Streamline moderne v Post-modernism

It’s so easy to think you’re in a certain style and yet get it horribly wrong.  Nice little commentary here:

The great danger is to fall into the really crass style you see in public buildings, cheap housing blocks and schools, which some obviously thought were “stylish”:

… or Ram Brewery housing, Wandsworth:

I mean, that is simply dire and is part of a political theory of mine that our masters actually want the country uglified to depress the human spirit.  Either that or the minds which created such monstrosities were just ugly in themselves.  And why does cheap always have to mean ugly?

Contrast with this:

… or this:

It just needs thought.  It needn’t be ornate or if it must be, then leave it in the hands of those who know the style well.  Minimalist can be quite beautiful, if done right.

I’d like to use this last one, in more streamline moderne style but not losing the flora and the shading, via its juxtaposition vis a vis the sun.  i could be happy in such a building.

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  1. July 27, 2011 at 21:08

    Very interesting. Shapes and styles just keep repeating in different time periods. Look at cars. They went from being huge designs to bland. Taste has nothing to do with nutrition.

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