Is this how to run a country?

Illegal funding:

The District Auditor has revealed he is investigating allegations of illegal payments being made by Sheffield City Council to an organisation that has close links to senior officers at the authority. The organisation at the heart of the investigation was today named as Common Purpose

District Auditor John Prentice acted after a member of the public claimed payments had been made to Common Purpose that were illegal. Mr Prentice has refused to sign-off the accounts until his investigation is complete.

Common Purpose is a national not-for-profit organisation that runs “leadership development courses” which have been attended by officers from the city council and other parts of both the public and private sectors in South Yorkshire. It is understood up until recently Common Purpose had its own office within the council.

A spokesman for the Audit Commission said: “The District Auditor has received an objection to the accounts relating to payments made to Common Purpose and is still looking into it. Therefore, we can’t say anything further at present.”

Ridding yourself of people you don’t want:

I had to work hard with the local education authority (LEA) to remove these governors and to start again in relation to the new vision of the school, which is that ‘Firth Park is Fantastic’ and it is our job to enable students to believe in themselves, their potential and to aim high with confidence and determination.

Through Common Purpose I met some inspirational leaders, and we were able to recruit three governors via the programme. I continue to have strong links with the 1996/97 participants at a local and national level. This was, perhaps, the best professional training programme I have ever been involved in.

The mindset of those who take over:

Yesterday, I offended half the readership with comments about “left-liberals”.  Perhaps these terms are changing, emotively charged and misleading because now there is a new type and hard to define – a common purpose type, not at all concerned with injustice overseas, which at least is where the left-liberals could be found.

This type is into gaining power, holding on to it and converting everyone else to the mindset, via neuro-linguistic programming, among other things.  And as can be seen in the two examples above, it is spreading like a cancer throughout the UK and overseas as well.  It’s not remaining up in the elite areas but is permeating down into even headteachers.

If it doesn’t directly result in, then it is attended by, unethical behaviour which would not have been put up with two decades ago.  A further example is that very school, Firth Park and what might seem a minor quibble by some wowsers but when you put it together with the other material, it raises eyebrows:

Mo Laycock Applauds Blasphemy and Swearing at Firth Park College Student Night.

Tonight was the chance for parents to pay and watch the Performing Arts College ‘Student Showcase’. This contained lots of singing,dancing and comedy routines by pupils of various ages, and the obligatory African drumming spot. Nothing wrong there.

But what about all the ‘Jesus Christ’ and used in one of the acting routines. Not to mention the kids on stage effing and bstrding it! But it’s ok though because the audience was warned before the show, (3 and a half hours long!) that there was some ‘bad’ language.

Although I had a Christian up-bringing I do not practice this. But this sure as heck felt uncomfortable especially with a mixed audience with a few grans and granddads in. And the Head of the School, Mrs Mo Laycock, stood and applauded at the end.

And although most kids swear in the school yard I don’t see it as the right time nor place to be using the offensive language in front of a family audience with young children and grandparents. And the Head of the school applauded it!

I went through all the other comments on the forum – there were the predictable “kids swear these days – get a life” type but even though this man [I presume it was] was obviously conservative though not specifically religious, others also backed him up, that is – those who had attended the performance and were less than impressed.

Now, as you know, I’m a former head of a lower school and one thing absolutely certain is that that person has to be whiter than white because one is trying to attract and maintain pupils [independent school system].  One does not condone swearing, particularly of the “effing and bstrding” type, as the man put it.

So, in Mo Laycock considering this was all well and fine, what does that say about the erosion of her own values or rather the replacement of the traditionally accepted code of conduct with a focus on other things?  As a Common Purpose appointee, her focus is clearly on the … well … common ideological purpose … and pesky things such as manners and ethics, teaching the children respect and so on do not compute in her brain.

There are key false constructs being pushed in schools – that homosexuality is great and to stand in the way of this 6% of the community will have the law down on you, that equality means women are better and should have the jobs [as Harman and Featherstone say], that diversity means you ignore the plight of your own people, that Elfansafetee means you don’t play with footballs any more or conkers and you must keep to designated areas and have every personal detail of your life on record and so on.

This is where the focus is and rubbish like manners and respect do not come into it.  No one’s Christian these days either, so it’s fine to use the name as a swear word – it’s not on the godlike word list [in the previous paragraph] and more importantly, it’s only going to offend the already marginalized – the fuddy duddies who have no place in the brave new society Common Purpose is forging with the kids.

Lord help us – the yahoos are in the Reichstag and running riot. Gather your family and belongings and run for the hills!

Other organizations entering the field, e.g. Optimus Seventh Generation who state these things without the slightest hint of shame:

*  Getting beneath people’s beliefs – shifting limiting beliefs using language patterns, sleight of mouth and reframing

Seriously – just look at that first one – getting beneath what people believe and reframing it, according to Common Purpose principles. Oh my goodness.

*  We use a variety of coaching models, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) for communication and change techniques, and a humanistic approach to change. Our delegates often comment that they find this course ‘life changing’, as personal development goes deep and opens a whole new perspective on self and interactions with others.

*  There can be significant and massive change as a result of getting a workforce or diverse group of organisations focused on a common purpose. John F Kennedy’s statement in the 1960’s* provided just such a common purpose – “By the end of the decade, we’ll have a man on the moon”. Tapping into common motivations is the key to getting the result you want.

Check their who we are section – always a guide to the transparency of the organization:

Optimus was formed in the UK in October 2003 by a small group of people who are passionate about making a difference. Because we care. Between us we had expertise in oil & gas, HSE and behavioural change.

[* Note the grammatical error.]  So – nothing about the specific people behind them except a photopage and bland statement of vision.


It’s pretty clear, isn’t it, what’s going on and why we’re getting the outcomes we are, why all the incompetence in things which actually matter, why there is no respect and the natural order is being forcefully turned on its head, why the judges let the criminals off and prosecute the ordinary citizen, why a brave new world is truly being created before our very eyes and why some of us see it but others don’t.

One commenter mentioned my “world view”.  It’s not a relativistic world view.  It’s not a “view” at all.  It’s a commentary on what is actually happening.  That man did take over that school and kick out those governors, did appoint that head teacher who did act the way she did, CP graduates really are advising councils and so on.

This is not my “world view”.  It’s happening and the other “world view” which ignores what is happening is, I’m afraid, either quite blinkered, does not wish to face up to it or else has its own agenda.  I mean, at some stage, at least some of the things happening must have seeped through – so what gives?

That’s where we are.


Thanks, Graham Roberts, for material here.


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  1. WitteringWitney
    March 1, 2011 at 09:16

    James, excellent post – as usual.

    I think we have to recognise that as a people we are slowly being programmed to conform to ‘their’ idea of how we should be – mindless, compliant and robotic in thought, word and deed.

    Children today are not educated – they too are programmed, almost ‘groomed’ to be compliant adults later in their lives.

  2. March 1, 2011 at 09:42

    Wow, how do I get a job with these people?

    I reckon I could fart beyond authority.

  3. March 1, 2011 at 10:21

    WW – thanks and yes, they are being programmed.

    Wolfie – just tell them you’re happy to be neuro-linguistically programmed and your in, son.

  4. March 1, 2011 at 22:00

    On the general subject of brainwashing and ‘manipulating our psyche’ can I suggest the following videos by Alan Watt.

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