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It’s come to our attention that the arch-bigot Higham ran a series of supposedly funny cartoons yesterday morning, including a quite tasteless one about PMS.  Now, as all girls know, there is absolutely no scientific basis for PMS, do you hear me?  Do you hear me!!!!

And that one about the Mile High Club – what a slur on hardworking hostesses who have to put up with the likes of these Highams every single flight! And if he tries to make out that it was his unreconstructed readers who sent him those tasteless cartoons, which are so — tasteless — then he is just as guilty because he chose to post them!!!!  And tasteless!!!

Right, well two can play at that game, Mister.  So let’s have a bikini competition and see how humourless your Jamesette is then!

Monokini, trikini, tankini, mixkini: el dos piezas existe en todas las formas, colores y variantes. Este año se puede adquirir incluso hecho a medida en la computadora. En vez de tener que ponérselo en el incómodo probador, las clientes pasan ahora por un escáner.

There, Mr. Higham – unless you’ve got man-boobs, how can you possibly compete with that?  And by the way, as bikinis are completely sexist [!!!!], they need to be banned:

“Prohibido usar los llamados bikinis”. [!!!!]

Go girls!!!!!!!!!

Back to regular lesbian news:

Yesterday appeared to be an unofficial lesbian day at Half Price Books here in Lawrence. You had your young, college-age lesbians en femme, and your older, middle-aged lesbians all butched up … Is it completely improper of me to stare at the pixie-ish lesbian in the tight t-shirt? ‘Cause the AC in Half Price Books is pretty cold, and she was obviously not wearing a bra. I wasn’t going to comment or hit on her, ’cause A) I’m married and B) She likes the gender sans wang. Just curious.

Well, Rock Star Journalist, you’ve asked a good question which, as a man, you wouldn’t understand the answer to.  Our advice is for you to stick to your beer and football and we’ll get on with the alluring bit and repopulating the world with more lesbians.  And yes, it would be improper, most improper [!!!!]  The very idea!!!!

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  1. JD
    July 9, 2011 at 08:36

    oooohh you are awful,
    but I like you


  2. July 11, 2011 at 10:16

    *Sigh* The PMS one surely had to be Girl humour?

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