!”

Did they run a poll asking if people saw it as Christmas or not, to find out once and for all if they were justified?  Oh no. They instantly hit back with a poll asking if people attended religious services at Christmas and of course, 41% said they didn’t.  Hell, nor did I but that doesn’t mean I don’t support Christmas at home, with the Christmas tree.

That’s how the G&M took it though, thus vindicating, in their eyes, the decision to say “Happy Holidays”, so as not to offend other religions but actually to bash Christianity wherever possible – one of the socialists’ favourite targets, along with the family.

It’s the dishonesty of that poll and the attempt in the first place which points straight to socialists.  Their technique is to deny who they really are, pretend to be debating in a fair and rational manner, refusing to address specific questions but to dissolve into emotion and accuse the questioner of all sorts of nefarious things, while berating the questioner for attaching labels to people.  This atter is a surefire way of identifying a socialist.

Why do I detest socialism?  Simply because it invents social constructs and tries to socially re-engineer in an unsustainable and insupportable way, ignoring human nature and in fact oppressing any it doesn’t like, whilst all the time denying, denying, denying that it is doing this.  It is forever in denial, under delusion and never, ever, takes the blame for anything.  It’s high priest, Gordo, is a perfect example of the type.

The sociaist will hit back by accusing the Tories of being just as bad.  This does not address the initial charge on them, themselves, though.  It simply shifts the focus away from them without ever addressing an issue properly.  And they worm their way into power via every fissure and cranny in a creaking ship of state which would sail along fine if left alone but they won’t leave it alone – they have to interfere.

This is why Bruni is unpopular.  Sarkozy was not elected on her platform but on the diametric opposite and the French do not like to find that the politics they thought belonged to them and which they had voted for are, in fact, dominated by the very people they voted out.

Socialists in government are like children with a new toy.  They’ve been swept in on a wave of emotion which fools everyone then, when actually having to take up the reins of power, get dazzled by their own position, e.g. Caroline Flint and Dati in France and being an ideological party, where the ideology rides over the top of everything else, including common sense, they cause untold damage, like putting a child in charge of the helm on a cruise liner in port and hoping the ship does not run aground.

They subscribe to delusion economics, long since abandoned by responsible economists e.g. spending on grandiose schemes with our money, schemes we have absolutely no say in, then they borrow like there’s no tomorrow when it all goes pear-shaped, as elected socialist governments always inevitably do.  Look at what Wilson did to the country.  Look at Obama’s disaster.


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  1. December 28, 2009 at 11:00

    James its not only socialists who occasionally disguise their motives. Vices are not associated with political beliefs. If you want to argue with socialism, argue with the actual propositions advanced by socialists rather than throwing around personal accusations. I don’t find your children in charge of a cruise liner a very apt metaphor for Clem Attlee for example. There are plenty of good reasons to argue against socialism but this post is an ad hominem (actually an ad feminam) and doesn’t deal with any of the arguments socialism makes, not to mention attacking it through people like Bruni no socialist would recognise as a socialist.

    Incidentally Obama’s only been there a year, Wilson wasn’t as much of a disaster as Anthony Eden not to mention Lord North, and in neither case do you explain why the disaster related to their socialism.

  2. December 28, 2009 at 11:00

    Not to mention the fact that Obama is not a socialist- he doesn’t even believe in things that David Cameron believes in in the UK!

  3. December 28, 2009 at 11:07

    Obama is not a socialist? Thank goodness I don’t need to reply to this – a humorous piece of devil’s advocacy, Tiberius and showing your dry sense of humour to good effect.

    Tiberius, a socialist is a person who thinks that to a greater or lesser degree, society can be “adjusted” or reconstituted by the state – from the top down. Interesting that in your own post you use the word “equity” and that puzzled me. I was always brought up to believe that it meant “equal’ or equality” but when one has a quick check of Wiki, through Google [top of page one], just to make sure, you understand, it says this:

    Equity – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Employment equity (Canada), policy requiring or encouraging preferential treatment in employment practices for certain designated groups …

    I’m sorry to have been obtuse before. Here was I thinking it meant “free of discrimination” but of course it means the opposite – to discriminate. That is, whereas before there was no discrimination in state policy, now there is, for ideological reasons. Therefore, a person who speaks of “equity” on the socialist side means “equality through positive discrimination”, i.e. discrimination against groups he doesn’t like, whereas a normal human being would see “equity” to mean “lack of discrimination”.

    He /she supports the state Index of favoured and non-favoured groups and discrimination against the non-favoured, all the while in denial that he/she is, in fact, discriminatory, racist and sexist, al labels devised by his/her own side of politics in the first place to vilify those who don’t embrace the ideology and to encourage people to attack and ostracise those exercising their right of free thought and free speech.

    An example is to say: “Islam is a dangerous religion because it seeks to reconstitute societies it enters,” and immediately the socialist says: “You’re a racist.” That’s the sort of PC thinking I’m referring to.

    Phew. Glad we cleared that one up. 🙂

  4. December 28, 2009 at 14:31

    Here we are about Obama.

    … and here.

    And: The Communist Party USA Endorsed Obama – “Our Party actively supported Obama during the primary election.” Source: CPUSA Website

    And: “To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully,” Obama wrote in his memoir, Dreams From My Father. The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist professors and structural feminists.”

    If it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck and quacks like a duck – it is a duck.

  5. MTG
    December 28, 2009 at 16:20

    She exerts a very strong influence on French males, James. News footage of her sampling the wares of Boulevard Haussman, included an out-of-camera youth romancing her with ‘Va te faire foutre, petasse’.

    Those damn Froggies seem to monopolise tender words.

  6. December 28, 2009 at 23:58

    You can’t generalise about socialists like that, James. And good for her if she is one, anyway!

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