Very weird stuff- my own site wouldn’t load and my little telling thingy [lower left] told me it was waiting for Sitemeter.  Not a problem – I found the Sitemeter code and removed it.  Now the site loaded instantly.

Went into comments to find JD’s and Dearieme’s musical suggestions for the evening and the youtube wouldn’t load.  Tried to get to youtube through google – Google wouldn’t load.  Tried my blogrolls – Blogger wouldn’t load.

Went back to my site – Google ads isn’t working.  My old Blogger site isn’t working.

Tried some other sites, such as Direct Gov and they worked fine.  Tried some from my bookmarks and some worked, some didn’t – mainly Blogger didn’t work.

Anyone else having troubles out there?

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  1. September 15, 2010 at 19:17

    I haven’t at home but at work we were all having problems with the web browser…

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