All aboard for more enviro-lunacy

Autonomous Mind sums up yet another gushing government scheme:

This is the kind of insanity that passes for visionary forward thinking in the bubble of remote and insular politicians and their ilk.  This is the kind of insanity that increases the number of less well off people driven into fuel poverty, as they fund profits for companies and the well off who can afford to cash in on such financial lunacy.  But don’t expect those in the parallel universe inhabited by the BBC to give that a moment’s thought. They just want us to bask in the faux virtue of paying more to get less in order to ‘save the planet’.

Nothing to add to that really.

2 comments for “All aboard for more enviro-lunacy

  1. JD
    September 26, 2010 at 12:43

    A large part of the enviro-lunacy arises from ‘Greenies’ not understanding electricity.
    OK, nobody understands electricity but supply and demand are always in balance. It cannot be generated and delivered until it is demanded, i.e. you switch on a light in your home and, all other things being equal, you have ‘switched on’ the power station.
    The problem is storage and until that is solved* we have two options: nuclear power or a drastic reduction in electricity usage which is going to happen involuntarily anyway.

    by liquid metal batteries for example

  2. Rossa
    September 26, 2010 at 17:18

    “Nothing to add to that really.”

    Apart from the £1.2bn added to our bills to pay for that “farm” off the Kent Coast.

    What is even more sick is that the National Grid has to pay the windfarms to stop producing power when there is little or demand. They paid out £18,000 earlier this year to Scottish Power to shut off their farm in North Yorkshire for an hour!!!!

    And from what I understand, though I am no engineer, the so called surplus power generated from domestic solar panels is the wrong voltage to even be used in the Grid. So it is a purely hypothetical exercise. They are not even going to check that the “excess” is genuine, just sign here Madam and get your cheque.

    There is nothing to stop you using your domestic supply to generate the “energy” and get paid for the excess leaving you with a nice BIG theft out of everyone else’s pocket. Fuel poverty anyone.

    It is reckoned this will be the next scam to match the VAT carousel fraud. Already the vultures in the solar panel industry are offering “free panels” as long as they can help themselves to the feed in tariffs.

    To quote EU Referendum..”and the reason we don’t rise up and slaugher them is?”

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