Martin Turner and the arrogance of politicians


I’m sorry not to be able to run a photo of Martin Turner PPC here – Martin doesn’t show his face on his front page or in the “about” at his site.  He uses a photo of the Haitian children instead.

It’s not until replies come in from prospective parliamentary candidates that one sees, first of all, the public mindedness of some who really do hope to make changes for good at Westminster, on behalf of his/her constituents.

Then there is the sheer arrogance of prats such as the one I’m addressing today.

This one is Martin Turner, of Stratford upon Avon and South Warwickshire Liberal Democrats. I’m so glad he wrote what he did because it says it better than any words of mine could.  OK, let’s go through his little piece bit by bit:

I received an email today from a group styling itself the “Albion Alliance”.

Er, it actually is Albion Alliance, Martin.

The Albion Alliance is one of those rather crackpot groups which thinks it has understood what politics is really about, and believes it can be reduced to a single question.

OK, let’s look at all the crackpots associated with the Albion Alliance. We might begin with the steering group who are putting up the site and the various other bits and pieces – it contains people integrally involved with the political process in this election, including a parliamentary candidate, as Martin is.

Perhaps he would like to read this post or this post or this or any of these or these perhaps? Perhaps he’d like to call them all crackpot because they all have a particular view of Europe and where we should be. Or maybe Martin would like to visit these two gentlemen and then call them crackpot. How about this chap from the TPA? Also crackpot?  Why not watch these youtubes and then call them crackpots as well?

Why not email them and call them crackpots for not seeing things as clearly as you do? Let’s move on to where you quote us:

“The question which you, as a Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, must answer when questioned by your electorate at the next General Election is whether you stand for fully-fledged absorption into and citizenship of what will be a United States of Europe, or citizenship of the sovereign United Kingdom.”

Rather a polemical question, one might think.

Yes Martin, polemical in the changed reality of politics in 2009/10 following the Westminster “snouts in the trough” scandals and following Cameron’s line in the sand which showed he was onside with both Labour and the Lib Dems in their pro-EU stance.  They call their stance “aware of the political realities” but have not taken into account the quiet radicalization of the electorate in this past year and a half.

What Martin fails to note is the depth of feeling over the democratic deficit and in particular, the way in which Lisbon was foisted on this nation without so much as a by-your-leave, nay, deliberately looking the other way.

And what do the people actually think?  Look at these stats and see how it has changed since 2007.  The most recent poll had it at 55% wanting out and one disputed poll, fair enough, had it at 86%.  You can follow those links and see for yourselves.

And Albion Alliance, what does it say?

If Martin had bothered to even look at our website, he would have seen that we are not asking for the UK to withdraw from the UK – we are asking for a REFERENDUM on it.  That is all.  One signatory stated that he was diametrically opposed to our obvious view on this but he was signing because he wanted a chance to vote yes to the EU and that could only come through a referendum.

That, Martin, is the crackpot thing the Albion Alliance is asking.

Martin doesn’t stop there.  Having called the letter polemical – and readers can see an example of the very same text here, not as selectively quoted by him for his own purposes but in its entirety – he then changes gear and now says:

But they follow it up with the even more bizarre:

“With all due respect, you can have one or the other, but not both. They are simply mutually exclusive, resulting in what may be termed a question of Primary Loyalty.”
So, polemical has now become “bizarre”.  Now note Martin’s clever little ploy as he chooses one phrase from the whole and addresses that, rather than the thrust of the whole letter, thereby turning those words into a strawman whilst accusing us of the very same thing:
I am not aware of any party, MP or candidate who is remotely interested in citizenship of a United States of Europe.
He knows very well we’re referring to the EU as a state, which is the whole thrust of that remark and one commented on by many blogs and recently in the MSM but he decides to take it literally, word for word and address a phrase in isolation.    Martin did say about us, remember:
… one of those rather crackpot groups which thinks it has understood what politics is really about …
Y-e-e-e-s, Martin – I can see you really DO undertand Westminster politics very well with your deceptive little approach.   We prefer transparency ourselves, which is why we asked, as you stated at the end:
… we need a firm non-obfuscated answer on the matter please, i.e. a simple Yes or No …

However, let’s cut to the chase and that is your statement that there is a “middle course”, that we can co-exist with the European State.  Well actually, you’re talking sheer rubbish – did Poland and Czechoslavakia “co-exist” with the USSR?

This is precisely the situation here.  To quote Dr. Lee Rotherham from the 5th of October, 2009, at the Conservative Party Conference:

As we move even closer to EU integration, the EU itself remains a jungle of metaphors.

Dr. Rotherham then goes into the various options available to us as a nation, including going back to the 1973 situation and living in a post-GATT world and concludes:

In the absence of massive reforms in the next twelve months, the need to leave the EU is even more critical.

Is Dr. Rotherham a crackpot, Martin?

Martin is quite happy for us to be 12 regions within a greater EU, a body which has already shown it’s dishonesty in the failure of the auditors to close off its accounts for well over a decade and in its anti-democratic processes which have been blogged about by so many people it hardly needs any further comment from me – this is the body Martin would like us to co-exist with.

On yer bike, chum.

There really is a simple choice – out or in and all of Martin’s obfuscation and blustering does not alter that one iota.  The people of these islands are not in a particularly good mood about being ignored, as they have been and as you, Martin, clearly seem hell bent on continuing the tradition,  let’s see what happens come May.

However, as was said above and I’ll now say it again – Albion Alliance itself does not argue the case of in or out.  It simply asks for a referendum, Yes or No.  That is all.

I shall observe your progress in Stratford upon Avon and South Warwickshire with great interest , Martin and might just pop down to one of your electoral meetings in your constituency to make your acquaintance.  We’re likely to be quite busy at that time though, I suspect.

In the interests of fairness, this post’s url has been sent to both Martin and his Lib Dem organization in his constituency.

UPDATE:  It seems that some have put it a tad more forcefully than me.

9 comments for “Martin Turner and the arrogance of politicians

  1. QM
    January 18, 2010 at 16:21

    The arrogance of politicians is fast becoming a major issue these days, don’t get me wrong there have always been arrogant politicians it’s just that these days with the power of the Prime Minister, the whips and the party system there seems to be no room for MP’s who actually represent and consult with what their constituents actually want. Martin Turner is your bog standard my party, my party line right or wrong which has gotten the country into such a mess that we no longer control our own sovereignty anymore.
    In short he’s the type of person who as the old saying goes “wants to be a politician” who should automatically be barred from it.

  2. January 18, 2010 at 19:32

    I don’t know, James, how any Lib Dem has the bloody nerve to refer to anyone else as a crackpot! They corner the market in crackpot – perhaps they should ask themselves why they’ve been out of power for nearly a century, as will hopefully befall Labour soon.

    People in glass houses, etc., etc..

  3. January 18, 2010 at 19:57

    It isn’t a very professional response is it?

  4. January 19, 2010 at 00:05

    This guy is a cowardly piece of trash. I posted a comment on his blog – a clear concise question, no rude words or anything, and yet there are ‘no comments’ on his post.

    I’m only sorry I’m not in his constituency so I could ensure I got an answer. Never mind, I’ll have some equally empty suit standing from the unlib undems in my manor.

  5. January 19, 2010 at 09:03

    In a fewmonths the Lib Dims could very well be the second party in the UK. Yet they are still useless. Such is Politics.

  6. January 19, 2010 at 09:05


  7. January 20, 2010 at 08:16

    The guy is a politician.

    I figure that means he is probably low level dishonest, a proven liar and out of touch with what the average voter thinks abot politicians.

    I guess he weaselled out of answering properly too. I would take his response as a “no” then.

  8. January 20, 2010 at 09:27

    We have. 🙂

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