Dracula and Tea

Dearieme prefaced the piece below with: “Try dancing to this, matey.”


Some of the comments were also brilliant:

# Holy Crap it’s Dracula in the right corner bottom. And he’s not amused.

# This prelude descibes in music my last sexual encounter EXACTLY.

# A very passionate piece like this just cannot be played correctly if you do not have a sufficient amount of hair.

Anyway Dearieme says it’s time for Tea:


1 comment for “Dracula and Tea

  1. October 31, 2010 at 23:03

    I think the audience have been drugged with only a few people awake enough to move. Initially I thought the pianist was playing in front of a curtain painted with people on it. How on earth do people manage to sit so still?

    I quite enjoyed the Rachmaninov.

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