LPUK again

Having just read this post and comments about LPUK, I have to admit to being a bit nonplussed.  Possibly because of my impecunious state, I never seem to have been of financial interest to the movers and shakers.

There was a quote from Blind Cyclists:

“Don’t you ever get sick of the endless parade of buffoons who claim the authority to speak on your behalf: politicians, intellectuals, celebrities, commentators – defining and characterising you in every detail … from your ‘distinctive … sense of humour’ right down to your fucking ‘collective subconscious iconography’ … who are all simply, liars and thieves.”  [Character ‘Munroe’ in Greg Egan’s excellent ‘Distress’]

AMcGuinn said, at The Nameless Libertarian:

The LPUK actually had (to me) a surprising number of people who weren’t barking mad. It was meeting one or two of them that induced me to join against my better judgement.

Libertarians have a particular difficulty with political organisation – as I wrote once, “For a libertarian to accept that he needs to fully engage in the political process, he has to accept that there is more to politics than policy — that who has power is an important thing in its own right. Once you believe that, you are no longer a libertarian.” You can’t believe what libertarians believe, be sane, and devote your life to politics. The notably-sane LPUK people turned out to have lives and careers and things. “

The historically less-mad of the two Libertarian Alliances is also currently close to an acrimonious split. Other fringe groups have similar problems — the BNP has been held in some kind of order by Nick Griffin for many years, but as he is weakened by legal action, that seems to be falling apart also. Your reference to Veritas is also on point. Fringe electoral politics is entirely a game for nutcases, crooks, and the acutely naive. (Even mainstream politics has a good supply of nutcases and crooks, let it be remembered).

So – nature of the beast really.  Having read all that, having noted all the people commenting, many of whom I’d count as blogfriends, including some of the parties named in the post, I admit to being shocked and not sure if my previous posts on LPUK were all that accurate now.

The issue, to me, is that there is an enormous amount of Ego involved in various quarters and clashes of egos spark brushfires.  That’s one thing but bring in the factor of money changing hands and you can colour me gone.  I neither want your money nor do I wish to part with what little I have.

On the other hand, many of the things – political things – mentioned on many of those blogs are true and without those blogs doing those exposes, the truth of what is happening out there is simply not going to get out.  I haven’t got round to Anna’s blog much because there are only so many blogs you can get round to in a week and my blogroll is already too large.

It does seem important to me, in the macro context, that the types of political things said continue to be said.  It seems to me that we are getting to a point when the libertarian types are going to be pressured into silence, marginalized and so on.  There are good people around – two people, off the top of my head, are Sue and Longrider.

I’m dismayed by what is happening with LPUK.  Sure I’ve had my own issues with certain leaders but these are totally irrelevant in the context of getting the bstds in this post exposed.  We have to keep our eyes on the main target and let our own personality clashes just go by the by.

Personally, I think LPUK and similar are on a hiding to nothing trying to compete with the Big Three, it’s a closed game, party politics and the new politics is going to be conducted elsewhere.  Much of what IPJ writes is true, it checks out and if you bother to investigate sources, you’ll see it is so.  His personality is irrelevant in this context, be it good or bad.

We have to continue to seek the truth in a situation and post on it, taking on the mantle of fearless reportage which the MSM has given up.  On the other hand, the MSM used to have a rule that two confirmatory sources be prepared to go on record before they’d print.  That’s the rule this blog goes by and the challenge is always put that if you can find something factually incorrect in anything written here, then I’ll change it.

Look, all I’m saying is – let’s keep our eye on the main target, let’s pay back what needs to be paid and rebuild bridges which have been burnt and stay focussed on why we’re running these blogs in the first place.

3 comments for “LPUK again

  1. Patrick Harris
    April 15, 2011 at 11:31

    So far there has been only one side of the saga (it’ll go on until the aim (destruction of LPUK) is achieved) with a promise of a long post containing the other side.
    In between there’s been lots of jumping on wagons and “I told you so” posts and outright condemnation of a person(s) who’s story is yet to be heard, how very Libertarian is that?

  2. Patrick Harris
    April 16, 2011 at 16:47

    Now the leader of LPUK has, allegedly, eaten Anna’s hamster. the plot thickens.

  3. April 16, 2011 at 19:30

    Haven’t caught up – was working. What’s happened?

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