1929 to 2012

There is no “told you so” in this and I’m but one of a number of pundits whom regular readers know have predicted, since the general election, that the crash would come after the end of September and that it would be a “subtle” crash – the one no one would really know had happened.

It was always going to come, following a false high when things were going to look better for a while.  You only have to read Karl, Jesse and others to know what was in the wind.  The greatest scam in modern times has been perpetrated in the markets and it has the insanity of the late 20s.

It will come to a head in 2012.

It is, in terms of three decades ago, insane.

From the leaders and financial players, trickling down to everyday dealings between people, the rank dishonesty on display, the lack of a moral compass any more which we would have recognized a few decades back, the anti-heroes – uneducated and lowest common denominator – as the new heroes, the moves by government to stop us defending ourselves, the obsessive fanaticism for tickboxes by jobsworth HRs, ignoring talent in the society, the welfare list soon to be about 20-22% of the workforce, the ASBOs and no-go areas in cities, the replacement of productivity with consumption and services industries, based on hot air – it’s beginning to resemble the cityscape of Blade Runner and other dystopic movies.

It’s not quite Clockwork Orange yet with its bizarre overtones but that’s an evolution that I can’t see anyone preventing.  It’s Brazil, with people in their boxes in penury and fear, only the vetted moving about freely [so far I’m still out of it, living in a village, away from the madding crowd].

It can fool you.  You still take the same train or route on the road, see the same commuters, do much the same thing during the day, the landscape seems the same, the weather can be fine, you might still have a job and are very busy – all of that is still going and yet it has altered, like something from the Matrix.

Here we go.

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  1. October 7, 2010 at 13:23

    This is just the extreme form of Home-Owner-Ism, when “the elite” (bankers, large landowners, policiticians) completely decouple themselves from those whose interests they were supposed to be promoting (i.e. normal homeowners), help themselves to as much loot as they can on the way out and dump the bill on the long suffering taxpayer (Ireland’s bank bail out was no larger than the UK’s bank bailout in relative terms).

    Of course, there’s nothing like “divide and rule” so the Home-Owner-Ist elite pit different parts of society against each other (homeowners vs taxpayers vs welfare claimants vs immigrants) and so on.

  2. October 7, 2010 at 13:32

    Light’s beginning to dawn on me, Mark.

  3. richard
    October 7, 2010 at 15:14

    When you start to notice peoples’ status within the system then it becomes self-evident and the controls (such as Mark mentions such as divide and rule) become glaringly obvious . It’s incredible how hard it is to make other folks see it, or even to hear about it. They just look blankly at you then change the topic. Disbelief, a question or two, or even ridicule would be a start, but most people simply edit out what you’ve just said, and change the topic. (It’s not just me either, try it for yourself.) The aren’t being polite changing tack to to make you shut up. It’s like switching a machine off for a second and then on again. Strange.

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