Why does Cameron refuse to help?

Rebels: ‘Why won’t the world help us?’

Protest movement pleads for intervention as Gaddafi’s forces step up counter-attack.

One can understand an Obama refusing to help a grassroots movement because he is a socialist and wants State control of everything, along with massive debt and a subjugated people feeding off the State teat – that’s a given.

What many can’t understand though is why Cameron, a supposed conservative, dedicated to people’s freedom, the democratic process etc., having said he was going to step in to help, actually sits back and does nothing but spout the right noises to his domestic market about it.

The answer, as so many freedom loving pundits have pointed out, is that no way will the global elite step in to help a grassroots movement.  It’s giving aid to the enemy, isn’t it?  The enemy being the people of course.  The reason Gaddafi is acting with such impunity is that the message has got through that he won’t be opposed.

2 comments for “Why does Cameron refuse to help?

  1. ubermouth
    March 11, 2011 at 14:35

    Yes, he will be opposed and likely suffer the same fate as Saddam but first the propaganda machine has to be running at full tilt to justify it.

    They simply won’t oppose him because they want to[ IMHO! lol] but because they will have no choice or it will only prove their real motives behind their invasion of Iraq.

  2. March 11, 2011 at 18:49

    I suspect they ARE helping the rebels, with the satphone-plus-$10k approach that has destabilised so many African countries. Or do you really buy the it-all-went-viral-via-Facebook story?

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