OFSTED – the fish rots at the head

Zenna Atkins

OFSTED is an organization ostensibly intended to safeguard educational standards in our country.  It is meant to employ people of the highest calibre, of many years standing, urbane, well spoken communicators whom anyone in the education sector can look up to and respect.

In fact, let’s look at its very name:

The Office for Standards in Education

Standards, right?

It has the power to close schools or sections of schools virtually summarily .  It’s recommendations are followed to the letter or the school doesn’t get another chance.  An OFSTED inspection is a thing of dread – ask any school principal – but a recommendation from them goes into the prospectus for parents.

In short, they are the arbiters of education in the UK.  The head of OFSTED will therefore be a person of fine character, no?

Zenna Atkins, you’ll recall yesterday, listed as one of her qualifications for the job, that she was “a tall busty blonde. I like being a tall busty blonde. I flaunt it.”

You’ll also recall her “insisting all pupils need one “s*** teacher” and that it would be wrong to sack useless members of staff. The word she used was then airbrushed out, in news articles, to “bad teacher” or “dud teacher” but in fact she had said s*** teacher.

And she said that in her capacity as OFSTED  head!  So, to bustiness can be added a potty-mouth.  Impressive CV.  Is she alone in her coarseness?  Well, perhaps there’s a clue to this in a little snippet by her mate, Julia Middleton, from some time ago.  In this speech, Middleton says:

The other day I was in a meeting in Belfast, I have no idea how I ended up in this meeting. It was a really wonderful meeting with about fifteen people there. When we* were really getting going there was this little jerk in the corner, who kept piping out**, “What is your legitimacy?” and we all said “just shut up” and we kept on going.


Anyway, he went on and on about our legitimacy to such an extent that in the end I turned to him and said “Let me just be absolutely clear that at this meeting we are not trying to allocate any public funding, nor are we trying to make any public policy.

Actually in this meeting are the fifteen people that are the only people in Northern Ireland that have done anything for the homeless in Northern Ireland for the last 10 years. That is our legitimacy and it is a totally compelling and overwhelming legitimacy”.

The legitimacy question wasn’t directed at the 15 people, by the way.  It was directed, by the “little jerk”, at Julia Middleton and Common Purpose.  *  We?  Who’s we?  She means her.  **  Piping “out”?

That’s the sort of person Common Purpose gets employment for in the upper echelons of key organizations, e.g. OFSTED.  The fish rots at the head and just as Julia Middleton is the pits herself, so those emanating from her, in her image, are also rough as guts.

It gets worse.  The lovely and talented Zenna then went on to head GEMS, the education providers but couldn’t cut it, it seems:

Zenna Atkins, a former chair of Ofsted, was appointed chief executive of the firm’s UK, Europe and Africa wing earlier this year.  She told the Guardian she had “quickly realised that the company wasn’t for her”. She would not say why she left, nor whether it was a mutual decision, only that “she didn’t want to be a part of it”.

Of course she didn’t – it was private enterprise, wasn’t it and one needs talent for that.  As RogerOThornhill said:

Hats off to Peter Wilby for his final assessment though…

Don’t underestimate Atkins. I’d rate her chances of being a sensational success at Gems as about evens, with an equal chance of her being a disaster, and zero chance of anything in between.

On February 8th, 2011:

Baroness Morgan of Huyton was today named as the new chairman of Ofsted.

And of course, guess what?  Purely on spec, I typed Huyton and Common Purpose into Google search and look what rich pickings they turned up:

Now it gets even more interesting, because one of the honorary patrons of ARK is Sir Elton John.

You know – the one who is blighting some baby’s life by pretending he’s in a marriage.

They call it The Team.  One of the executives is Sally Morgan Baroness Morgan of Huyton who joined ARK in September 2005 from her post as Director of Government Relations at 10 Downing Street.

ARK is a very interesting study in itself.  UK Indymedia said, a couple of years back:

Our research has uncovered a trail of worrying “new initiatives” in schools, particularly those associated with the new NuLabour ‘Academy’ schools programme. Initiatives range from regular ‘counselling’, to unspecified ends, to the sexualisation of children.

In the background, the UK Column is finding reference to The ‘No Outsiders’ project, being run by Dr Elizabeth Atkinson at Sunderland University. This is about ‘challenging homophobia’ and ‘challenging heteronormativity’. For those readers unsure of this ‘psychobabble’, to challenge heteronormativity is to challenge heterosexual activity as the norm for society.

Dr Atkinson and others provide advice on ‘Addressing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual And Transgender Equality In Primary Schools, together with books for use in Primary and Early Years Settings’.

For those readers who cannot believe that children are to be taught that heterosexuality is not normal, they should know that Kwabena Peat 54, a teacher, was recently suspended for challenging this statement during ‘Diversity’ training at his school.

Further evidence on the future for our children, includes the teaching of eugenics, or selective breeding. This is being done through a number of initiatives including ‘creative dance and drama’.

So that there is no understanding, the Department for Children, Schools and Families under the questionable hand of Ed Balls MP, fully approves of ARK, heteronormativity training and Neuro Linguistic Programming of children.

… and as Centurean 2 says:

ARK ties in with yet another charity (this word is beginning to worry me), a charity called :

Teens and Toddlers. The projects director and founder of teens and toddlers is Diana Whitmore, and as soon as I visited the website what stood out was the fact this organisation is all about: Evaluation and Research, and Counselling. Now what the hell are Teens and Toddlers doing to require ‘Counselling’?

Well, Centurean, this for example?

And there’s a name associated with ARK – Bernard Kouchner. One of Ark’s trustees,  Bernard Sabrier had his own charity, Children Action and a partner of that was Bernard Kouchner.  Kouchner himself was subject to allegations that he was involved in or at least knew of the KLA Organ Harvesting Atrocity.  He was also involved in the lessening of penalties against a convicted paedophile.

When the news of his imprisonment for sexual perversions and corruption of minors reached France, the private jet of Bernard Kouchner landed in Romania to plead for his defence.

“He saved thousands of children, whereas all the armies fled”, said Mr Kouchner. Never, Ô never, we ever suspected Michel, on the contrary we entrusted hundreds and thousands of children to him. I do not regret it, I would entrust them to him tomorrow, as soon as he leaves prison.

One of these ARK people, tied in with Common Purpose, is now running OFSTED.  If she is at all aware of or becomes aware of these unsavoury associations, then she should either repudiate them immediately, resign from Oftsed or admit:

The fish rots at the head.

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  1. ivan
    March 11, 2011 at 11:22

    OFSTED – one of the quangos that should be removed root and branch and have the soil it was in salted, i.e. no pensions for those removed and banning from any government employment for ever.

  2. Patrick Harris
    March 11, 2011 at 18:51

    For the second time, listen to this woman.

  3. March 11, 2011 at 19:34

    JD – cheers and that’s in a post to come.

    Ivan – most certainly.

    Patrick – I did and agree but take issue with her “just wrong”. It’s evil in my book.

  4. March 11, 2011 at 23:56

    They certainly talk much nonsense, these types.

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