Bringing Blair to book

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The train rag today had a bit of a naughty headline: “Blair brought to book,” and the play on words was pretty obvious.  For them to run that and for Blair to go through all that security for his book launch, with more henchmen than Al Capone, it must be fairly obvious that a sizeable proportion of the population are not enamoured of the cad and would indeed like to see him brought to book.

There were some good comments here, on both sides, about Dr. Kelly, with the general conclusion being that it needs an independent inquiry.  I commented:

The problem is in getting an independent inquiry. They pretended to do that with Di and it was anything but so they had to do it all again. And then again. People then tired of it. Yet no independent inquiry was ever held.   I fear this happening here because certain players, e.g. Blair and Mandelson, stand to lose a hell of a lot.

To any English or other Brits reading this, I’m just stating the bleedin’ obvious.  Perhaps the blood money for the troops is the last cynical straw for the public and calls will now come for at least Blair to be “brought to book”.  This is very much an issue of the people v the politicians and who will the MSM side with?  If you say that that’s bleedin’ obvious too, I’m not so sure.  The train rag was certainly skirting around the idea today.

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  1. August 18, 2010 at 23:13

    Not so sure. Seemed a pretty even split on those who thought he should face a trial and those who thought he was a very generous man.
    That was on based on comment pages that I read. But I suspect before his donation the split would have been 25% love him – 75% don’t. He seems to have pulled it off.

  2. JD
    August 19, 2010 at 12:44

    When (if) his book is published in France, it will be Le Voyage
    In Spain it will be El Viaje
    I hope it is published in Germany where it will be Eine Fahrt – that will look good on the cover alongside his photo

  3. August 19, 2010 at 15:42

    It might be more profitable to ‘bite the bullet’ and accept that crimes have been committed for which no one will be brought to account and then to set about reshaping our political system so that the criminals in our social, political economic and judicial elites cannot commit such crimes with impunity again.

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