A cynic’s view of Christmas

Crimbo is coming

Crimbo is coming

The rich are getting fat

The poor are getting even less

And “they” think we are Pratts

The cost of heating has gone up

Food and clothes as well

As has the cost of “luxury” goods

And petrol, diesel too

The unemployed are getting less

The old and sick as well

But Dave and Co are getting more

While protecting their cartel

The lights are up, the snow is down

We sit trapped in our homes

The roads are blocked, the railways too

What are we going to do?

A time to overeat and drink

A time to spend too much

A time to run up credit cards

Instead of going Dutch

And after Crimbo all that dosh

We spent will come a calling

And we will have to pay it back

In sums that are quite galling

Enjoy your Crimbo this fine year

Enjoy this time of man

Enjoy the grub and booze and nuts

Enjoy it while you can

For next year Crimbo might be off

No money for the party

No food, no drink, no gifts, no loot

No reason to feel hearty

The Government has screwed us all

They tell us “We” are broke

They take and take and take again

They rip off all us folk

Times are hard! They cry at us

“We” must cut back on life

“We” must make the sacrifice

So “they” can have it all

And so we work a few years more

Retirement is a dream

70-80-85 a time to pack in work

Our pensions up in steam

And so we work until we drop

Until we are no more, we tried to do our best

And when we go the Government

Will come and take what’s left

But Crimbo is a time of peace

Of joy and happiness

A time to give and to receive

A time to stuff the Geese

Crimbo is coming

The rich are getting smug

The poor are getting even less

While “their” cat gets so fat



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  1. December 20, 2010 at 17:16

    Now THAT Santa is welcome to sit on MY lap.

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