Four Great Lies

I put this to Rossa, on the flaws in the zodiacal division of signs and she gave a good answer, quoting from Twilight [no url, sorry and can’t find it in google]:

What if, in both versions of the zodiac, the division into 12 signs, passed to us by ancient astrologers is just too detailed and precise to fit real-life living breathing mortals in the 21st century ? Astrologers tend to look on the system handed down to them in much the same way as Americans look on the Constitution – sacred. Perhaps, with the passing of centuries, both could benefit from some adjustment? Ain’t gonna happen, of course, in either case, but it’s interesting to surmise.

I’ve always accepted that astrology is based upon natural phenomena, as yet not understood. People who look on astrology as a mathematical phenomenon, or in the realm of the spiritual or metaphysical, or those who adhere firmly to the system of the ancients, would not find my view tolerable, this I understand and respect, heretical blogger though I may be!”

Twilight then quotes Grahame Greene:

Heresy is another word for freedom of thought.

I prefer to define heresy as me not agreeing with you in all respects.

My views on astrology

The Zodiac was always two things – it was a way of describing and explaining the natural phenomena but it was also given, not discovered. This is always the fundamental sticking point with the Judaeo-Christian mindset – the assertion of a duality as existent entities rather than as an allegory within the human mind.

Man is certainly an interesting package – a complete unit [and the Mac is a good analogy]. If you add or subtract from the whole, you threaten the integrity of the whole package because each part is optimized, in terms of the other.

Food is an example – we were not designed for pre-packaged and processed foods with non-natural ingredients, e.g. the E numbers. Result of all the tinkering is many of the bodily ills today. So there is a whole unfashionable philosophy which says to leave well alone, to operate as we were designed to and to operate within our natural environment, as far as we are able.

Yet we also have that penchant for exploration, for learning, for going higher and faster so that is in the package too. There is certainly a dualistic operating system within us and it naturally gives rise to The Second Lie.

The Second Lie is that a human must balance out his good and evil acts.

The very word Balance is an introduced extra. Just because there are two opposed phenomena in a person, doesn’t mean they are balanced nor need to be e.g. sickness and health, heterosexuality and homosexuality, maleness and femaleness. It could well be that one detracts from the other and for health, it should be up one end of the scale, resisting the incursion of the opposite.

There’s nothing wrong with the Green idea of living in harmony with the environment we’re in – the problem is the Greens themselves because they are susceptible and fall under the control of evil muvvers who take the notion and pervert it as a tool of control.

Nothing wrong with money as a tool or even working to accumulate enough to more than cover you and your family’s needs but there is a whole lot wrong with the concept of Credit, as it is a tool of control for those evil muvvers just mentioned above.

The Fourth Lie – the “third way” – is an attempt to bring people in by the back door to the dark side of the duality and it utilizes the First Lie to good effect. Thus we get “communitarianism”, perverting the concept of local community and having a vast number of federalist controlled local communities, each under the influence and rubber stamping power of a Common Purpose graduate. Leading beyond authority, i.e. assuming powers which are not yours to assume and being answerable only to the oligarchy in the centre.

The light side has no need for such subterfuge.

The other Lies

If The First is that there is no Maker and given that that Maker has asserted that there is a Destroyer, a separate entity who/which exists, the Father of Lies, whatever, then it’s quite ancient. Whether allegorical or literal is not all that relevant in that story of Jesus of Nazareth tempted to rule over all that He sees, as long as he pays His dues to the supposed provider, with the power to provide.

In that very tale is usurpation, i.e. an entity has come in and usurped control of a land and of a people. From this come all the spinoffs, e.g. the European Commission with no mandate whatever from the people, it’s behind how kings became kings and the Annunaki make that one easy to understand. It’s behind this unmandated power source having the power to send men and women into war to be slaughtered, for highly dubious political reasons.

It’s behind the whole idea of Big Brother knows best, e.g. we know the whole picture and therefore need to be in Afghanistan. You, the little people, only have one or two snippets of the whole and are not, therefore, in a position to advise us what to do.

There are so many interconnected lies in this. The very fact that the people do not know what’s going on comes down to firstly, that it’s being withheld from them by no natural authority and secondly, that people are basically lazy and thick, which is not to say that people do not have the nous to suss out a fraud.

The whole concept of Humanism too, that we don’t “need” a Maker, is a perversion. I mean, it’s pure Tower of Babel, it’s part of the First Lie and one doesn’t need to go past Chekhov to see the reason it’s a Lie:

Man has been endowed with reason, with the power to create, so that he can add to what he’s been given. But up to now he hasn’t been a creator, only a destroyer. Forests keep disappearing, rivers dry up, wild life’s become extinct, the climate’s ruined and the land grows poorer and uglier every day.

Having been made, having inherited the package, we no longer need its designer. So we set out to obliterate the memory, the consciousness of a Maker. We put up flawed notions of Science – look at Global Warming and Evolution – with all the counter-science which would indicate that they’ve gone astray somewhere in their thinking.

We flood the world with pseudo-Philosophy, e.g. Nietzsche, Voltaire, Hegel et al and then institutionalize and revere the perversion itself as the Ancient Ways – it’s happening in schools at this moment with the twisted Equality and Diversity mis-definitions.

This is like praying to the Great Bomb and worshipping it. So much time and effort, so many of the world’s resources employed to maintain the Lies, when those resources could be used to promote the well-being of humans.

The Lie not mentioned so far is The Third. This involves the notion that there exists a body of knowledge, the Ancient Mysteries and that the only way to have these revealed to you is step by step, by Adepts of a higher degree – 32nd degree, for example – and that the Truth is contained within those hidden, arcane mysteries.

It’s not for the hoi-polloi, the great unwashed – it is for Higher Beings and of course, the ones disseminating this piffle see themselves as these Adepts. They’ve cornered the market in Truth, just as they have water and food in the modern day and they’re going to mete it out in rations, as They see fit.

The opposite point of view – that it is easy to see how humans should live and that it is freely available for any to read, e.g. the Sermon on the Mount, that it is simply logical and amazing in its simplicity, is not good enough for the Adepts, for in the very state of being an Adept is political control. That was the whole reasoning behind Jesus, the Pharisees and the Saducees – certain men trying to corner a market and thereby becoming the authority and dispenser.

It’s Man trying to assert his control over other men and women. I reject the intervention of other men and women over me outright, except for the notion of rendering unto Caesar that which is rightfully Caesar’s.

Astrology and the Zodiac

The context, therefore, of astrology and the zodiac is that it is a useful tool in trying to explain natural phenomena and how the metaphysical is interwoven with that – it’s part of the whole shebang – but it is no substitute for a belief system and it most certainly should be no determinant, in itself, of actions and behaviour.

The determinant of actions and behaviour should be unrelativistic moral precepts, set in stone, things we know in our hearts are right or wrong, e.g. thou shalt not murder or take another man’s wife, to sexualize children is wrong, to break an agreement is wrong, to lie is wrong.

It’s not as complicated and esoteric, it’s not nearly as exciting, as the overcomplications humans feel the need to impose on a simple idea – how to get on with each other and how to get along on this earth of ours. 

Cut the Gordian Knot and Kiss – that’s my advice.

7 comments for “Four Great Lies

  1. richard
    January 16, 2011 at 12:27

    Julius Caesar got what he deserved in the end, though, didn’t he? Maybe the man from Nazareth was neatly reminding a section of his audience of that fact.

  2. Rossa
    January 16, 2011 at 13:36

    Twilight’s the lady who has commented recently James. Here’s the link to her post:

    Her blog is called Learning Curve on the Ecliptic and I particularly liked this quote:

    “An astrolger once pointed out that “there are no walls in space” – can’t argue with that! All the more reason to experiment then.”

    The rest you already know about. R

  3. Rossa
    January 16, 2011 at 14:06

    I also need to highlight that Twilight’s post is about Tropical and Sidereal astrology and the reasons they are different. One being Earth based, the other Sky based (Vedic).

    This is somewhat different than the newspaper article about Ophichus. While it purports to suggest there should be a 13th sign it has rather missed the point. What is referred to is the constellations, not signs. The two are often confused by astronomers or those that know nothing of astrology beyond their daily horoscope in the paper.

    There is no need for a 13th sign as both of these male astrologers make clear in their own inimitable way.

    It is interesting to see how the rise of the Serpent King has arrived in the MSM at this time. Now what has prompted that may be a better line of enquiry.

  4. January 16, 2011 at 19:22

    Thanks for mentioning my blog, Rossa, and James. Yes, as Rossa says, in comment above, my own post (Wednesday’s) was not about the silly Ophiuchus debate. I’d posted my piece before that had erupted.

    I’m not entirely sure I’ve followed all of James’ argument here, but one thing he wrote hit home to me, writing about the zodiac:

    “but it was also given, not discovered”.

    It was a construct arrived at by men, philosophers, mathematicians etc. Men (and women) are fallible (as we know to our cost). What bugs me is that astrologers cling to something constructed so long ago without investigating whether it’s working well, or might be improved, using all the technological marvels we now have available.

    Astrology isn’t a belief system in the way that religion is. Some people tend to revere it in much the same way though.
    I see astrology as something that ought to be a work in progress – but all the experts are leaning on their shovels.
    There’s SOMETHING in it, probably there’s something in both Vedic and Tropical astrology – it might be the same something but from a different angle.

    I don’t know how astrology works – every bit of the doctrine doesn’t work though, and some doesn’t work all the time. But some of it does, a lot of the time.

    (PS Will add a link to Nourishing Obscurity in my “Other Good Aspects” links.)

  5. January 17, 2011 at 01:31

    You seem to have a weirdly perverted idea of communitarianism. Your conception of it seems utterly remote from that of Dorothy Day.

  6. January 17, 2011 at 12:26

    Richard, Rossa, Twilight, thank you for those.

    Steve – glad you brought that up. My view is not my view – it is what is derived from reading and research and so many have woken up to it now.

    For a start, it’s even made it to the dictionary:

    So you see, Steve, it is not my “perverted idea” but a very real concern in the world. Communitarianism is anathema and inimical to:

    1. Anyone calling himself Christian because it aims to stamp out Christianity;
    2. Anyone who values the freedom of the individual within society and does not like state control.

    That’s my “perverted” view.

  7. richard
    January 18, 2011 at 04:06

    I would be in group 2, and agree with you James. As for astrology, it’s complete nonsense and yet it’s trivial compared with the irrational adherence to the belief in Statism as a benefit to mankind. Anything that relies on violence is inherenty evil, and astrology does not rely on police, prisons and taxation. Communitarianism does, so I’m not a fan. But there is no evidence to support astrology and plenty to suggest that Statism kills people (300 million last century, not including war)

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