Part 9: The resistance

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Part 9: The resistance
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How can it not go to a man’s head?

‘There’s always an opposition. There are people who have a suspicion of what’s going on, of how the world is going to be made to change, of how, with money, wealth, armaments, idealism, great trumpeting words of power, that’s going to happen.  There are people who say that shall NOT happen.’

Unfortunately, according to Agatha Christie, we do not eventually succeed because we are factored in but still, that’s no reason why we should not try.  Andrew Scott asked me why, if the Christian mentality is fatalistic, should I be concerned with what happens in this world?

The answer to that is that the charitable mission is equally, if not more important than the theology – we’re here to serve our fellow man.  At least, that’s how I see it and that’s my purpose until the day I die.  If that puts me alongside atheists, libertarians, Buddhists, whoever, what does that matter as long as we are all fighting for the freedom of man, for the right of self-determination?

This is the only thing I’m evangelical about at this critical period of history.  There are many good people out there too who do not share my Christianized concept of the world but they; for example,  Swaami wrote:

The only non corruptible systems that will allow humanity to move beyond the issues of equality and personal freedom, are decentralised eductional, technology based societies. A sense of worth can be judged by knowledge and creativity, usefulness and productivity to each other – not a centralised government pile of possessions.

I only know that the mongols obliterated the civilizations that were developing in the Middle East and Eastern Europe and left a gaping hole to be filled by oppression and superstition. And condemned entire peoples to centuries of misery that have yet to end. And that St. Mark’s was literally built on the bodies of Christian slaves. As your research shows the evil continued far beyond that and still continues even now. Debating fine points of philosophy only obscures the vileness.


And so, in the context of all the above, we come to what’s going on in 2010.  SW Knight writes:

It appears that with 2,000 trillions in derivatives worldwide we have “rhymed with Rome” in destroying the fiat currency. Now that’s where I really appreciated the article for it shows that the powers to be have a Islamic friendly sitting on the American throne today.

I expect G30 to all fail within a few years and form up a worldwide digital currency to make the third DARK AGES very interesting and rather fitting like a glove with many Books in the King James Bible.

Xxxl explains it this way:

#  Socialist gov’t gets into deliberate debt borrowing beyond tax revenues.

#  Seek help from (Wall Street) financiers to hide the debt to enter EU.

#  Socialist EU deliberately creates no structure to aid sovereign defaults, after acting against advice when insisting on one interest rate throughout.

#  Bailout ultimately cobbled together between EU and IMF, but insanely inadequate…most banks in EU manage to transfer insolvency to state level, and ECB buys their underwater crap, trashing its own balance sheet in the process.

#  Still not enough, Greek debt interest rates move higher, beyond Greek ability to service.

Greek nation sells off Greek assets to help pay down debt.  Purchasers of Greek assets likely to be either the parties who created the original loans to the politicians who wished to buy votes with ever more gifts to voters, without any thought to creating an efficient economy …or to the parties who issued OTC instruments to hide the debt levels on Greek qualified entry to the EU… or both.

#  The citizens [of those nations] become serfs, debt slaves, the criminals ultimately gain the world, but first, the nicer areas.

#  Wash, rinse, repeat, in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, ….possibly Spain Portugal, (not Italy … gold will be pledged in extremis), Ireland.


#  The G8, mainly the Anglos, centred in London and NY, seek to push the can further down the road, using the SDR from the IMF.

#  The support for the SDR is derived from a basket of currencies, the problem being that those currencies are from insolvent states, indebted beyond all logic, and render the paper SDR as being more mere irredeemable paper debt masquerading as money.

#  More Keynesian lunacy, expandable at whim, encouraging more debt creation and governmental profligacy.

#  Behind the scenes in Europe, effort centred in France and Germany is concentrated on the creation of a 2 tier Europe. European leaders are worried that any further defaults among the PIGS, or satellites will prove beyond their ability to bail-out.

#  French and German banks hold approx $750Bn and $500Bn Spanish debt, respectively. Spanish banks have in the main not written down to any extent their freehold loan books, nor have they increased the balance sheet reserves in anticipation of such, – they are in denial. European bank stress tests will be fudged, just as US stress tests were.

#  A firewall must be constructed to protect from the imminent implosion of the PIGS.  The 2 tiers will comprise:

*  Tier 1 Germany, France, the Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, and Finland
*  Tier 2 Others.

#  The Tier 1 nations are frustrated by being attached to the wrecked PIGS nations, their politicians have lost electoral support, they seek alternative solutions as all their economies are slowly dying, dragged down by their southern neighbours.

The 2 tier approach is NOT a solution, but a step away from centralisation.  The 2 tier approach serves mainly to develop the psychology for reform with substance.

#  Germany … co-operates with the Anglo finance centres, but sickened by the many trillion international mortgage paper fraud and OTC derivative attacks on nations debt, all-on financial warfare, German consultants advised Dubai and Swiss authorities to remove their gold from US depositories at the NY Fed, to reduce the leverage possibilities in the PM suppression global fraud practised in NY and London.

#  [Germany]intends to lead a select group of viable nations into a new “Northern Currency”. Now German parties are the primary advocates for, designers and engineers to, this new currency.

#  As the $ and £ fall in international usage, great wealth will leave these shores, the £ will fall in international purchasing power. Cameron knows this, – this is why he refused a referendum, but also why he is taking the current actions via the new “budget proposals”.

#  They are not yet enough to enable a stronger £ to be acceptable for inclusion in the “Northern Currency”, (not helped by that moron Browns sale of UK Gold reserves), more moves must be announced shortly! He is playing a desperate game…knowing of these moves but at the same time appeasing the US, perhaps as a plan B should his future play for inclusion in the “Northern Currency” fail.

#  Cameron must control the BBC on one hand, in order to bring the electorate on board, and many UK banks and perhaps the LBMA, links to US dealings on the other … a difficult balancing act as it interferes with vast old-money power structures.

#  Doubtless the “Old Money” holders will already be aware of these intentions, and will be positioned to profit from the final picture.

#  The “Northern Currency” will include Germany, Holland, Finland, Norway, (if she will join) Sweden, Denmark, Russia, (and probably many old satellites of the USSR). The vast commodity riches of Russia will complement the manufacturing abilities of Germany. The cheap labour forces of Poland may well ensure Polish entry. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, remain a question mark.

#  The currency will be gold backed, although the percentage is a question …it may also be oil backed … it will be an International currency used to purchase oil, and in this respect negotiations with OPEC are in hand.

#  OPEC nations, or at least the Gulf States plus Saudi, are in the process of creating the structures to launch their own regional currency, so presumably in the future, trading ranges for these currencies will be set…or be fully floating reflecting economic circumstances.

#  France wishes to join, and is lobbying furiously behind the scenes, She should be careful what she wishes for, resembling very much the PIGS at this point.

#  Russia is making overtures to Iran, as is China. Much is yet to be agreed.

#  China in its own area is working frantically to achieve international status for its own currency. Bi-lateral currency swaps, and trading agreements have been made with all the BRICS.  China suffers from a lack of sufficient commodities to expand at the rates required to ensure a compliant population.

#  [China] is the largest global extractor of gold, all kept within her own borders for addition to her national reserves. She is also purchasing via surrogates on the international markets in order to hide her activities. This last week she signed an innovative agreement with a US listed Alaskan gold miner to purchase directly, for refinement on the Chinese mainland, the heap-leach concentrates of the mining company. This is a global first and probably indicates more such deals in the future.

# China needs to vastly increase her gold reserves in order to achieve reserve levels commensurate to those of Western nations. She also is encouraging her own population via extensive advertising, to purchase gold and/or silver for investment purposes…..she understands the revaluations that will take place as gold is returned as an asset backing for international currencies, and her populations will be the new rich middle classes via this revaluation.

#  The West is not informing its population about these moves, also excluding all academic studies of such from all curriculum, being held in the clutches of fraudulent paper manipulators, servants of the old money!

#  China daily, and increasingly, is signing supply agreements, purchasing mines, exploration contracts/freehold, etc, throughout the world, in a logical, sustainable way, tying up scarce resources for years to come.

#  Bi-lateral agreements with Russia, settled in either Rubles or Yuan, (never dollars) for oil, iron ore, gold, and all other commodities abound. Many mining companies in Eastern Russia are building railroads into China to transfer their output.

#  Russia is working in feverish haste to establish Moscow as an international financial centre, with vast electronic infrastructure capable of supporting similar volumes now handled by London. A reserve currency requires the openness to trade it on the FOREX, and strong capital markets for currency, bonds, and stocks, along with investment banking and respect for contract law.

#  At a St Petersburg Intl Economic Forum, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev publicly stated his multi-faceted goal: to make the Ruble one of several world reserve currencies, and to establish Moscow as a global financial hub.

#  Cameron is aware of these global moves. The finance function that London now dominates is set to be fragmented by competing interests, as the world seeks to decentralise after the failure of western finance.

#  But also remember, old empires do not relinquish easily, and the US is still the only global military superpower. Everyone, the entire globe, must tread carefully … madmen occupy very powerful positions … the Great Game, and The War on Terror still exist, and military expenditure can still cure unemployment and buy a vote.

I’ll get biblical here and throw in the Ten Northern Nations which attack Israel.  While the EU existed in its current form, that particular prophecy did not make much sense.  In Xxxl’s scenario, it makes far more sense, along with the tying up of commodities in Tier 1 and the eventual chipping of people’s wrists as the mechanism of eating, drinking, buying and selling.

This thing is starting to look quite apocalyptic.

A word of caution

It is quite clearly stated in the bible that we will not know the coming of the end, beyond the rebuilding of the temple, the fleeing to the hills, the falling away of society such that the young even turn on the old and in the preponderance of false prophets, all claiming to have the answer and wishing to lead you down some sidepath to oblivion, e.g. the transformed global marxists.

The message is clear – we can’t know and therefore it is wasted enterprise to try to second guess it.  The only thing a Christian can do is to keep his house in order and his powder dry, look after his family and keep a lookout.

The only thing a non-Christian can do is either try to ignore it all or run around like a headless chicken, muttering, “Oh woe is me, woe is us.”

Even as the big movements take place, we need to look after our own and ours, lending a helping hand as far as possible to other humans in the same boat.  What the ideologues want us to do is to withdraw into our cocoons, becoming entirely self-centred – all the better to control us if there is no combined opposition.

In our natural instinct to look after N1, there is the danger that we are playing straight into the hands of the transformers of society, the controllers of not only the world’s wealth but also its natural resources, including water and food.

And as we diminish, as functioning entities, in our food-rationed, drug-laced nutrition [e.g. GM foods], our voices become an increasingly irrelevant factor on the list dangers to the oligarchs’ Great Work of Ages.  Welcome to the Moriah Avenging Wind.

8 comments for “Part 9: The resistance

  1. June 26, 2010 at 11:44

    Romania auction bid require more interest than Romania is prepared to pay…..interest rates rise..

    Romanian Constitutional court rules austerity measures “unconstitutional” Such court cannot be challenged.

    ……riots….just wait till Greece hears that decision!


    same situation.

    Breaks in society spread internationally, Bilderberg architects are frightened. Greenspan, the global wrecking machine, did very well.

    Cameron has much to do here.

  2. June 28, 2010 at 20:23

    War clouds are gathering, war drums are sounding, warships are leaving, massive battle groups are forming, tremendous firepower is displayed, sanctions are stronger, ignoring deals previously agreed..demanded provisions met, – are ignored.

    This typifies the policy errors and failures of Bernanke, Summers and Obama and the entire US global philosophy. They do not engage in honest discussion of the problems and genuine debate, preferring to cut back room deals, and maintain the status quo to the extent that they feel the people will tolerate. They will be remembered in history as the high water mark in an era of corporatism, institutional dishonesty, national dishonesty, international terrorism, state sponsored murder and international rape of entire regions.

    They hold that might is right, and the winner writes history.
    The world is watching in horror and total revulsion, their media has lost the ability to convince the masses, it may require another false flag, but given the blatant drum beating, their feeling of total power and disdain for anyone and everyones opinions, they will proceed.

    The naming of indigenes as insurgents, and their own armies as liberators delivering democracy illustrates the total hypocracy, and the culpability of the entire western press.

    The world is alive to the lies. It understands.

    When the day of reckoning finally arrives….

    “An eye for an eye”..leaves ultimately a planet of blind humans, and the real powers identity that create the reason, the momentum, the lies and distortions, will be remembered.

    Full moon on July 11/12/13th, depending where you are on the planet…..possibly just 2 weeks to go!

    New missiles delivery in August….window potentially closed by then.

    Wild thrashings of a dying monster, a freak that has consistantly abused its power, created regions of starvation, mutilation, death, and resource theft.

    Heaven help us.

  3. June 29, 2010 at 00:23

    You like the TRR, James?

  4. June 29, 2010 at 05:57

    Has been read carefully up to the last one – that will have to be this evening.

  5. water and wine
    July 4, 2010 at 20:26

    The Israeli PM comes to Washington, DC on July 6. Then its on to New York City to brief-consult the rest of the cabal. On a side note…according to the internet….The land the District of Columbia now sits on land used to be called Rome, Maryland. One of its river’s was called the tiber. Not really a surprise when you consider the enormous influence of Europe on America. Its Independence day here in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Truth be told, we americans live in the Land of the Deceived and the Home of the Afraid.

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