The subterfuge of Communitarianism

One child holds the national flag, another holds the flag inimical to that nation – these are the seeds of confusion which have been sown.

Steve Hayes is a very nice chap and a Christian to boot.  He takes me to task here about Communitarianism:

You seem to have a weirdly perverted idea of communitarianism. Your conception of it seems utterly remote from that of Dorothy Day.

I had the temerity to reply [I’ve separated and notated the links below]:

My view is not my view – it is what is derived from reading and research and so many have woken up to it now.  For a start, it’s even made it to the dictionary:

Antecedents of communitarianism:

Roots, defining the debate and religion:

Communitarianism in practice:

From the Christian point of view:

The hidden agenda – a [U.S.] Democrat wakes up:

So you see, Steve, it is not my “perverted idea” but a very real concern in the world. Communitarianism is anathema and inimical to:

1. Anyone calling himself Christian because it aims to stamp out Christianity;

2. Anyone who values the freedom of the individual within society and does not like state control.

Here’s another, on the Alinsky roots:

Cassandra is quite unforgiving of the Left:

The Left – or more accurately, those who like to think of themselves as nice, empathic, inclusive, under-dog loving people, often are very far from it. They feel great hostility towards the opposition, who have no right in their minds to have such vile, egoistic, mean-spirited thoughts about freedom and humanity.

I look at it this way

Most people, I’m really sorry, are generally politically naive.  A “nice, empathic, inclusive, under-dog loving” person defines Steve but it also defines me.  It also defines the writers of those articles linked to above – I hope you can spare the time to peruse them.  In there is no extremism or hatred but a desire to safeguard our personal freedom within an increasingly intrusive State which is defining even the things we believe.

This is the Soviet model.  In Russia, I saw vestiges of the local community diktats, the type of society backgrounding The Crucible and religious intolerance. A young man outlined to me how he’d been taken from class, as a 12 year old, to a separate room to be “re-educated” in correct thinking.

The problem is that left-leaning people almost never see the subterfuge:

In [Communitarian] Etzioni’s article he states:

The neo-communitarian position seeks to understand as well as design society in light of the inevitable conflicts between rights, which privilege the person, and concerns for the common good, which privilege the com

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    January 18, 2011 at 11:24

    Nice, thoughtful post James.

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    Communitarianism from an American perspective:

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