Why left-liberals* allow this to happen

The kindly world of the left-liberal

* Not only left-liberals but also the happily party-political

The Irish people have suffered enough. Europe should back off

Should. Just look at that word “should”.   It’s a word loaded with political naivete in the context in which it’s been used here.  It’s asking the wolves, in the process of going in for the kill, having done their stalking and put in all the groundwork, to kindly back off please.

Autonomous Mind touches on this:

Fine Gael actually helped Brian Cowen’s sinking government to put the Finance Bill to a vote in the Dail, supported some of its provisions and failed to stop the ones it opposed from passing. It is unrealistic in the extreme of Fine Gael to give the impression they will be able to change the terms of the expensive loan the EU and IMF put together.

Ireland is not mistress in her own house. The democratic process engaged in by 70% of those eligible to vote is meaningless, a charade, an illusion. How can Ireland’s government be on a collision course with the EU, when the EU is Ireland’s government? It is already making this clear:

As Irish voters headed for the polling booths on Friday, the European Commission bluntly declared that the terms of the EU-IMF bailout “must be applied” whatever the will of Ireland’s people or regardless of any change of government.

The left-liberal

I was once a left-liberal or centre-left, if you like.  The reasoning was idealistic and though I haven’t lost that idealism – wishing for a better, kinder society, I now, with the benefit of research and experience, see the wolves standing in the shadows, hiding behind the trees, ready to pounce, ready to utilize my naivety and that of millions, to their own benefit.

The left-liberal is often not a political creature.

He’ll pop up on voting day and vote in the socialists, then go back to his blogging about gardens, photo hunts, the appallingness of Gaddafi and so on.  He sees the Tories as those who couldn’t care less about the poor and dispossessed and being quite disposed towards the underdog and underprivileged [a fine thing in itself], will not see beyond party politics and will view with suspicion any suggestion that we need to get business [and in particular manufacturing] back on a sound footing as evidence of the evil bankers and big business ripping us all off.

He can’t see, in his view of politics, that a “fair” society and a “free” society are two entirely different things and that private enterprise is a different other animal to big business – the further left he goes, the more he is convinced that all bosses – even those of the corner shop up the road – are there to oppress their workers.  I’m not necessarily against this to a point – I see every week a boss of a cafe quite happy to pay his workers a pittance to keep the shekels rolling in and yes – some regulation is needed here to prevent him from not offering a decent wage, at a time when people are being forced to accept any job going to keep the wolf from the door.

But that’s an entirely different thing to the whole society stagnating under the weight of regulations, which only bolster the power of the very drivers of societal destruction and do not deliver benefit to the very people the regulations are meant to help.

He can see the greedy bankers and how they’ve got everyone on the credit teat, which played on the aspirations and greedy eyes of the ordinary person – have paradise today at no cost – but he can’t see the wolves lurking in council offices, for example.

You might recall One ring to rule them all, in which the strange tale brought by Graham Roberts revealed how Common Purpose is behind the scenes, influencing policy by the very nature of its agents’ positions in councils.

Now there is further evidence of this in the Leeds Council set up [page 3]:


Graham Roberts with more info on the Leeds councillors “leadership training course” – the FOI response to him:

I can confirm that the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) does hold some of the information that you have requested and that I am able to provide you with the following.

The course was called: Common Purpose Collab ‘How do we translate Big Society into effective community safety actions, while meeting the challenges of the Spending Review’.

The course was held at the Department for Environment and Rural Affairs (Defra) premises, Nobel House, Smith Square, London, SW1.

The costs of the course were shared between Home Office, Defra and DCLG.  The total cost of the course was £10,250 (excluding VAT). DCLG paid £3625.23 (excluding VAT).  I have attached a copy of the invoice.

This is taxpayer money, used to create and train elected officers in a shadowy pan-European elite’s ideology through groupthink [NLP].  The taxpayer has absolutely no idea it is happening.

The enemy is within and the purpose is an undemocratic society where this sort of person drives policy in a federalist model you see exemplified in the EU – unaccountable, except to The Money, all-embracing and imposing a USSR style pan-Europe unitarianism which allows of no freedom of association, of speech, of enterprise or of worship.

And the left-liberal cannot see that he is facilitating all this through his inability to perceive what’s going on, through his lack of outcry, through his vilification of “right-wingers”, i.e. anyone to the right of Mao Tse Tung who believes in “room to move” in our lives, free of interference and prescription as to how to live and think. See Longrider on the misuse of terms.

The left-liberal lives in Tolkien’s Shire, happy to sign away his rights, reduce his armed forces, believing everyone should just lighten up and get on with everyone else.  To him, people like me are just sad individuals who need more love in their lives.

He doesn’t see that those speaking out are the Aragons, the Striders, patrolling the outer reaches of the Shire, detecting and opposing danger.  Unlike Aragon, we have not the power to prevent it – only detect it – until such time as the Shire itself experiences the oppression for itself and unlike in Tolkien’s book, they won’t be led out of it through heroic rebellion but will actually sink further into it, a la Orwell’s 1984.

A major component in this inability to resist is the crippling of our armed forces, on the grounds of “spending cuts” – utter, utter madness.

The drivers of oppression [and you need look no further than Berlin, Bavaria or the Scottish Rite] are very careful not to touch the hip-pocket nerve, except in Ireland and even its heroes, e.g. Fine Gael, end up being on the payroll of the oppressors, in reality.  The left-liberal, a lovely chap or lady, simply can’t see what all the fuss is about or if he can – it’s all the bankers’ fault and Maggie Thatcher.

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  1. February 27, 2011 at 20:01

    I too used to be of the ‘liberal left’ and I’ve also become aware of the extent to which they in particular are culpable for the extent to which They manage to further Their agenda. The mitigating factor is the unbelievable amount of ‘perception management’ (brainwashing) we are all subjected to but which those of the liberal left seem very vulnerable to. There’s little chance of doing anything about this in traditional left/right terms. The only hope seems to be to make them aware of what’s really going on.

  2. February 27, 2011 at 21:44

    The thing is. The western world gained a competitive advantage through efficiency in the means of production using technology. With each passing cycle the efficiency increased and the required workforce became smaller.

    Now the developing world, without the ability to devise more advanced technology simply used our medical technology to decimate their infant mortality rate. Thus, through competition for jobs the cost of labour became cheaper than the machines. We cannot compete with this endless supply of cheap labour.

    So, just how is Ireland or even us supposed to ever pay this debt?

    Its over.

  3. fake
    February 28, 2011 at 09:54

    I kind of lol’ed watching the news after the election result.

    All this pontificating of democracy, then the winner of the election made a very strong “sounding” speech about dealing with the EU loan terms, except anyone who was paying attention should have noticed the “maybes” and “attempt to” parts of his speech.

    It was pretty clear to me from that speech alone that if the Irish want the EU issue dealt with, they voted in the wrong guy, I didnt even know about the other facts presented here (though I don’t know what their other choices are).

    Democracy has been ruined by a stupid electorate who can’t be bothered to fact check who they are voting for.

    This Irisih election seems to have been decided on nothing more than “they are a different colour”.

    They almost DESERVE to be screwed over.

    *We cannot compete with this endless supply of cheap labour.*

    They do the cheap labour, we do the specialised high tech labour. At the moment they cannot fill that market as their workforce is to uneducated, though that will not remain so for long.

  4. February 28, 2011 at 11:05

    “He’ll pop up on voting day and vote in the socialists, then go back to his blogging about gardens, photo hunts, the appallingness of Gaddafi and so on. He sees the Tories as those who couldn’t care less about the poor and dispossessed…”

    Tra la la what fluffy little creatures we must seem. Please forgive me for not subscribing to your world view

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