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The latest voice, Michael Howard, is just one of so many who are calling for an inquiry – there were the eight experts last week, of course:

However in a letter to the Times last week, the eight experts insisted the conclusion was unsafe. They argued that a severed ulnar artery, the wound found to Kelly’s wrist, was unlikely to be life-threatening unless an individual had a blood clotting deficiency.

… and there have been countless people before that.  The 70 year lock-up of information on it fools whom?

So many have posted on David Kelly and despite the Mai Pedersen evidence being hardly conclusive, it all adds to the unrest and the only way to scotch that unrest is to hold an independent inquiry which the people would be satisfied was independent.  Before people tired of the Di murder, the inquiries left people dissatisfied and thus the Pink Coalition needs to make it above board in this case, confidence in the honesty of the Coalition being in quite short supply at this time.

If this is not done, then it is clear that all sides in the House are equally culpable and manifestly dishonest, the result being that the people of this land then have a lawful duty to remove such obstructive politicians and start over.

Everyone knows, of course, that if the Kelly inquiry is reopened, then that brings Blair to the dock and that then begins spin-off litigation against him, class actions on so many other issues – for example, why he lied to MPs – and that then brings others in and the whole house of cards is in danger of collapsing.

This would not be so good for Them until the new structure was in place and so they must resist present calls for an inquiry, to save their own skins or else pay them lip service, just as we must press them forward – say, by an enormous petition to Downing Street?

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  1. August 15, 2010 at 20:03

    Blair in the dock? If only.

  2. The Underdoug
    August 16, 2010 at 05:25

    I always viewed the matter as a classic case of someone (possibly Bliar himself) at the top saying “will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?” and some knight in shining moolah (military-industrial complex moolah) mistaking a rhetorical exclamation for a request or command.

    I know from personal experience (albeit in a non-public context) what it’s like to be cornered knowing that you are about to be well and truly held to account for something that you did. You may be disappointed in yourself for the choices that you made leading up to the ultimate confrontation, but if you believe that you did what you did for the right reasons, there is no way that you’ll be suicidal at that stage of the events (that’s one of the reasons that Blair himself will never show true remorse in this life, and probably the next). You’ll be waiting for the next stage of the game – maybe things won’t be as bad as the preliminary confrontation (in David Kelly’s case, being called ‘chaff’ at the select committee hearing) makes you think they’ll be. If the powers that be wanted him ‘suicided’, they should have waited a bit more to make it more convincing – a public humiliation was required and a reason engineered for David Kelly’s actions to be shown to be fundamentally incorrect/unethical (such a reason would only have to pass muster from the humiliation to the suiciding).

    My first thought when hearing of his being found ‘dead in the woods’ was to quote Sherlock Holmes ‘No doubt that it was very well stage-managed’.

    The second was: “Suicide? Cobblers.”

  3. August 16, 2010 at 21:42

    It’ll be another whitewash. But whats a few million quid being spent to keep some legal eagles in posh cars. At least this way it does stir the economy a bit rather than being wasted on some more government workers.

  4. Mark
    August 18, 2010 at 15:41

    If you put the medical evidence to one side, there are good circumstantial grounds for believing this to be suicide.
    As a UN weapons inspector, Dr Kelly did his best to Big Up the ‘threat’ that Saddam apparently still posed (in terms of chemical & biological weapons) after the termination of inspections in 1998. He assisted Tom Mangold in his co-authoring of a book a decade ago that talked up Saddam’s capacity for producing and dispatching dirty bombs in any future conflict. He assisted enthusiastically in pounding the drumbeat that ‘something must be done’ about Saddam in the period 200-2002.

    Given all this, and given that, in July 2003, after 3 months of the occupation, NOTHING incriminating had been found, it seems very probable that Andrew MacKinlay’s jibe about Kelly being a ‘fall guy’ cut him to the quick. The realisation that he may have been used in shilling for the invasion could well have been too much for him to bear.

    Against all this however, there is Hutton’s dubious treatment of the medical and eye-witness evidence, and the shrill insistence of ‘anti-conspiracy’ witchfinder generals like David Aaronovitch that there is nothing for sceptics to see here, this is for tinfoil hatters only, move along here Etc Etc.

    The suspicion, in other words, is that Hutton was an exercise in expediency, and not a fearless quest for the truth, remains. Only the holding of a properly constituted inquest can address these suspicions.

    • August 18, 2010 at 18:07

      I’ve just read through this and it’s fair, Mark. The problem is in getting an independent inquiry. They pretended to do that with Di and it was anything but so they had to do it all again. And then again. People then tired of it. Yet no independent inquiry was ever held. i fear this happening here because certain players, e.g. Blair and Mandelson, stand to lose a hell of a lot.

    September 21, 2010 at 13:46

    Conspiracy Theorist.


    Ex RAF Engineer with Forensic Documents related to
    Dr David Kelly.
    Government Ministers involved in Arms to IRAQ &IRAN.
    Exposed through Middle East Correspondent PETER EYRE
    Palestine Telegraph
    Subject References: PANDORA’S BOX Series
    The 4 VIP Directors of:

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