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On this 4th of July, it’s worth a look at the heartland of America, to see where it is going in an election year:

States like Missouri and its industrial heartland neighbors are different from the South and the West, where the major parties have lost a spate of early primaries this year to upstarts with more radical, anti-Washington views.

Yes, voters here are frustrated and angry. They are skeptical that either party has the right answers to ease deeply rooted economic struggles that began with the decline of U.S. manufacturing in the late 1970s.

But shrill, style-over-substance campaigning alone doesn’t often go over as well in this part of the country, and “tea party” candidates have not found as much success.

Although culturally diverse, the region is bound by a shared sense among its middle- and working-class residents that the fundamentals of a good life — a decent job, affordable education, good health and retirement benefits — are becoming harder to reach.

As Blunt rumbles across the state in his campaign bus, emblazoned with the slogan “Jobs for Missouri’s Future,” he sticks to a simple formula: Keep the focus on Obama and the shortcomings of the president’s ambitious agenda.

“People in this country, in the last 16 months, have seen a future so close they can touch it, and they just don’t want to go there,” he told a group in Queen City. “They want to get back quite a ways from this cliff.”

Heartland voters in this corridor want what I believe voters all over, including in the UK want – they want the troubles to go away and common sense, straight talking politicians to get back to core values.  Commendable wishes, re-establishment of core values.  It’s a time, borne of fear of that cliff, that abyss, that a blog such as mine would have no traction.  They’d say, “Oh no thanks, we don’t need any of that alarmist stuff.”

The bad news is that Blunt can tell them what they want to hear but he can’t back up any substantial change America needs this 4th of July.  The true story is a financial story, not a core values story.  It’s not a story where sheer hard work, a sense of decency and a pledge to the flag are going to be enough because those in the driving seat, I’m afraid, are not American – they are globalists.

You don’t concede sovereignty to the SPPNA or NAAC if you’re a mum’s apple pie American.  You don’t blow out a deficit with an unworkable health package and send the people into penury whether they like it or not, if you’re American.  You don’t make statements, as retired Admiral Chester Ward, former Judge Advocate General of the U.S. Navy and former CFR member, did in 1975, writing in a critique that the goal of the CFR is the “…submergence of U.S. sovereignty and national independence into an all powerful one-world government…”

… you don’t believe in that goal if you’re a genuine American.  And you don’t go doing this sort of thing if you love your country.

If you’re heartland America, you do reject the clarion call, the whistleblowers’ reams and reams of material showing the treason going on in Washington and across the country and you shut out anything going on outside of your concept of mum’s apple pie.  You bury your head in the sand.

The sad thing is that the traitors at the top [and I’m sure yawl would reject the emotive word traitor straight off] are not going to allow middle America to have its way – it’s not part of the grand plan, a plan that if you forced middle America to sit down and actually confront how these people are conceding U.S. sovereignty left, right and centre and acting so unconstitutionally – you’d have them up on treason charges before morning.

A voice from America

Bob G writes:

Seems like it isn’t quite what it used to be, even when you take into account the rose-colored glasses that all children wear until they start seeing how the world works.

Like it or not, however, the world changes.  And for life to go on we have to work with those changes.  Much of that requires adaptation, we have to change or fall by the wayside.  But there are still a few things out there that don’t need to change; people used to have more faith in their government, and were willing to do what was necessary to keep it.

There are some living here who hate this country, and are more interested in running it down than on making it great; they either sit around whining, or try to make it into a place that is not America, but some oppressive socialist state.

You expect this sort of behavior from the uneducated, but it is disturbing how much of our academics and politicians want to make us into a place where the government dictates how we live our lives, rather than leaving that to the individual.  The founders of this country would be up in arms again if they saw how things are at this point.

They would, Bob, especially if some great patriotic American like an Andy Jackson were to point it out to them.  Anyway, to you and to all Americans who love your constitution and your homeland, the very best July 4th to you.

It’s significant that in this rendition below, at the beginning of the clip are two men, masquerading as Americans, standing there at the very time they are signing America away to foreigners.  That look of satisfaction on the face of one of them at the very end says it all to me.

A different angle [Memorial Day].

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    Read Jesse today.

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    Seems the oil leak is getting worse.

    Have you read the book titled, “The Road”?

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