Nothing to do with cows


Blognor Regis:  Heinrich Hitzinger – that apparently was Heinrich Himmler’s false name whilst attempting to flee amongst the ruins of Nazi Germany. Sounds like a character from a Mel Brooks movie.

Captain Ranty:  Remember when we were told that airport scanners “..could not, would not store the near naked images of us”?  Looks like we believed their lies again.

Ross Fountain:  If I wanted to kill somebody and therefore tricked them into coming with me to a country with whom we have no extradition treaty, and then killed them and escaped back to this country what crimes could I be charged with over here?

Wonko, on the sex industry:  I wouldn’t mind being exploited for 6 grand a month.

Autonomous Mind:  It’s hard to imagine that uprooting a tree is an act of aggression, unless of course the tree belongs to the Na’vi from the film Avatar.

Man in a Shed:  Its quite clear from my recent visit to my accountant that I’ll need to work harder and in a more focused manner after the summer holidays.

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