Common Purpose at work and play

Please make a quiet note of these things, before they slip away:

Zenna Atkins, social entrepreneur, [former] Chair of OFSTED and Chair of Places for People is presented on their site by Common Purpose whom there is abundant evidence is an evil organization stacking key positions in the UK with their own people, unelected of course.

OFSTED is infiltrated too and so those lessons to five year olds on sex will be encouraged by those of this woman’s ilk.  Here’s her profile and philosophy, [formerly] from the CP website:

One of the great problems in Britain today is that we are all trying to become the same; to minimise the differences between us, rather than enjoy them. I am a tall busty blonde. I like being a tall busty blonde. I flaunt it – mainly because there are not many of us chairing boards (particularly not the audit committee of the Royal Navy). It’s me. I add value precisely because I am different.

Ah yes, her bustiness was a key prerequisite for the job.

UPDATE [16:12]: Ofsted chief, Zenna Atkins, says schools need bad teachers

From Andrew Gregory [last year]:

The head of the schools watchdog was slammed last night after insisting all pupils need one “s*** teacher”. Ofsted chief Zenna Atkins went on to claim it would be wrong to sack useless members of staff.

Now do you wonder why this country has fallen apart and no one quite knows why?  How about Roisin McDonough, Chief Executive, Arts Council of Northern Ireland?

It is because women have been kept out of many positions of power they have got better at leading beyond authority and working on the margins. They have learnt to create power.

They have got better at leading beyond authority.  Y-e-e-s-s-s.    I think you have an idea of their mindset by now and of course, their ideas will rule because unlike the elected officials, these people “lead beyond authority” and are the wunderkind of the government.

Let’s move on.  Lord Simon is a supporter of CP and was interviewed a couple of years back by Julia Middleton – for a CP project:

Lord Simon of Highbury, former chairman of BP argued “it is time to recognise the importance of a more integrated economic / political system in Europe”.

You just have to look out for these things but they’re there if you look closely enough and know the interconnections.    Now this one‘s fabulous:

Thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ cash have been spent by ministers to explain David ­Cameron’s Big Society to civil servants.

The revelation confirms fears that even top civil servants do not understand the PM’s idea for encouraging volunteering and giving local communities more power.

Documents obtained by the Sunday Mirror show three Whitehall departments hired an organisation to “translate” the Big Society to officials. They ­attended brainstorming sessions and team-building exercises in a “collaboration ­laboratory” run by Common Purpose.

I’m sorry – what was the name of that organization again?  Co-comm-Pup-P …  No it’s gone and it was on the tip of my tongue.   Here’s a good one [click on pic to read]:

Julia Middleton writes to Frances Maude, Cabinet Office Minister:

Isn’t that lovely?

The Cabinet Office reveals that the minutes were recorded this way:

… but somehow an error was made and David Bell’s name seemed to disappear in the version which was released:

Understandable error anyone could make, yes? Not in the least untoward, opaque, deceptive or downright dishonest, is it?  Not arf.

Let’s save the rest up for next time.  If you’ve got this far, lads and lasses, try this also, by Ian Parker-Joseph:

To me this is corporatism/fascism/communitarianism/communism all rolled into one, society herded like cattle, projects defined by consultants, people just end up paying and complying.  This, and schemes like this, will end up becoming the ‘community organisers’ bible.

Talk about a rich vein of material on these bozos.

Here’s a bitta history about CP.


Thanks Graham Roberts again.

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10 comments for “Common Purpose at work and play

  1. microdave
    March 10, 2011 at 14:06

    No, Zenna Atkins, we are NOT all trying to become the same – it’s your nasty little social re-engineering agenda that’s trying to do it.

    And as for “flaunting” the fact that you are “a tall busty blonde”, that’s a bit rich when nearly every day we hear of a court case being pursed by some feminist complaining that no one treats her seriously.

    Arrogant COW!!!!

  2. JD
    March 10, 2011 at 14:26

    “team-building exercises” = brainwashing, leading to groupthink

  3. March 10, 2011 at 15:56

    Microdave – really sorry the comment was held back. I’ve been in talks with my host and the anti-spam company itself [the new one] and these guys are working on it. I might have to reinstall WordPress.

    Sorry to all readers, esp. Fake today, to whom this has happened.

    MD – yes indeed.

    JD – precisely.

  4. Graham Roberts
    March 10, 2011 at 16:20

    Love this quote from CP Trustee – Sir Andrew Cubie

    “Neutralising the opposition sometimes just comes down to he who blinks first. It’s a dare.”

  5. fake
    March 10, 2011 at 17:03

    *The head of the schools watchdog was slammed last night after insisting all pupils need one “s*** teacher”. Ofsted chief Zenna Atkins went on to claim it would be wrong to sack useless members of staff.**

    Now do you wonder why this country has fallen apart and no one quite knows why? *

    1. Someone in the unionised schools system defending someone else in the unionised schools system, news at 11.

    Why has it fallen apart.

    Stupid people voting labour because their dad did, it’s their team, etc. Look at the recent voters who went for labour, labour have done them no good, have done them harm, but they vote labour in the same way people support clubs “I always vote labour”. both the blues and the red’s did nothing for them, but they BELIEVE in labour.

    Labour where always the party of the Unions, of the civil service.

    read point 1 again, mystery solved.

    (This isnt specifically an anti labour or anti union rant, people can be the same with other parties. For the vast majority democracy is ticking a box every 4 years, you get out what you put in)

  6. March 10, 2011 at 17:11

    Graham – the more we delve, the more we turn up slimy things from under rocks.

    Something I can agree with you about, Fake. Spot on.

  7. Anthony
    March 10, 2011 at 20:10

    Janet Paraskeva used to run the Law Society. She is Public Sector up to her eyeballs.

  8. Patrick Harris
    March 10, 2011 at 21:18
  9. Patrick Harris
    March 10, 2011 at 21:21

    BTW in the USA it’s “Common Cause”.

  10. JD
    March 10, 2011 at 22:19

    “Ofsted chief Zenna Atkins went on to claim it would be wrong to sack useless members of staff.”

    That reminds me of something……..

    “We do not and cannot accept the principle that incompetence justifies dismissal. That is victimisation.”
    Fred Kite

    plus ça change 🙂

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