Paradiso and the future of the internet

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If the Paradiso is an Amsterdam nightclub, then the Paradiso initiative is anything but a good night out.  The innocuous blurb of the Paradiso initiative [enough to send shivers down the spine before we even begin], goes on about sustainable development and then states:

The document also investigates the role that ICT can play in the hypothesis of such global societal developments, and derives the strategic research areas that can usefully be explored in the short term in order that suited solutions can be made available in the future.

… and of course, they ran a conference in January on ICT for a global sustainable future.

So just who is/are this Paradiso?

Well, many of them involved have EU connections and here is the way one of the projects on the future of the internet was written up:

Addressing Architecture and Design for the Future Internet. The need for structural changes in the Internet is becoming increasingly evident. 4WARD is combining a set of radical architectural approaches building on a strong mobile and wireless background to design inter-operable and complementary families of network architectures.

Note the assumption that it “is becoming increasingly evident”, sort of like in the 1930s’: “However are we to resolve this Jewish question?”  Significant that a member of the secretariat is Roland Burger, Board member of the Italian chapter of the Club of Rome and of course, partner of the FP7 PARADISO2 FIRE project.

Now let me think for a moment – why would the EU or its parent, the Club of Rome, be remotely interested in people’s mobile phones and internet connections?  To what use can they put them?  Or in discovering even newer technology to facilitate this interest?

Hmmmm.  Still, they say they have to decide our future and that they have our best interests at heart – humanity they call us – as we’re obviously not the experts on our own futures.  Let’s proceed.

They claim this of  participants:

The PARADISO initiative can count on the involvement of a multidisciplinary high-level expert panel (presented here) composed of around 40 representatives of leading institutions, companies, research institutes, and NGOs from Europe and all over the world.

In plainer English [not all that much plainer], this is what it is all about:

PARADISO is an initiative launched by Sigma Orionis and the Club of Rome (Italian chapter) in 2007. It aims at exploring how might or should our societies evolve in the next decades and at deriving recommendations on how could ICT in general, and the Future Internet in particular, contribute to making this future better. It is supported by the European Commission (DG Information Society and Media) through its FP7 research funding programme.

What was that – “how might or should our societies evolve in the next decades”? Should?   Ah, social engineering … by them … on us.  Go on.

Now, though many of the participants are non-governmental, approved experts – “high-level” they term it – nevertheless, the whole of the proceedings includes oversight – “observation” they call it – and participation in the workshops, with a view to developing recommendations to the European Commission.

It would be as well to refresh our memories, at this point, on Groupthink, a method employed by the global gang’s hideously expensive training camp, Common Purpose:

A Well-formed Outcome is a term originating in neuro-linguistic programming for an outcome one wishes to achieve, that meets certain conditions designed to avoid (1) unintended costs or consequences and (2) resistance to achieving the goal resulting from internal conflicting feelings or thoughts about the outcome.

Once more, we’re at the point where the naive or those with an agenda will vigorously assert that it’s all above board and will be conducted scrupulously fairly, notwithstanding the vetted invitation list and close presence of EU conferencing professionals.

We’re not invited, of course.

In a segment of the 1965 Club of Rome report – and we must return to this body, as Paradiso is their pet project, Helio Jaguaribe said:

“The establishment of world order depends not only on its intrinsic desirability and viability, but also on the support of men and groups who decide to dedicate themselves to the completion of such a goal. As increasing sectors of developed and underdeveloped societies begin to realize the urgent necessity of world order, the viability of its establishment, and the fact that it can be achieved by adopting measures which are reasonable in themselves, none of the governments will be able to escape public pressure for establishing world order …

It is incumbent upon the intellectuals to play the decisive role in the formation of pressure groups in favor of world order … the establishment of world order demands the mobilization of groups dedicated to international pressure for the gradual implantation of that world order … the negotiated establishment of world order is theoretically possible and practically feasible since, in the last analysis, the probable effects of nuclear conflagration have made way an impractical alternative to the peaceful solution of contemporary problems.”

And here was I thinking that the internet was just somewhere someone could go to freely express one’s opinions.  Silly me, when all along, it is facing grave control issues the Club of Rome needs to resolve.


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2 comments for “Paradiso and the future of the internet

  1. September 24, 2010 at 13:50

    As I understand it, Internet 2 is developed and ready to go; complete with 3 tier licence system (user, machine & software) and the new rules and charges have been agreed as is the system by which those who own the new net can monitor and govern users activities.

    This internet, the one we are on was a mistake – the global cabal missed the signs and the phenomenon was too huge before they could regulate and control (i.e. tax it).

  2. Rossa
    September 24, 2010 at 18:56

    I agree with Daniel. The internet was the PTBs biggest mistake. Now it is out in the wild it will have to be pretty drastic to curtail most people’s access to content. i.e. Google’s exit from China when those that really want to know what’s going on can bypass the offical routes already.

    Watch out for the “fear” factor. “We have to control the internet because terrorists are using it to communicate with each other, so we have to monitor each and every one of you using it.”

    Whether or not they can put the genie back in the bottle is a moot point. After all, consider this, with so may of the elites competing to be top dog, the infighting and competition between them to “rule the world” will work in our favour.

    There are factions in the PTB that can be exploited. Though in my own mind it will collapse under it’s own weight of incompetency and schlerotic “systems”.

    After all, the one thing they will never control, though they are trying to desperately, is to control my mind. I know some people think that mind control is already here, but that depends on how “plugged in” you are and I’m not!

    The Matrix this may be but I’m disconnected from that and so are more and more of us “bottom feeders” or “chattels” as I read the other day (play on the word cattle for those that may not see it at first glance).

    Amazing what a glass of Chardonnay will do on a Friday night after a fish supper!

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