Yes, Virginia, there really is a new proletariat


Lovely to see some intelligence in at least one paper.  The article was:

Are we trying to keep people in poverty?

Plans to ‘protect the poor’ are in fact jeopardising their ability to escape the trap, says Janet Daley

Here are three comments:


You’ve hit the nail on the head – the aim is not to reduce the poor at all but to increase them, the newbies falling off the bottom of the middle-class. Once the crash comes post-September, this will accelerate.  The EU has a federalist goal of an elite/rich complex and a proletariat. This is no surprise as Barroso & Co are global Marxists.


Thank goodness it is no longer a mystery to the public – as it was even ten years ago – that there is a deliberate policy of herding millions into welfare captivity for cynical electoral advantage. It’s difficult to judge whether the Tories or Labour are most to blame.


So what you’re saying is that New Labour, just as Old Labour, maintained the underclass in poverty for their own agenda because they’re a bunch of Marxist gits.  I have to agree with you.

2 comments for “Yes, Virginia, there really is a new proletariat

  1. Patrick Harris
    August 29, 2010 at 17:59

    As I see it:
    All public sevice pensions (including police, and armed forces) will be reduced, if not in kind then by scrapping or modifying inflation proofing methods.
    Child allowance to the needy only.
    Winter fuel allownces will be means tested.
    Localism will give Local Councils the statutary right to demand more and more “local taxes”.
    Utilities prices will do a “hockey stick”.
    Road charging as soon as the European satellite system is up and running (Galileo I believe).
    Oil at $150 a barrel.
    With much, much more to come.
    We’re all going to be poor, I tell you.

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