Who are these people?

And why are they contracted by the DWP to duplicate the work of GPs?

A friend who is currently in receipt of sickness benefit received a letter from Atos Healthcare telling him to attend one of their health centres for a medical assessment; this to decide whether he is fit for work.

Of course he is fit for work, he is ill and he is temporarily ‘on the sick’.

Any person ‘on the sick’ has already been examined by a doctor so why is it necessary to face another medical examination by Atos?

Is the Government saying that doctors are liars? But Government has recently announced that more power and decision making will be handed to family doctors and yet this extra layer of beaurocracy that is Atos seems to have been designed to undermine the GP.

Here is a review of the system.

from their web page

“Our performance is measured each month against key performance indicators that include the quality of medical reports as well as claimant satisfaction.”

ah yes, targets that’s the bottom line.

here is an indication of the real reason for wanting to meet their targets.

Dispatches on C4 highlighted how outsourcing of services is making things worse.

Having watched the programme I was reminded of how the PFI scheme has delivered projects over budget and years behind schedule.

I have worked in the construction industry on PFI projects and I think they are wonderful as they are a licence to print money.

But as a taxpayer I think they are a disaster because they are a licence to print money.

Let us have a look at the family tree of the Atos group of companies

I see they are French and in the UK

this looks like CP. There’s that word again – ‘leadership’

So back to the beginning-

Why are they contracted by the DWP to undermine the work of the local GP?


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May I add these to JD’s post?

They’ve been at it a long time now.

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  1. March 18, 2011 at 12:36

    Government actions, yours and mine regarding Obamacare, which is forcing me to pay more and more of the bill after I paid for the system for 45 years, and at the same time reducing services, reminds me of a grade “B” Western movie I saw years ago.

    The central character was a gunfighter who couldn’t quit because everyone wanted to challenge him because of his reputation of being the best. At one point in the picture someone shoots him in the back. When the back-shooter approaches the gunfighter to see if he killed the prone gunfighter, the gunfighter puts his hand on the holstered gun and shoots the back-shooter who falls to a sitting position.

    The gunfighter gets to his feet and staggers over to the man who just back-shot him. The back-shooter looks up and says, “And now you’re gonna kill me.”

    The gunfighter says, “Oh yeah,” and pulls the trigger.

    Sound apropos?

    It’s come to an age in which we cannot trust government officials to do the job.

    P.S. Nothing is more despicable than a back-shooter.

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