Let’s start with a question:

Why Did the Vatican Name It’s New Arizona Telescope Lucifer?

That one is yours to explore.  The ones I’ve been exploring are the puppets:

Nimrod, Semiramis and Tammuz

When you look into who they were, where they were and what they were, jointly at first, then what they were separately trying to achieve for themselves and how the legacy has repeated itself over and over around the world, under thousands of names but all stemming from the same three sources – then you see the history of the world in a different context and the almighty power struggle which has been going on since time immemorial.

Legacy of Semiranis 1

Legacy of Semiranis 2

Legacy of Semiranis 3

And one small aspect – the geographical centre of it.  The key area whence sprang the mysteries was Babylon.  Where is Babylon?  35 miles south of Baghdad.

Semiramis, Earth Mother, Astarte, Ashtoreth, prostitute wife of Nimrod, Nimrod himself and the attempt to be over all. That was Babylon. It ended ignominiously, just as the EU project is doing the same way, always with some fatal flaw in what seems, overall, a brilliant plan for domination.

But did it actually end?  If it didn’t, then we’d expect the knowledge to be protected in a hierarchical, global organization, with the upper echelons the keepers of the knowledge.  Is there any such organization today?

And what if there were to be a new Babylon? Right under our noses, under other names, under various justifications, what if some power … oh, let’s call it the all-seeing eye … and its allies were to bring military force, on some pretext, into the area where mighty Babylon once stood?

The pretext might be oil, for example.  The force might have the name of a country, a nation, as a cover but none of the leading lights in that country actually think anything of the country at all, what if they’re willing to sell it out at a moment’s notice, after they’ve led people within that country to believe in it, to be patriotic?

What if the people at the top are the ultimate traitors and are quietly in thrall to a very different master?  The Mother Earth movement, Semiramis, has caused all sorts of mayhem already with the global climate scam.  Greenism is being used to subjugate the peoples of the western world, for a start.  Very useful device.

What if the other side, let’s call it G-d, for example, had a reason to confuse and separate?  What looks a malevolent act might have been far-seeing.  It might have been because when it is all joined, when everyone does speak the same language [English?], does worship the same god [materialistic rationalism?], when it is all politically joined [the UN, the EU?], when the currencies are all joined [via the SDRs?], then the stage is set for the new Babylon.

But of course, we know this is not so.  The west is not in Iraq, Libya or Afghanistan, NATO is not and never has entered any country, Kissinger never existed and there is no gathering of the vultures across the fertile crescent whatsoever, is there?

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  1. April 24, 2011 at 23:41

    “Why Did the Vatican Name It’s New Arizona Telescope Lucifer?”

    Good question. I wonder what Their answer is.

    I wrote an article not so long ago entitled ‘All Roads Lead to Babylon’. Incredible as it seems (to me at least) it seems to be all too true.

    Did you know the Statue of Liberty is said to be really just Queen Semiramis holding the torch of Tammuz? She’s also reputed to be represented by our very own Britannia as well.

  2. April 25, 2011 at 09:19

    Saw that.

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