Meredith Kercher

This post is only about the victim, Meredith Kercher. If you’d like to argue about her killer, please go to this post.

The appeals have started and if the convictions are upheld, then there is the Supreme Court challenge, so this thing could go on for years for the victim’s family.  How little has been written about the victim and her family, how much about the perpetrators and one in particular.

This, from Meredith’s father:

An American TV network is now making a film about .Amanda Knox. and the events. That’s something I find appalling.  Your imagination of the events is enough. To have it graphically portrayed would be horrible for us.  I shall never forget sitting in that courtroom in Perugia at midnight, as the sentences for Amanda and [her ex-boyfriend and co—accused] Rafael Sollecito were read out a year ago. It was solemn and the atmosphere was extremely tense.

As we said afterwards, it was not a moment for celebration for us – more one of satisfaction that justice had been done for Meredith. But still it all goes on, with the accuseds’ appeals being heard this month.  If their sentences are upheld, they have the right to appeal to the Supreme Court in Rome and that process can last years. It simply keeps up the pressure on me and all I want is for everything to be settled.

Two years after the event, they were finally allowed to take her effects:

I expected this large suitcase full of her belongings, but it was sad to be presented with only a small battered case. There were hardly any clothes, most having been destroyed during forensic testing, no calendar and no chocolate. I would have kept mine forever.

He also wrote:

Everyone who Meredith ever came into contact with will never forget her and her wonderful smile. They always wanted her as a friend for life.  Even those she never met are struck by her. The Internet is full of messages from strangers around the world who comment on what a lovely person she seemed to be and always remark on her smile.

And that is what always sticks in our mind, because Meredith had a beautiful sense of humour and what some of her friends have described as “wicked one-liners”.

There are memories of Meredith everywhere. At the house in Surrey where she lived with her mother during. her holidays from the University of Leeds, her room is still as it was when she left to .go and study in the Italian city of Perugia to improve her knowledge of the language and culture.

As her mother says, it is not a shrine, but no one wants to disturb anything. Her clothes are still in the wardrobe, her posters on the wall and make-up on her table. It is sad, and you think that some day she is going to return.

You wait to hear her laugh, and whenever I think of that laugh it always makes me smile.

Snuffed out, not just by three individuals but by a culture which is trying everything to excuse the type of person Knox became – a product of both the failings of the society, egged on by Them and by her own proclivities which, when mixed in together, produced a dangerous sociopath who saw this as a fitting punishment for Meredith’s “transgressions” against her.

And when I read the apologists – oh, the slovenly Knox was “just a typical teen, relaxed enough to do premarital sex and drugs” – I feel sick to the stomach because if this is “a typical teen”, then what the hell are we breeding and where are the parents?

They’re creating websites and campaigns, backed by big bucks, to deny what they must know in their hearts is the truth.  And a film is being made, not about Meredith and the horror of what happened, but about Foxy Knoxy herself!  That’s what people will pay money to go to see.

It’s in keeping with the way everything is going these days, the innocent exploited and the guilty feted and free.  There is a lot riding on these appeals, not just one sociopath’s acquittal and I’m sure you know what I mean.  Finally, the pigeons might be coming home to roost for this type of person our society’s now spawned and it might just be the start of us clawing back some sense into our society.

None of which helps the Kerchers.

Meredith, I didn’t make it to November 9th, sorry but here’s remembering you now.

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4 comments for “Meredith Kercher

  1. Nigel Scott
    November 23, 2010 at 18:26

    Dear James,

    Meredith’s death was a tragedy. As a parent I can’t imagine how I would feel if one of my children were to be murdered. Nothing can compare to this.

    But there are three victims of this tragedy. Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito are innocent. The murderer was Rudy Guede, acting alone. The activities of the Perugian authorities in this affair have been disgraceful and hopefully one day someone will pay for this.

    Putting innocent people behind bars does nothing for the memory of Meredith. If your daughter or son were to be imprisoned for something they did not do how would they feel? How would you feel?

    Nothing compares to the suffering of Meredith’s family and I am sick to the stomach because of this crime. But I am also sick to the stomach when I think of all the innocent people aho are in prison because of incompetent or corrupt prosecuting authorities.

    • November 23, 2010 at 19:38

      Quite right, Nigel – the innocent must not go behind bars – it achieves nothing. But equally, the guilty must not be allowed to go free. That way, there is closure for the family.

  2. January 12, 2011 at 05:30

    It’s quite obvious that amanda knox and raf are guilty!!I think it’s absolutely unfair and disrespectful to meredith(the real victim) and her family to keep carrying on about the women who killed their daughter.For killing their daughter amanda got famous;how disgusting!!!That should never have been allowed to carry on.

  3. Michelle Moore
    January 15, 2016 at 22:50

    Dear James,
    I just saw this video for the first time. It is very moving and I wanted to take a moment to communicate this to you. It is haunting and sobering, the pain this family has endured. But the video, though painful, shows the beauty of Meredith, and the obvious love felt for her. Meredith truly was lovely girl and had so much left for her and her family and friends. It still is terribly sad. I wish the best for this family and someday I hope they get and feel as much closure as can be obtained from this horrible tragedy. I know, sadly, that this still won’t bring her back, but I hope the best for her family. And most of all, RIP to lovely Meredith Kercher. Her name will never be forgotten.


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