PCist meatheads strike at Australia’s day

I’m going to have to stop going to other countries’ news sites. We have enough inanity in our own without having to read things like this.  Unlike many Mail readers who enjoy getting apoplectic about the latest stupidity, I don’t enjoy it at all – it upsets me very much.

Right, so what happened was this.  In Australia, the two biggest days of the year are Christmas and Anzac Day.  Gallipoli, all that, you know.

Every April 25th, Australians turn out for the day and the Old Diggers march in their units and in their uniforms, with medals etc.  Even people not into this remembrance at least concede it’s a day which binds the nation, especially because of a peculiarity whereby families march together – sons and grandsons and it’s an acknowledgement by the new generation of the sacrifices of the old.

Lovely gesture, eh?

Well yes it is but now some jobsworth says they can’t do that, for Elfansafetee reasons.  I quote:

“We don’t want to see veterans dropping dead as a consequence of the distance and heat.”

By my reckoning, a 20 year old in 1939 is getting on a bit now so fair enough – provide open cars for those who can’t walk any more, discreetly at the rear of each unit’s section.  Common sense, takes care of the safety issue.

Oh no, we can’t have common sense – tell me you don’t see the dead hand of PCism here.  On the pretext of being concerned about the very oldest, a blanket rule is brought in that NO ONE will march behind his colours, no matter how able-bodied.

All shall have prizes or none shall.  Here’s one comment, typical of the rest:

Disgraceful, un-Australian & in complete contradiction to the spirit of the day. These men deserve the right to march wherever they please. If not for these men there would be NO MARCH! If safety is a concern send the vehicle fleet together, but the underlying principle is that able bodied vets should march behind their colours.

It’s the unit, not the division which counts.  That’s where the camaraderie was, a vital military concept which gave troops good morale.

I believe this  was the excuse they’ve been looking for to quash national identity, prevent an annual, intergenerational coming together and ruin a jolly good day out. At the least, it’s insensitive to the spirit of the day.

Something bringing the nation together?  It has to be stamped out henceforth.  No respect, no sanctity.

Good to see some old soldiers planning to defy that and march in their units.

2 comments for “PCist meatheads strike at Australia’s day

  1. Bill
    February 19, 2011 at 10:47

    I reckon it is guaranteed that Anzacs will simply ignore this PC crap and it they get hold of the wanker who came up with they would hand deliver them a damn good slap.

  2. Patrick Harris
    February 19, 2011 at 11:28

    There’s one term that could be universally employed and I KNOW for a fact that THEY absolutely hate it.
    “FCUK OFF”

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