Common Purpose dishonesty

The logo looks not unlike a spider’s web

Some days back, there was a tweet from me:

CommonPurpose: 1-3pm about removing barriers to community action – <–exactly why CP is so dangerous

… and a response from John M. Ward [former councillor from Medway, Kent]:

I am keeping an eye on them locally as well as nationally BTW…

What is so galling about CP is that they are hoodwinking people, pretending to be the people’s advocates, using propaganda techniques and harnessing precisely the disgruntlement in the community which they have caused, calling for a public meeting to demand that “barriers be removed” to the people having a voice.

That is exactly what we are genuinely trying to do – demanding that barriers be removed to allow people to have a say.  But in this case, using CP techniques, these people are invited to a big hall, redolent of the public meetings of yore, and who is the meeting chaired by?

By a CP graduate, of course – leading beyond authority.

So, these apolitical people, naive in their politics in fact, believe that their concerns are being met.  There’ll be petitions, the chair will promise to get something done, a committee will be formed, changes will be perceived at council level and hey presto – there’s Dave’s Big Society in operation, with a CP at the head of every citizens’ committee.

And they have not the least clue that this is not democracy in the least here – in fact, it is the way to usher in the Marxism on which CP is based [see screenshots below], on which it was founded in the first place.  Explore Mulgan, the founder and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

The name they’re giving it these days is Communitarianism.

If there is nothing wrong with CP, then why are they so opaque, why are the members’ names hidden, why are they so shy to engage?  I think there are good grounds to call this organization, at a minimum – insidious and at a maximum – downright evil.

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    I believe that the Common Purpose logo represents a node in a system.

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