An oppressor by any other name


Globalist watchers learn to recognize the jargon, the buzzwords, the weasel words of the other side.

Fairness, Tolerance, Human Rights, Inclusion but not meaning any of those things at all, quite the opposite, are a few of those words and where they trip themselves up is when they go on about “positive” discrimination, meaning negative discrimination towards any who are not recipients of their largesse.

Logic is not their strong suit.  Waves of emotion and vilification are.

Certain organizational names ring alarm bells, certain formats on their websites and certain vague generalizations in their names, in their missions and in their usage of vocabulary, certain colour schemes and a certain slick, money-is-no-issue literature mark them as members of Them.

In saying “members”, it’s not a club, except in certain manifestations, e.g. the Club of Rome.  Rather they pop up under a bewildering range of guises.  For example, Moses Mordecai Levy might write a long tome and his followers might both revise him and call themselves communists, wreaking social and economic havoc along the way.

That project has its sell-by date, so then they call themselves the CFR, TLC, C300, Communitarians, Greens and so on.  Even sub-groups and movements reinvent themselves under new names but the song’s the same.

What are they about?  Theft, in a word.  Theft of people’s property, of their national identity, of their well-being, of their freedom, by reorganizing society.  And the more they steal these things, the louder they trumpet the very things they’re stealing.  They think they’re being very clever.

Just such an organization is a variant of Common Purpose, written about by Twisted Root, calling itself Action for Happiness [cringe].

There it is – the notion that people are not happy [due to their actions of course] and thus action is needed.  Happiness is a nice general feelgood word with which to allay suspicion.  Actually, this bunch is as bad as the last lot:

Action for Happiness board member Nic Marks is founder of the Centre for Well-being at the New Economics Foundation.

Ding, ding, ding, ding – alarm bells already.

Optimum Population Trust Population Matters, green taxes, alternative economic indicators, ethical investment and social auditing – oh dear.  And who are they?  They’re part of of The Young Foundation – alarm bells clanging wildly.  And who’s behind them?

Why, our own red friend himself, the tireless Geoff Mulgan, ex-Demos and CP.

Gotcha.  Watch out for this lot, people.

And if you have a moment, check out UKK41 about the new EU ‘shadow council’ and other bodies.

Charming, just charming.

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2 comments for “An oppressor by any other name

  1. April 15, 2011 at 07:28

    Top work.

    We thought we’d won the ideological war with the fall of the Berlin wall. Turns out we’d only won a battle…

  2. Patrick Harris
    April 15, 2011 at 19:31

    It would seem that as in Singapore at the outbreak of WW2, our guns were pointing in the wrong direction.

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