A New Breed of Hero

Lord T pops up with a guest post, bound to be attributed to me and sure to cause a certain amount of disagreement in some quarters:

I watched in amazement at the outpouring of grief over the death of Raoul Moat displayed all over the web and news this week. Amazement that a cold blooded killer has gained so many supporters and apologists.


Sure, I have no doubt Moat had a hard time as a kid, many have and yet they have not killed anyone. Sure, there is something not quite right about the whole episode including his death, I also think there was something suspicious about the whole episode. Maybe Moat was set up and it was the final straw but many have and yet they have not killed anyone and I consider some situations like having your children removed because you let them cycle to school a lot worse than Moat generated for himself.

As I’m against the death penalty I don’t believe Moat should have died. The circumstances didn’t warrant it but let’s be clear he deserved life for the murder and the callous way he shot the other two people and left one blinded and the other deliberately disfigured.

Is it possible that our governments over the last 50 years have engineered a society that is only just maturing and displaying the results of decades of social engineering? Not one where people are happy that they will never starve to death, they will never be denied medical care nor a roof over their heads but one where they believe they have the right to everything they want, they have the right to bring children into the world they don’t want to gain a financial advantage and one where there are not any consequences for their actions. They live in the top 10% of the people on this planet. Yet they are not satisfied and want more. They watch millions of immigrants come in from abroad and don’t appreciate what they have they just see someone taking what is theirs. It’s not and it breeds resentment for all immigrants, even those that have been here longer than they have lived.

Many of those at the lower end of our society have no morals at all. It’s all Me!, Me!, Me! with no thought for anyone else including those that are paying for it, especially not those paying. They can afford it.. Couple that with whingey whiney do gooders who want to steal money from the productive sector and give it to non productive sector of society and then preen themselves that they are providing social justice who for some reason are key in government circles, then you can see we have a recipe for generating non productive members of society. And the UK is doing that quite well from Politicians down to pond life.

Talking of Politicians, Cameron’s statement regarding Moat was interesting. He just said there should be no sympathy for Moat, who he called a “callous murderer”. He clearly does not realise that this is a statement from the public mainly because he is not interested in any input from the public at all. Things are not right in our socialist utopia and our politicians are oblivious to the causes choosing not to believe the true cause of the cancer in our midst, the Socialist state, but believing it is down to inequality and so let us try a little harder. It won’t help. Everything government touches turns to ashes in their hands and makes our situation just that little bit worse. Government is not the solution to any problem, Government is the problem.

So while the Government complains about how the public responds to the police actually doing their job right for once they miss the big picture. It is Government’s fault that more and more people do not respect the Police. These members of the public see people like Moat as a Hero standing up to the establishment because every one of them sees themselves as downtrodden. Why? Because since they were born we have told them they are, we have reinforced it by giving them money for nothing which they now see as their due and we have especially reinforced it by not punishing them when they break the laws. In fact government sides with them against the Police when the Police stop persecuting motorists and the middle class for being independent and actually chases one of these for a crime which they believe they are not responsible for as they had a poor family life.

If Moats family life was so bad why did his brother not become a murderer? Instead he is a Tax Man. OK, not a good example but it is still a legitimate job, legally anyway, and he wasn’t a killer. Moat could have joined the police force if he had wanted to exercise his bullying side. Many others have the same background and make different choices in life yet don’t cry about how they were hard done to and use it as why they have to beat up others, including children.

The support for Moat, and the earlier nutter Bird, are a sign of the times. One that is certain to be repeated time after time now. Hate for the Police and Authority will increase until something has to be done. Like a disease left unchecked the cure will be much worse the longer it is left. Unfortunately, this government, like the last, have no idea how to fix it by bringing personal responsibility, honesty, respect, manners, common sense and morals back into society. So, they will legislate more, Moat had been on steroids, had a Mohican and he had a big scary gun so must be something there, and they will just make more people hate them and legislate less respect for the laws that are so numerous that nobody, not even the police, actually know what is illegal and what is not. The wound that has been raw for some time is now starting to fester and it needs urgent attention before it has to be amputated. Cameron isn’t going to fix it. For one he doesn’t have any understanding of morals and honesty himself having already backed down from promises on an EU referendum and now a review of laws where they have already said some are ‘obviously’ not going to be reviewed despite our wishes. Sounds too much like democracy doesn’t suit them at all. Plus, Cameron is a Socialist himself wearing a Tory rosette. He actually believes in all this social justice.

In the meantime how many other ‘Hero’s’ are out there with chips grafted to their shoulders waiting to snap because of something they did and have to face the consequences of. People who will get support from others and hidden and supplied with guns and food whilst they hunt and kill the common enemy, the police and other authority figures.


Batman is really dead. Goodbye Batman and Superman and welcome to a new breed of Hero. The Anti-Hero. No longer on the side of truth and justice fighting against bad guys but on the side of social justice fighting against our society.

8 comments for “A New Breed of Hero

  1. MTG
    July 15, 2010 at 16:51

    “Many of those at the lower end of our society have no morals at all. It’s all Me!, Me!, Me! ”

    It must comfort you to peer down upon your inferiors, James.

    I got as far as this contemptible stupidity and refused to read further. Fools acquire such indoctrination from gawping at police blogs such as ‘Inspector Gadget.’

  2. July 15, 2010 at 17:06


    Don’t blame James. I wrote this ‘contemptible stupidity’

    I don’t peer down on anyone. I just read the newspapers, read blogs and watch the news. I then make up my own mind about things.

    I must confess I thought Inspector Gadget, which I didn’t read all that often were long gone. Removed by Political Correctness and the power wielded by the righeous. That wasn’t what that was based on. I’m no lover of plod myself since they eagerly lept into their role as the enforcers of the righeous and not our laws.

  3. July 15, 2010 at 18:17

    Just walked in and noticed this from MTG – sigh. Tweren’t me, guv.

  4. james wilson
    July 15, 2010 at 18:20

    It is my general impression that Higham spends more time peering at inferiors above himself than he does those inferiors below him.
    There is no class of people so judgmental as the non-judgmentalist.

  5. July 15, 2010 at 22:32

    Interesting; two people flaming the writer, and neither one was alert enough to see that this post wasn’t written by James. It’s hard to respect criticism when the critic hasn’t even bothered to read who is the author of the post.

    That said, I have to say I have no sympathy for Moat’s death; lots of people have hard lives, and not all of them go out of their way to kill a bunch of people.

  6. July 15, 2010 at 22:32

    The man was simply mad. I am puzzled why anyone would either support him or condemn him. He was a victim of an affliction of the mind, one exacerbated by the drugs he took so thus unworthy of pity but equally unworthy of anger. The police officer he shot and blinded seem to understand that.

  7. July 15, 2010 at 22:39

    I read James Wilson’s comment above as supportive of Higham – I take it that way and thank him.

    As for Moat, I haven’t an opinion. I am reading it all with interest.

  8. July 15, 2010 at 23:07

    I am with Wolfie on this one.

    In addition the tributes for him are probably not exactly for him but against the police. To be more precise, against the police organisation as it is operated today.

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