The search for old tracks

The search for old and deleted tracks can be heartbreaking. In the late 70s/80s, many 50s and 60s songs were covered in a better way than the originals [IMHO]. The Ramones did this sort of thing plus Radio Birdman [Jams’s version here and The Englishman’s Ventures version of a classic here].

One song I’ve long sought was Boys Cry by The Editions [Australian group].   Below is a cover in the original Eden Kane style and it has the girl backing vocal as in the Editions version, which was much more driving and relentless, with that effect of a radio being tuned out then in again. So then, the semi-original:

And here’s Radio Birdman [listen only].  I just adore from about 2:25 to about 3:08 – that’s my character in a nutshell:

The day we mellow is the day we die.

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  1. October 18, 2010 at 19:32

    I love the Ramones covers (Except Baby I Love You which was lame)

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