Profile of an eruption

From Iceland Review:  Second Flood From Volcano Vastly Different From First One

Markarfljót river to the west of Eyjafjallajökull glacier flooded for the second time last night. The second flood was completely unlike the first one. The floodwater in the first flood was 3.5-t degrees Celsius and contained almost no ice. In the second flood the water was close to 0 degrees and cotaining a thick layer of ice chunks, often 5-15 centimeters thick.

Nanna Árnadóttir reports:

A couple of Icelandic gourmet chefs have been drawn to the lure of the volcano and are cooking food over the lava and selling it for ISK 60,000 (EUR 350, USD 470) per person.   Granted if you stay at the right distance you might be fine but this thing is hurtling rocks, spewing out liquid lava that flows out at temperatures reaching 1,250 degrees Celsius.

nanna3-dlWhat’s worse is that the volcano is unpredictable. On Thursday (while people were milling around admiring the volcano) a new 300 meter long crack appeared and suddenly the visitors, some who were only 100 meters away had to be evacuated as rock and molten lava sprayed out of the new crater.

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  1. April 15, 2010 at 12:43

    No way I would pay a stack of cash for a Barbeque by a volcano.. especially when I could as easily be the barbeque-ee

  2. April 15, 2010 at 20:02

    I quite agree Jams, they must be nutters!

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