With a possible announcement tomorrow from Broon that we are out of the recession [don’t believe a word of it] and a possible election date of February 25th [constituting a snap election], whom should one vote for?

This is Higham’s guide to the parties:

Conservatives:  Resting up at this election [having been gagged by the usurpers], they hope to make a comeback next time but with the EU taking over and breaking England into regions and with the Clarke-Cameron hijacking of the party, prospects look bleak for the true Conservatives.  On a constituency by constituency basis, ask the candidate if he/she supports a PMB to give us a referendum and vote accordingly.

Cameron-Clarkes: Aiming for a hung parliament and refusing to give us a referendum, a lying, deceptive, control freak personality faction, in control of a once great party, it’s better to give your vote to the true Conservatives instead.  To sort out the chalk from the chaff, you need to write to your Conservative member and ask if he/she supports a PMB for a referendum on the EU. If yes, then vote for him/her because it’s better to have a referendum supporter in, no matter what party, than not.   If no, then he’s a Cameron-Clarke quisling and must not be voted for under any circumstances.

These people must lose their seats in order to have people in parliament who can break the Cameron/Labour/Lib Dem nexus which will hold the UK back.

Labour:  They caused all this, they’re in bed with the EU dismantling of this nation, they’re global socialists and whatever happens this election, they’re heading for implosion, having been shamefully used by Blair/Brown and cronies.  There are rogue Labourites though, good people who care for this country, so vote for any who support an EU Referendum.

Lib-Dems:  With branches closing everywhere and so much infighting, who’d vote for them?  They’re also in bed with the EU, except for certain stalwart patriots.  Take this on a case by case basis and vote for the candidate if he has shown he is in support of a referendum.

UKIP:  Big problems at CCHQ.  You’d think they’d be soaring into the stratosphere but instead they’ve gone all secretive.  The Albion Alliance is pushing a policy which is right up their alley and yet they refuse to co-operate, refuse to help out, refuse to talk, refuse to let anyone know who their candidates are – they’re a mess.  Thank goodness individual UKIP candidates and many supporters are getting behind the call for the EU Referendum.  The burqua ban is a double-edged sword.  Vote for any who support an EU Referendum.

LPUK:  As they said, they’re more into contesting the next election, actually believing there’ll be one, poor guys and gals.  Their leader refuses to call for an EU Referendum, despite having been shown why it is the single most crucial issue this time round.  He says it’s the economy.  Precisely.  Meaning the EU. Vote for any who support an EU Referendum.

BNP: A largely urban phenomenon, you’re either a BNP supporter or hater.  No recommendations from me except to vote for any who support an EU Referendum.

Independents:  You need to take these on a case by case basis, as to whether they support a referendum or not.  See if they’ve signed up at the Albion Alliance and check all the candidates for your area.

Above all, people, DO VOTE!  Use your vote, not to protest but to get someone in, anyone, who will push for a referendum on our EU membership.

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  1. January 26, 2010 at 13:36
  2. January 26, 2010 at 13:46

    That was Jan 13th, Wolfie. I hope you’re right though.

  3. January 26, 2010 at 20:20

    I am with Wolfie I think the election will be early May unless of course you know differently 😉

  4. January 26, 2010 at 20:48

    No, it was doing the rounds and Brown is in Ireland making some deal. Adam Boulton had something on it.

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