Clara Schwartz. Clara who?

It’s very difficult to get material on this as it is clearly not of great interest to people who like to think pretty girls are, by definition, innocent.  However, this site covers it quite well.

Robert Schwartz, 57, was nationally renowned in the field of biometrics and DNA research. The Associated Press’s Matthew Barakat reports that Schwartz had been working for the past 15 years on DNA sequencing analysis at the Center for Innovative Technology in Herndon, Virginia.

Ironically, while the discovery of DNA identification in the 1980s revolutionized crime investigation, especially for extreme crimes such as rape and murder, Schwartz himself fell victim to one such incident.

On Monday, December 10, 2001, Schwartz did not show up for work. His coworkers phoned a neighbor to check on him. He had lived alone since his wife had died and was usually quite punctual, so they were worried.

They had good reason to be. His corpse was found facedown in his log-and-slate farmhouse, situated near Hamilton, which was around forty miles west of Washington, D.C. He had been stabbed repeatedly (one report said thirty times, another forty-five) with a sharp knife-like implement some time on December 8, two days earlier, and left where he had died.

Investigators who arrived at the scene could clearly see an ‘X’ carved into the skin on the back of Schwartz’s neck, according to the Bloodbank newsletter.

Within days, the police had arrested three friends of Schwartz’s college-age daughter, Clara: Kyle Hulbert, 18; Michael Paul Pfohl, 21; and Katherine Inglis, 19. After the three started talking, there was little doubt that Hulbert had killed the victim, but his bizarre confession and the reasons he gave initially pushed investigators in the wrong direction.

Curious coincidences

Robert Schwartz  farmhouseOn Halloween, Vietnamese immigrant Kathy Nguyen, a hospital technician, inhaled anthrax and died in Manhattan . She had no known connection with the spores, and no bacteria were found in any place where she had been during the previous week.

On November 12, Dr. Benito Que, a biologist, was attacked by four men wielding a baseball bat at the Miami Medical School.

Then Harvard microbiologist Don Wiley, who was investigating immune disorders, vanished. His car was found abandoned on a bridge over the Mississippi River. His family insisted that he would not have committed suicide, yet his body was found three hundred miles downriver.

While investigators were still searching for him, Dr. Vladimir Pasechnik, a microbiologist who worked with biological weapons in the former Soviet Union, died of a stroke, and on December 14, microbiologist Set Van Nguyen suffocated in an Australian storage area full of gas.

It seemed odd that so many scientists had died within a month of one another, and Schwartz was added to this list.

Sieveking ended the article on a suggestive note: “It is possible that nothing connects this string of events; but as with the deaths between 1982 and 1988 of 25 scientists connected with the defense industry—many of which were bizarre or mysterious—it offers ample fodder for the conspiracy theorist or thriller writer.”

[That’s a post in itself.]

The police had interviewed Clara Schwartz, the daughter, for five hours on December 12, two days after the murder, and she had said then that she did not think that Hulbert, a recent acquaintance, would do such a thing. But she also admitted that in her “heart of hearts” she knew he would. They let her go.

Unfortunately she had failed to tell them, when notified about her father’s death, that Hulbert had told her on December 9 that he had committed the murder the day before. She had also failed to inform them about the “vampire role-playing game.”

Katherine Inglis  claimed to have had some idea of what was about to occur on December 8 when she and her boyfriend, Michael Pfohl, gave Hulbert a ride to the Schwartz home to “do a job.”  They discussed an alibi among them, deciding to say that they had gone to the area to get something for Clara, but no one had been home.

Clara Jane Schwartz, 21, was arrested on February 1, 2002, at her dorm on the James Madison University campus where she was a sophomore. A computer was also removed from her room, and she was charged as the fourth person in the conspiracy to murder Robert Schwartz.

A good, regular girl

3-1-Clara-Schwartz-2000Documents found during a legal search indicated that she had helped to plan her father’s murder with the other three suspects. Her grandfather denied to reporters that she’d had any such contact with the suspects, as grandfathers would normally do.

Friends and family saw Clara as “friendly, a good student, avidly interested in history and Civil War battlefields, a computer-science major who owned her own horse, smart and on her way to being quite accomplished.”  An all round good girl.

Yet some also knew her as brooding and rebellious. According to the Washington Post, she liked to dress in the gothic look, sported dark clothing and liked to listen to heavy metal music. She tended to hang out with people who preferred an alternative lifestyle—”alts”.

Her grandfather acknowledged that she was drawn toward a “fringe” group of young people. Other relatives said that in recent years she had been distant from the family.

Inglis now admitted to investigators that Clara had told her and the other two that her father had been violent with her and had tried to poison her “at least eleven times.”  Family members denied this attempt to shift blame onto her father.

The investigation analysed coded e-mails and instant messages among the four friends regarding Clara’s alleged domestic situation.  She’d kept them in a file labeled “UW People,” for Underworld, in her dorm room.

Clara had told the others that her father had tried to poison her and she thought her life would be better if he were eliminated.  When Clara wanted to talk about murder in these messages, she used the word, “tay,” and she referred to her father as OG—”Old Guy.”

She told reporters that she thought Hulbert was “just joking” when he said he would do it.  Yet she also admitted that she had believed that he actually would, and in one message, as reported in AP, she said that “all I ask is that it not trace back to me.”

According to the Washington Post at the end of March, 2002, Clara had been searching for several months for someone to kill her father.  She met Kyle Hulbert in October at a Renaissance festival in Crownsville, MD, and managed to convince him to do the “noble thing” for a “damsel in distress.”

Clara sent Hulbert a check for $60 on the night before the murder, via overnight delivery.  She apparently told detectives it was for Hulbert to be able to pay for gas to get to the farmhouse, gloves to prevent him from leaving fingerprints, a cap (“do-rag”) to prevent him from shedding hair that might be found and link him to the scene, and rags to clean up any potential trace evidence.  He was also to purchase a phone card so he could call her without the call being traced to his phone.

There was no suggestion she’d told him to buy bleach to scrub the murder scene area.

Pretrial hearings indicated that Clara now claimed to have been sexually abused by her father.  Her defense attorneys hoped to portray her as a kid dealing with troubling issues who found escape in fantasy and thus did not realize that the young man she had urged to kill her father might actually go through with it.

Her change in story and the new embellishments did not cut much ice as they had not been consistent claims all the way along.

Internet role-playing


Kathy Inglis

In an opening statement, prosecutor Jennifer Wexton said that Clara had initially asked a man named Patrick House, 21, to kill her father.

He had participated in her roleplaying fantasy game in the role of an assassin, but he said when he had realized that Clara was serious about committing a violent act, he quickly distanced himself from the others.  He said that she hated her father and wanted her considerable inheritance.

Patrick House had briefly dated her prior to the killing of her father.  He described the fantasy game called “Underworld” that Clara had invented.  She had played a character called Lord Chaos, and he had been an assassin. Clara referred to the victim in the game as Old Guy, her “evil father.”  She ordered House to kill him as part of the game, but eventually he found a way to put her off until he could extricate himself from the role.

The internet had played a large role in the pre-crime time frame and the role-playing was an important part of her attempts to find someone who’d do the job.  Whenever there is a crime involving a girl of this age range, the computer is one of the first places to look, along with the phone.

On February 10, after the judge decided that the defense’s motion issue about abuse would have had no effect on the verdict, he sentenced Clara Schwartz to 48 years in prison, meaning she would be released when she was 68 (with a possible reduction to age 61).  Judge Horne told her in a fatherly manner that she was responsible for her actions.

The New Child

1-3-pentagramNever cross a child of today.

The difference between a child of today and one of yesteryear is that today’s is alienated from his/her surroundings, his/her reality is the indiscriminate sexuality and the Temple of Set “do as thou will” admonition although clearly the kids don’t always understand the satanist underpinnings, for the simple reason that they are not brought up to understand the G-d/satan dichotomy, except in such films as The Golden Compass, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.

Harry Potter is the new mythology.  Therefore, the whole notion of wrong and right is blurred and as a kid has no broad life experience to discern the wheat from the chaff, his/her values are only what he/she experiences, reinforced by peer experience of the same thing.

The schools, which used to know what right and wrong were are stacked with humanist socialists and those still in the sytem who hold the old values are prevented by regulations from imparting what the parents should have imparted.  Therefore the kids are turned in on themselves and are getting a sewed idea of what the world is about, an ignorant view too as scholarship is no longer the summum bonum.

The forces of darkness have won the day, darkness itself being portayed as light and light as dark – The Golden Compass shows that to a T.  It’s jsut a film, yes, but kid’s films are the only reality in their lives now.  The precepts of the church are long gone.

Not all girls are as extreme as Clara Schwartz but as these cases keep popping up all over the world, people who once said, “What absolute rubbish,” will increasingly say, “Hang on a minute – what’s going on here?” … just as they have started to and will increasingly do about Them in the socio-economic area.

It’s just a question of time.

By the way, does anyone know anything about the Arthur Miller play The Crucible?  I’m a bit hazy on the details but who turned out to be the villains in that play?

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  1. December 13, 2009 at 14:29

    it offers ample fodder for the conspiracy theorist or thriller writer.

    I was thinking that as I was reading it. I reads a lot like the thriller books I read sometimes.

  2. December 13, 2009 at 23:24

    Fact check: The Temple of Set doesn’t use “do what thou wilt” or have indiscriminate sexuality.

  3. December 14, 2009 at 09:43

    Fact check:

    The founder of the church of Satan was Anton LeVay. He viewed Satan as a real entity and although he believed in the God of the bible, he refused to worship Him and made a conscious decision to worship Satan. He adopted Crowley’s, Do what thou wilt is the whole of the law, and actually did what he wanted to do.

    Founded in 1975 by Michael Aquino in San Francisco, The Temple of Set’s initial membership came from the Church of Satan (C.o.S) founded by Anton LaVey; the split came as a result of members who felt there was something real and important about the magic they were exploring.

    The Temple of Set (called Setians), believe that a real form of Satan exists called ” The Prince of Darkness”. They call him “Set” the TRUE Prince of Darkness”. Satan is the name given to the Prince of Darkness in the Bible. Set was/is, the Egyptian god of death and the underworld.

    Set was an Egyptian god whose Priesthood can be traced to pre-dynastic times. Images of Set have been dated to around 3200 BCE, with astronomically-based estimates of inscriptions dating to 5000 BCE. He had the head of a ‘strange animal’ and the body of a man but he also appeared in the form of a monster serpent

    Classical writers have described Egyptian sacrificial rites as witnessed in various lands. What is so very interesting is that in Ethiopia, Achilles Tatius reports a virgin with hands bound behind was led around an altar by a priest chanting an Egyptian hymn; then “all retired from the altar at a distance,” the maiden was tied down, and a sword was first plunged into her heart and then slashed her lower abdomen from side to side. The remains were burned, cut to pieces, and eaten…

    They don’t worship Set, they become as Set with this “ye are gods” motif. By following the dark rituals, they can approach the state of being Set in themselves, not needing any extrinsic force such as a God or an anti-God.

    You must prove yourself worthy to be a member. Philosophy is the basis of the organization and those who are unable to keep up with it are not allowed in. There are several levels one can acquire and the higher you go the more secrets you learn. They take oaths of secrecy and that is why so little it truly known about the internal workings.

    “What will I need to bring?” asked one initiate. “Nothing but yourself. If you like us and we like you, you’ll need to buy a black robe for ritual Work.” We do draw upon the colorful legacy of the Black Arts for our stimulation and pleasure.

    Ours is a religion that requires bravery and commitment
    to the ideals that exist in our black hearts. We are drawn
    to those figures of historical evil who achieved the
    transcendental good (and often the immortality of fame).

    Adolfo Constanzo and Sara Aldrete were proteges of Aleister Crowley and Anton LeVay, (the founder of the church of Satan), and were deep into the occult and black magic. They thought if they sacrificed humans to Satan, their shipments of Marijuana would be made invisible from law enforcement.

    The whole of the law, Do what thou wilt, allowed Constanza to murder and sacrifice at will.

    Carlos Tapia, Chief Deputy of Cameron County, Texas, who found the bodies, stated, “I thought in my twenty two years of law enforcement I had seen everything. I hadn’t. As we drew near, you could smell the stench…blood and decomposing organs. In a big, cast iron pot there were pieces of human bodies and a goat’s head with horns.”


    The Church of Satan and the Temple of Set have both actively disputed the traditional view that Satanists need to sacrifice humans or animals. The Temple of Set have even gone to the extent of banning its members from association with the Order of Nine Angles due to the latter’s views on, and advocation of, human sacrifice.

    Yet this appears in the guidebook of one chapter of the TofS:

    #5. Thou shalt not eat of the flesh of thy brother. All undead serve Set’s cause whether
    they know it or not, and shall not be harmed unless they utter the blasphemous “Mrh?” in
    rejection of Set’s gift

    Conditional safety.

    This is from a satanist treatise on Set:

    Human sacrifice can be ritualistic or non-ritual, apparent or ‘invisible’.

    Set and his crew are not only psychic vampires or spiritual parasites, Set is a blood thirsty god. He has always demanded human sacrifice since the beginning. Set likes to eat human flesh, too. He tastes it through his human agents, the pre-Adamics.

    This is supported in another article on The Temple of Set, also satanist:

    This whole planet has been designed since ancient times to be a human sacrifice machine for Set, his serpent race and system of evil systems. We are living in a Temple of Set.

    Spirals are symbols of serpents. The swastika is a stylized spiral. Interesting, swastikas show up in mazes and labyrinths. The word ‘labyrinth’ comes directly from the ancient Minoan Snake Goddess culture of Crete, where the swastika was used as a symbol of the labyrinth and is linked etymologically with the “double headed axe” – the Tau Cross. Similar labyrinthine shaped swastikas have been found in the ancient city of Harappa from the 2000 BC.

    Set and his symbols are all over military hardware and insignias. Soldiers wear patches on their uniforms of cobras and serpent plus dragons and other predator reptiles and animals. The straps of many ceremonial military headdresses are made of snakeskin-like leather.

    Set is many times depicted as a sun god. Look around you and see all the symbols of suns and rising suns everywhere.

    What about sex orgies?

    What consenting adults do on their own is their own business and the
    Temple does not intrude.

    From the material at your Web site, it seems that Setian worship
    rituals are devised by individual members.

    Correct. We consider rituals as necessarily personal events, not rote activities.

    In Britain, David Austern is the main man in the TofS or was until recently.

    From a Pagan site:

    Indeed, the sorts of crimes suspected of being committed by “Satanists” are, in fact, well within the “might-makes-right” and “do as thou whim” attitudes that many modern Satanists do have and promote. I’m sure that more than a few Satanists over the years have taken advantage of their “moral freedom” to commit crimes, even against their own children.

    Aquino’s own words, captured in print and on videotape. They make it very clear that, however erroneous and shallow his understanding of Paganism might be, (1) he clearly does not consider Satanism and Paganism to be “the same” and (2) that he considers “Setians” to be Satanists — as he also states directly in quite a few internal TOS documents — and so I will refer to them for the rest of this essay. Among the references cited by Drury are: Aquino’s own “The Crystal Tablet of Set,” p. 23; “Runes,” Vol. II: 6, 1984; “Runes,” Vol. I:2, 1983; and Aquino’s monograph, “The Church of Satan,” 1983, p. 193.

    Of course, that article was striving to show the differences between paganism and Set and in so doing, was spilling quite a few beans.

    The modern Temple of Set clearly sees itself as the intellectual and philosophical branch of Satanism, as the Fabians are the same for Marxism. That the Temple itself does not specifically condone sacrifice and orgies is neither here nor there because it does not exist in isolation.

    These exist in the legacy of the ancient Set, the serpent/sun god/whatever but far more than this – there is a more powerful force driving the world’s evil and it is secular and emanates from the old families, annunaki.

    There are so many smokescreens being erected – that man can control his own destiny, that in him, the seeds of god-ness are realizable so that he becomes as a self-god and so on and so on. And in al of this, closeby and always inevitably breaking out are extrinsics like orgies and sacrifices but the whole thrust of which these are only practised by this sect or that is something far more sinister [left path] and evil.

    This is where all the human misery we are now suffering stems from. The TofS might turn on a nicety but its legacy is unadulterated evil.

  4. December 14, 2009 at 11:57


    Quoting Aleister and Anton to back up your claims against the Temple are just blah, blah, blah. There is no “guidebook” to the Temple of Set. What you are quoting is from many years ago and has no relevance to the ToS today. If you really want to know what the ToS is about listen to my podcast at That will give you more information than the conjectural tripe you’re pulling out of your tin foil hat.

    If we’re made of such unadultarated evil we would simply snap our fingers and you would cease to exist. The Temple of Set is about making more of oneself than being the evildoers that you are trying to make us out to be.

  5. Ken Romick
    December 21, 2009 at 23:21

    To whom it does concern:
    Lets get these facts straight, you should not print things that you do not know are true or not. There is NO evidence that Michael Paul Pfohl planned, conspired, or knew beforehand that this murder was going to occur! I challenge you to produnce this evidence if you can! Michael was used! He is now in a prison in Virginia for something that he did not do. Innocent! Such is the media and justice system in this “great country”!

    Ken Romick
    father of Michael Paul Pfohl
    PS Here is a REAL story about how our justice system really works!

  6. December 22, 2009 at 00:50

    Right, I’m open on this. If he didn’t do the murder, who do you think did? Kathy or Clara perhaps?

  7. Ken Romick
    January 7, 2011 at 06:33

    I know Michael didnt know what was going to happen, He was used! You need to meet this young man and see who he is, what he is about. It is sad, I am sad for the whole thing. Especially for Robert Schwartz’s family.

  8. Crystal
    October 24, 2016 at 07:04

    Wow…. Seriously Kathy wasn’t the friends name her name is Katherine Inglis (“Katy to friends).

    Also Clara Schwartz was a Satanist in her own mind anyway.

    How do I know this ? I knew Clara and Katy from High School.

    Alot of what reporters said (aside from some of the things they got from the Police) were in fact false.

    If you would like real insights about Clara and all this feel free to contact me. Concidering I was the one who told Police about her computer to begin with. Also if you really knew Clara like I did you would be questioning things more… She was more than capable of doing the murder herself.

    • October 24, 2016 at 07:23

      I thank you for this. Any insights help. My attitude is that I go with whatever evidence there is, from both or various sides and that includes anything which can modify what we take as real.

      Up to a point. There’s also disinformation and people protecting someone. But I’m not qualified to sift through all that.

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