State of play this bank holiday


The sun has broken out on this Bank Holiday Monday [I’m working today] and I do not wish to rain on anyone’s parade but here is the state of play:


Firstly via Jesse:

As the renewed tumbling in the U.S. economy throws off statistics suggestive of a continuing collapse in business activity, as a looming contraction in third-quarter GDP becomes increasingly evident to all except Wall Street and Administration hypesters, who professionally never admit to such news, it would be quite surprising if the financial markets did not react violently, with a massive sell-off in the U.S. dollar contributing to and coincident with massive sell-declines in both the U.S. equity and credit markets.

Naturally, the money men in New York and the City cannot admit to this, which brings me to Broad Oak:

If this is intended as a tease, looking sideways at my first blog which started three years ago and forewarned of the credit crunch*, banking collapse etc, then it’s worked. Not that I claim any wisdom, but a strong gut feeling got me looking around for sources of information other than the useless Press.

And he was right too.  Now, regarding gold, most people have ignored the warnings of Xxxl who wrote for a long time on the fraud, as did other pundits across the net and people in the game such as Janet Tavakoli.  There has been massive fraud and disregard for regulations, there is a political appointee running the Fed, a puppet for Them and thus we have the bailouts, the hedge fund crime and the diluting of gold bars, let alone the fraudulent claims of how much is being held.

The money men have an interest, as mentioned in the first quote, to professionally never admit to such news. The job situation is not improving in the least. I still get multiple feeds to my email of all the major job sites and though there are jobs, there are also closed shops to so many when they try for these supposed jobs plus these jobs are geographically concentrated – many in some places and a dearth in others. I’m also in the running for a position right now and it’s an eye-opener how many desperate people there are out there.


This opinion piece in the MSM is just the latest, pointing to what is going on and the way mainstream pundits are now finally tumbling to it.   Plus the impossibility of getting anything done because the game is tied up and has been locked into a two party circus in the U.S. and a two and a half party circus over here for a very long time, protected by sedition and treason laws.

Even more worrying is the way the government, through the MSM, is indulging in disruptive bully tactics on the street to promote unrest and shut down dissent.  A crashing dollar and pound, the collapse of the fraudulent pack of cards at the right moment and the labelling of “the bankers”, whoever they be, as the betes-noir, coupled with all the social ills, from radical Islam to child sex and drugs and the breakdown of marriage, along with the command and control tightening of the oligarchy, together with the bloating of the new benefits underclass, rampant immigration – all of these things point to a new order when a white knight rides in and promises the people he’ll solve all this.

More than a few know who that will be, irrespective of who he is by name.

The myth of scarcity

There is more than enough food being produced but it is being redirected and withheld wrongly in order to artificially boost prices, keep the underclass in a state of malnutrition and seize control of food supplies through the concessions game in local communities.

At the same time, the very constituent nature of food is being tampered with, having fallen, crop generation after crop generation, into the hands of the conglomerates whose members are tied to the oligarchies behind the visible politicians whom the majority think run things.

Spiritual poverty

This is the factor which allows all the rest to happen so easily – focussed on all the wrong things, with values relativistic and all over the place, James Wilson says:

There is now a spiritual poverty in families of all classes – a sterility, of which I was a part – that is compressed unbearably onto the underclass by the sterile class of good intentions.

“Poverty , aside from breeding crime, also breeds lack of adequate parenting……..”. It is the effect of runaway good intentions that breeds a lack of parents, a lack of parenting, and the great and uncontrollable cruelties of the welfare state.

We cannot “reach children before they run down the slippery slope” when you have placed them already at that end.

Add to that the new heroes of society -the bizarre and twisted, painted and bodily-scarred clowns who prance about, getting it wrong and whom the MSM fetes sycophantically, as if some 16 year old singer is the font of all wisdom and a role model for the young to follow.

Nothing wrong with deviating from the norm – it even helps define the norm but not when it becomes the norm.


There is one but no one wants to know.  So society will keep floundering around, coming up with every other solution and philosophy with no efficacy, while the one which will actually help is left untouched and vilified.  The truth is that you will never get the elite to do the right thing because they have gone over to the other side but you can hem Them in for a time, as long as:

1.  Society accepts moral absolutes and is generally “moral” again, with a strong, family based foundation, demanding the same from the politicians;

2. Honesty returns in all dealings, from how money is created through to all of us living within our means, with no credit to be seen except in micro situations between two parties.

Further reading

On government proposals for councils to restrict housing “to reward those who had got off welfare and into work”.

7 comments for “State of play this bank holiday

  1. August 30, 2010 at 09:05

    When did 1 and 2 last happen?

  2. August 30, 2010 at 09:31

    In the 1950s.

    The finance has always been corrupt but the difference between now and back then is at least lip service was paid to ethical standards and people resigned over wrong doing. Now wrongdoing is a system and the regulators are part of it.

    Sub-prime lending is a case in point, as well as OTCs and hedge funds.

    Politicians have also always been corrupt but again, you resigned over wrongdoing.

    In the community, there has always been underage sex but not a system of it – it was a certain small proportion of the peer group who did drugs and bonked. the majority went about their business and occasionally ogled Playboys.

    We were still taught moral absolutes in school and by our parents, sitcoms abounded, reinforcing these values and though we personally ignored the rules, we knew what they were. We all knew the Ten Commandments and paid lip service to them, we all knew about “love thy neighbour”, even into the early 70s.

    There was virtually no sex and drug culture, aided and abetted by big business, for under 18 year olds. Majority was 21 years.

    We groaned at family outings and boring family get-togethers but now it’s just laughed at.

    It’s a nasty societal atmosphere today, with no grace to it and this can especially be seen in the girls and women. The seven deadly sins were just as much about in the 50s but they were known to be the seven deadly sins.

    In short, there was a moral compass, whereas today, there’s none. It’s not even taught.

  3. Patrick Harris
    August 30, 2010 at 10:25

    I would disagree that all politicians of all ages were/are corrupt and that they all used to resign over wrongdoings, they resigned because they got “caught” in wrongdoings.
    Two instances come to mind,
    The Profumo affair and the protracted goings on until he was forced to lie to Parliament, when the lie was exposed, only then, did he resign. His moral compass was definitely on the blink.
    Gerald Nabarro, need I say more?

  4. August 30, 2010 at 16:43

    My wife now spends about an hour a day watching Cbeebies with the baby. Her main complaints are :

    1) All the animals are friends. The fox and the chicken, the wolf and the lamb.
    2) Stories are bereft of moral judgements. Stuff just happens and no conclusions are drawn.
    3) The presenters comprise of two gay guys, a black bloke and an armless woman.
    4) You will only be spared the inclusion of an “ethnic” in every ensemble during animations.
    5) Geographical and biological absurdities are rife. Example; toucans feature in British woodland.

  5. August 30, 2010 at 16:49
  6. August 30, 2010 at 18:31

    Patrick – I agree with you.

    Wolfie – indeed yes.

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