Groupthink spreads through the UK like a cancer

When Richard North wrote, about the defence cuts:

But that isn’t what it’s about. We are seeing here structural cuts which remove the UK’s ability to act independently as a nation, and to project our foreign policy. We have moved from independence to a transitional stage where our capabilities have been removed and there is no replacement.

… and 13th Spitfire also wrote:

There is a difference between being belligerent and pragmatic and knowing your history and ignoring it. We are terribly good at forgetting our history in the UK and as a result tend to repeat an awful lot of mistakes which could have been avoided if people in command where not being so optimistic about the prospects.

… that should have started all sorts of alarm bells ringing.

But there is also something else quite insidious going on inside our country – far less visible, just as destructive and it supports the agenda mentioned in the two posts above.  You see, to get people to support such things with barely a murmur, you have to first prepare them, prime them into accepting such things as cuts to core capabilities.  You have to demoralize people first, weaken their hold on the idea of, say, national sovereignty.

This is what’s going on up and down the country in key positions in our society.  I don’t expect too many people to have read the post on SRI International but there was a section there which went like this:

Long range penetration strain, the art of subjecting a very large group of people to continued social bombardment was developed by scientists working out of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations and their U. S. subsidiaries, Stanford Research and Rand Corporation, and another 150 research institutions in the U.S.

Dr. Kurt Lewin, developed this form of warfare. Dr. Lewin organized the Harvard Psychological Clinic and the Institute for Social Research under the auspices of the Tavistock Institute.

The method is to cause information to leak out, in order to make citizens fret over various conspiracy theories, leaving them with a feeling of uncertainty and insecurity, isolated and perhaps even afraid, as they search, but fail to understand the decay and rot caused by changing and decaying society, unable to identify or combat the social, moral, economic and political changes they deem undesirable and do not want, yet which increase in intensity on every hand and with each ostensible attempt to prevent them which, of course, produces the opposite effect.

Yet it’s worse than that.

While citizens fail to hear about Common Purpose and other organizations with similar aims at all levels of the community, certain hard information, in line with Lewin’s method, does leak out and it will produce one of three reactions, if their research is accurate – dismissal as an unsubstantiated theory, deep unease in any who see that it does hold water and/or a sense of disempowerment. In fact, by bringing you this, it’s just adding to your unease.

There is now substantial evidence [and here, for example] that these groups permeate every level of British society [I include the other home countries here as well].  As if that wasn’t enough, check these fragments:

… and:

See Googledocs here for the full text of these memos.

What is wrong with this?  The secrecy, the need to change wording which can be seized on by CP enemies, i.e. the ordinary citizen who must not wake up to what is happening in the area of national sovereignty and work practices.  CP received some bad press in 2008/9 which threatened to go viral and so they made key moves to push it further underground.  Note those words: “which is now mandatory for us all to use”.

Mandatory – coming down from a central command.  For us all to use – we are legion.

What does it all come down to?  Witterings from Witney wrote a post which surprised me because of its title: Mindless, or mind-controlled, voters?

Not yet a year old and already the Coalition has broken promises and ‘U’ turns almost as long as the ‘proverbial arm’ – to which can be added Clegg’s admission today in the House of Commons that the recall system for MPs will not happen any time soon.

That this country has a problem with it’s democracy is, I believe, now beyond any reasonable doubt and I have posted on this previously here and here. It is a problem that is going to have to be addressed – and the sooner the better! Other examples are here, here and here.

Are these U turns and broken promises because of the fickle nature of the pollies [a given] or perhaps because they are not really the ones setting the agenda and thus they have to compromise their promises, once in power, to fit in with the actual agenda going down?

Sean Gabb wrote a piece in 2001 on The Enemy Class and this blog took up the theme in 2006, calling it Them.  In 2008/9, the story of CP broke and this gave added poignancy to Sean Gabb’s words:

What I will call the Enemy Class exists in and around the public sector. It comprises the great majority of those administrators, lawyers, experts, educators and media people whose living is connected with the State. Its leading members are people like Anthony Giddens, Greg Dyke, Elspeth Howe, Mary Warnock, Polly Toynbee, Peter Mandelson, and others.

They articulate and advance the interests of perhaps a million other people—from television producers and heads of executive agencies, down through the university lecturers and social workers and white collar bureaucrats, to the lowest grades of civil servant and local government officer. Add to the list all the racism awareness and anti-aids consultants and the workers in those non-government organisations that receive money and status from or via the State.

These are the people who really govern the country. They are the ones who decide what statistics to gather and how and when to publish them. They decide what problems can be identified and what solutions can be discussed. They advise on policy and implement policy. Because of their numbers and education and beliefs, and the formal and informal bonds that hold them to each other, and because of their ability and willingness to give and withhold benefits, they set the tone of society.

They can require not only external conformity to their will, but can even to some extent shape the public mind so that conformity seems right and natural. They provide the boundaries and language of debate. They define the heretics and schismatics, and arrange for them to be persecuted. They are the modern equivalent of an established church. More precisely, they are what Coleridge called the Clerisy.

Remember the chronology here. He wrote this in 2001. Common Purpose came out of the ODPM later, via a harpie called Julia Middleton and the method was clear – to bend all sectors of society to their will, to their world view and to their brave new world. They took over the Enemy Class Sean Gabb referred to and extended it into the private sector, into Europe, into the MOD, into America.

They took Kurt Lewin’s methodology and refined it, while being funded by parliament to do so.

Has anyone outside the blogosphere heard of them?  Their agenda is Euro-federalist, under an unelected leadership.  Within the working community, it is prescriptive and demands compliance with standards coming out of Europe and as you saw – it is mandatory.  The compliant remain in their positions in the workplace, in order to facilitate it and the dissidents are marginalized.

Witterings from Witney was speaking with me on Wednesday and made the point that there is a definite thrust throughout the community for this “one-think” or “one-speak”. Independent thought and initiative are being quietly discouraged and the party-line becomes everything – whether in business, local authorities or wherever someone wishes to be employed.

There is a strong anti-Christian element to it as well and remembering that they control the media, then the proliferation of stories concerning what is surely a “dying religion” makes one wonder what they fear in Christianity – surely they’ve already rid people of this “superstition”?   The answer to this is in deepest Bavaria and in Switzerland.

In short, the enemy is within these shores and is controlling the agenda whilst we look on, dismayed or oblivious.  Who do they have in their pocket?  Obviously Osborne and Clarke but also this man and this man.  And who was it who was over in Europe when Libya exploded?  What was he actually doing over there?

So, Common Purpose and other EUphile organizations don’t just have the Mandelsons and Ed Balls under them – they also have key Tories and up-and-comers.  Is that why, at the Tory conference in 2009, when I asked about the EU, I received a cordial and well-worded reply in the auditorium but when I followed that up with a question about Common Purpose, the so-called Eurosceptics clammed up and immediately took a question from someone else?

[Thanks, Graham Roberts]

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  1. March 3, 2011 at 21:20

    Another great article James.

    “… Anthony Giddens, Greg Dyke, Elspeth Howe, Mary Warnock, Polly Toynbee, Peter Mandelson, and others…”

    This is what intrigues me. It seems so obvious that what they are doing is wrong, to put it mildly. How do they and others like them, justify it to themselves? What is it they think they are achieving?

  2. Patrick Harris
    March 3, 2011 at 22:30

    They have been promised their place in the sunny uplands of some, dreamed of, future utopia, where the seven deadly sins have been eradicated and all skin is of the same hue. LOL.

  3. March 3, 2011 at 22:44

    Mandelson knows he’s doing great wrong but Toynbee, I think, just believes in a fuzzy communitarianism and is as thick as p**s***. Therefore Mandelson goes straight to hell and Toynbee gets the chance to redeem herself.

  4. March 3, 2011 at 23:16

    “We are at present working discreetly with all our might to wrest this mysterious force called sovereignty out of the clutches of the local nation states of the world.”

    Professor Arnold Toynbee, in a June l931 speech before the Institute for the Study of International Affairs in Copenhagen.

    I assume Polly is ‘discreetly’ continuing the work of her father.

  5. March 3, 2011 at 23:22

    Ah. Well, she’s for hell too then.

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